Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our Jack o' Lanterns for this year, pre light-up

A nice Goff pumpkin to the right; and my lady's pumpkin on the left,that displays her thought on the global economic condition. Yes, it says poop.

A gourd devoted to the Blood God and a typical goofus face next to it.

Outside in all their glory.

The basket of gourds on the porch has been ransacked by squirrels and somehow, the porch gargoyle has decided to eat a mini squash. HMMMMM?

So another Halloween has all but passed, nothing left now but to watch The Walking Dead on A.M.C. in about 20 mins and then see if any no-good-nicks smashed our pumpkins.
Until next year, when hopefully Yog-Sothoth will arrive....


Anything.....anything at all? Damn another year wasted waiting.
Happy Halloween peoples!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't mind that bit of tape. I need it to stand for this photo.

As I am waiting for my bike bits to arrive, and I’m so tired of shoulder pads and arms, I started to think how I will make multi meltas. Sure I can buy the bits from the Devastator set, but those are so ridiculously priced it is not an option. So I dug through my bits and found a multi melta from a Land Raider I got really cheap off e-bay (said Land Raider is in such bad shape it is not salvageable for use,……well terrain or Orks). IDEA!

I remember having a chaos heavy bolter and arms. So I grabbed up some marine bits, did some chopping on the heavy bolter and multi melta. A little swapping of the mela gun doo-dads as well. The final product I don’t hate. I like the image of a non-shoulder firing big ole microwave gun.

I figure I’ll have him stand next to his bike. Surely one cannot ride a bike and shoot a multi melta at the same time. That is why loyalists have sidecars.

Yes, traitor legions don’t have access to multi meltas, but ours does. Why? Well it seems dumb that after countless millennium the traitor legions couldn’t make multi meltas, or have someone/thing make them. Hell, just kill some loyalists, take theirs and then just reverse engineer the damn things. IDEA!

Yes! That is what they did. They killed a bunch of Salamanders at the Battle of (deleted via Inquisitorial edict) and salvaged a bunch of multi meltas. They have since put them to use with small bike units. These function to disrupt and destroy armored targets via rapid deployment.

There that bit of background has been added to the force of Night Lords we are using.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the creations of the created

Yesterday I listed my favorite movie scientists that I think of when you say Homunculus. I left that post thinking of their experiments and what images go off in the old noodle. So without further ado….

Movie fun with Wracks and Grotesques

1. The Jupiter Family. These freaks from The Hills Have Eyes, either version, are creepy as all get out. They kill, maim and eat he victims at times. Be it the inbreeding or the radiation, they fit the mold of experiments gone wrong, or right if you are a Homunculus.

2. The Infected. I’m a purest and these things aren’t zombies. Zombies shuffle and leg drag. The Infected, ala 28 Days Later, are full force sprinters. Zombies eat brains. The Infected just crush head, neck and chest before sprinting off to the next hapless victim. These guys ooze feel no pain and furious charge.

3. Bat People? The Descent had spelunking ladies fighting off horrible albino bat creature people. They have lived without light so long they developed a type of sonar and taste for people meats. Creatures that could be released into a hivecity that eat human meat and don’t need light to hunt. Sounds created by Dark Eldar to me.

4. Lickers. Sure these things are from Resident Evil 2, but they are created via super science and only eat and kill. Still remember the cut scene of that thing climbing the ceiling and then dropping down to get poor Leon Kennedy. It also look especially creepy with the lack of skin, long grabby tongue, claws, quadruped movement, no eyes and possibly semi exposed brain. Plus it dripped goo and spittle all over the place.

5. C.H.U.D. The movie and the name explain it all. Hobos that have been mutated, via toxic waste, and now crave human meats. Scary? Check. Science created? Check. Slimy? Check. Cannibal? Check plus! Would they be made to eat the races of the 40K universe? Check!

There is another look into what I think and see when it comes to the 40K fluff. It also shows what I might be modeling figures after as well. Now to find a suitable number of models to field a force full of C.H.U.D.S.!


"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."

Looking for some good and quick reading? Run over to Neil Gaiman’s website( read, I Cthulhu. It is good stuff.

Well, if you dislike or don’t know H.P. Lovecraft stories you might not find it so enjoyable. It might feel like you are reading The Jabberwocky poem.

As a fan of both Neil Gaiman and H.P. Lovecraft work, I found it really entertaining. So what is it? Why is it fun? Imagine Cthulhu dictating his autobiography to a human slave. Yeah it is that kind of fun.

Antother point before I go....

If you are a fan of; infected type undead, Britain, horror and reality television, then check out Dead Set. Right now it is playing on I.F.C. I caught a few episodes last night as was impressed.

A Big Brother type house and a zombie-ish attack and there you go. I would prefer the regular leg draggers, but whatever. It makes the show feel like it is taking place along the 28 Days Later timeline. Maybe it is? I caught episodes 3 and 4 so I need to go back and catch the first two. So far, it is a nice lead up to the Walking Dead on Sunday nite.

Good times ahead with zombies and T.V. in the next few days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Dwarf?

I was a subscriber to White Dwarf for many year. However, when the magazine content started falling to the wayside and the price kept increasing I stopped subscribing. I will look at it from time to time. I also usually grab an issue if a new codex is coming out.Yes I know the articles that month aren't any better and the new army always wins the little battle report. I guess it is just new codex White Dwarf and it gives me some of GW's take on the newest codex; like asking some softball questions to the author and how to paint your models to win a Golden Demon.

Well, I ordered this month's White Dwarf along with the pre-order Dark Eldar codex. This was early this month, when all the pre-order stuff went up. Here it is the 27th day and still no White Dwarf? I always received it on or around the 15th of the month. Seriuosly, the month is all but over and still no White Dwarf? That is pretty lame. Maybe I'll get it when the codex arrives? Just a complaint, more so if stores and other people have it already.

"It's alive!"

Homunculus, the mad scientists, which make creatures called grotesques and other horrible experiments.

Halloween is, the season of awesome that, relishes such behavior.

Movies are what I watch a lot of, especially this time of year. Especially the gross and scary kind. Where is this going? Movies? Dark Eldar? Halloween? Could it be a random list of.......

My favorite Hollywood Homunculi
1. Dr. Victor Frankenstein. A no-brainer here. He made a creature from dead body parts.

2. Herbert West. The Re-Animator was a descent movie and this guy was great. Making the dead live again with a syringe of green goo is awesome. The cat part was a bit much, but I always have trouble when movie pick on pets.

3. Dr. Logan. The Day of The Deads’ resident scientist. He tries to make the dead tame. He also has a lab full of zombie and their bits he is using for his experiments. That and he feeds the dead soldiers to the zombies he is “taming.”

4. Dr. Moreau. His island is full of animal/human hybrids. Sure it isn’t a good movie, but there was that creepy sidekick of the Dr.’s. Hyenaswine and his cohorts really drive home that Homunculus feeling for me.

5. Dr. Clayton Forrester. Ok so Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn’t horror at all. However, what that did to those robots and all the human incarnations on that satellite, was torture. Well, except for the episode with Manos the Hands of Fate. That was awesome.

6. Dr. S. Quentin Quale. If you don’t know him by his real name, he is also known as Dr. Satan.
He is the reason for House of 1000 Corpses, without his legend, those pesky kids wouldn’t have landed in such a predicament. His shtick was experimenting on the clinically insane in attempt to create super humans. He also looks the part with his harness, mechanical bits, hemostats and scalpel/ syringe finger doodads.

So there you have it, my favorite movie Homunculi. They seem to fit the definition of experimental science with just a pinch of crazy and a dash of torture. That seems to fit my idea of a Dark Eldar Homunculus.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Blue ones go faster!???"

Well here is possibly my last rhino, but not chassis. I still have a Predator to buy and build.

I added some bullet holes and a wicked scorch mark/ laser burn. I like my Rhinos to have some battle damage. A frontline transport needs some bumps and bruises from carrying dudes to and into the frontlines.

I always think of the bus driver from Slapshot as he beats up the team bus. When asked what he is doing he responds, “Making it look mean.” This is what I always see when I build my transports. Well I should rephrase that, when I build my Imperial transports. My crafty xenos would never go to battle in damaged vehicles.

We have the gold standard chaos icons, some chains, hooks and another strip someone’s flesh mounted to the side. Why? “Making it look mean.” I also added a luggage compartment to the back. It just looked right at the time.

I like the chaos bolter, but always wonder why a pintle mounted gun has a bayonet? Who are you gonna stab with it? Seriously? Ahhhh…..”Making it look mean.” There is my answer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you think that's bad wait until you get my bill.

Insert snare drum.....

Here is my Night Lord Apothecary or counts as Sanguinary Priest. I really like the Fabius Bile chriurgeon, and I also never want to paint another one. I'm not sure I did it justice.

The vials of life sustaining fluid and green feel no pain/ furious charge juice need a little varnish. I think that will help make it look better. Yeah, gonna hit all the vials and tubes with a little gloss to give it some zazz.
I'll probably add a little shiny gold highlight to the skulls atop the vials as well.
I needed the overcoat to dry before the varnish is applied. The overcoat kills it.

I like the marine apothecary bits. They seem to tie together well with the chrirgeon.

He needed a little blood, but not too much. I approached it like I did Seth's chainaxe weapon. A little blood spatter was needed, but not everywhere. He is a surgeon, not a Mad Dok. I wanted his "tools" to look a little post trauma.

He also carries an ample amount of chems/stims/green juice to give the edge to his fellow marines.

If need/want to give him a power weapon, I'm sure his backpack can oblige.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A small break from arms

Well after many hours of painting arms, I stopped and moved onto bodies. I can only take so much painting of the same bolt pistols, arms and swords. I decided to turn out two models that I may or may not use for this force, a flamer and missile launcher. The standard caveats apply. I like the skulls attached to the missile launcher and whatever their blood written script and sigils mean. Hopefully it infuses this guy to be more accurate.

The flamer marine is from the old metal line, but I like the look of the "old" school armor. I have a few more of these to sprinkle into the force. The previous metal models will give some character to the army. Truly not every Night Lord is a newly formed soldier with fancy new armor. There should be some veterans in the force with their now archaic and baroque armor.

I'll probably use them in games where I want to throw in a tactical squad. I can't argue with a free flamer and missile launcher per squad. Who knows, maybe the 1500 point list will need a full tactical squad? Either way it was a nice quick break from painting 20 odd arms for the assault marines. I'll face the same irritation when I start the backpacks.

BRAINS! (shuffle, shuffle shuffle)

Well almost a week away is Halloween. This is my favorite time of year, being a fan of all this scary and gross. This year I have much higher expectations though. I am eagerly awaiting the AMC take on Robert Kirkman’s comic The Walking Dead (a fantasmically awesome read) I’m a huge fan of this book and really want the TV. version to be a hit. I have been let down numerous times by stuff like this though and should know better than to get high hopes. However, Frank Darabont is running this show and his stuff I usually like: Shawshank, The Blob, The Mist, The Fly II, and Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (the only one I can watch outside of the original). Sure some of his stuff is drek, but it is fun drek.

I have finally watched some of the promo spots and am happy with the look of what I’ve seen. The zombies look great and the locations/ sets look good as well. The few cast members they have shown also look really descent. Sure they have had internet stuff up for a long while, but I ignored it until now. Mostly to avoid the hype, but it is too late and AMC is running teaser spots all over the place. The last few weeks of October are really the only time, outside of Breaking Bad, that I watch AMC. Sure they cut movies to bits and have way too many commercial breaks for the scooter store; but their Fright Fest stuff is just great stuff.

Also of note in the coming week is the Springfield Zombie Walk. It is for charity sure, but looks to be a descent time. If you are in the area then attend, help a cause, and see/ be zombies. LOOK DETAILS!

o When: 5-8 p.m. Oct. 23
o Where: Washington Park (begin at the gazebo)
o How much: free to enter
o Details: costume contest/walk that raises funds for the Epilepsy Outreach Center of Central Illinois and United Cerebral Palsy. People in zombie costumes — presumably in search of brains — will walk and donate money to the two groups. Participants may register at the event. A pub crawl in downtown Springfield follows the event.

Ah pub crawling zombies, this image fascinates me.

Actually we are probably going to hit the zombie walk and then the local haunted house or houses if we feel like driving a bunch. Either way, this coming weekend is the opener in my favorite two weeks of the year, culminating on the 31st where my dark powers reach their zenith! MUUUWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was in the process of cleaning the old stuff of my computer yesterday and stopped when I came to the Dawn of War games. I happily removed Winter Assault, it was awful. I could not force myself to remove the original Dawn of War, or Soulstorm.
I remembered how fun Dawn of War was and quickly loaded it up. Sure the game is dated, and not a true cross-over from 40K; but it was a blast to play. I soon found myself halfway through the game and completely off my list of stuff to accomplish on my day off. Damn it was still fun after all this time.

Yes, the story is no better than most 40k fan fiction, or 2/3 of the Black Library contributions. The A.I. isn’t super tough either. The voices are not B-list celebrities like most video games. It is pretty simple as far as real time strategy. Yet, it was still really fun to sit and play.

The fact you can build marine squads, as per the current game rules, to make the experience harder is cool. Myself, I like to build squads, well basically of devastators with four heavy bolters. This chews through the ork hordes and eldar you face through the early parts of the game, and is hysterical. Later I just change half of them out for missile launchers when chaos shows it’s face. This is just some real fun stuff.

Then you get the horde of assault cannon dreadnoughts you can throw out there as well. It is also a riot to see them mulching orks with assault cannons. It is even better if you get them in hand-to-hand. Then it gets real silly as they lift orks into the air, crush them in their fist and then slam them to the ground. Much like the squads the dreadnoughts get switched out for land raiders later in the game. These things are damn near unstoppable in this game.

So yeah I got zero painting done yesterday, and instead was fighting pixel orks and elder. I will actually probably finish the remaining missions before removing it. I mean I have made it this far. I have to know what happens next! Oh wait I know, but damn it is still a nice little jaunt down the video game nostalgia trail.

If you haven’t given this game a try, then do. Well, if you like real time strategy and can tolerate space marines. I know there are those of you who can’t. It takes nothing to run by today’s computer standards. It is also rather nice attempt to make 40K playable off the tabletop. Oh yeah! It also has one of the best opening movies in a video game in years.!

I can’t recommend the follow-up Winter Assault, it is so un-fun. However, Soulstorm is worth a run through if you feel like expanding your 40K computer experience. It has all the races open to play.

Then again, if I could find 40K Chaos Gate and actually be able to play it again…………

Monday, October 18, 2010

Awesome finds

Found these at the pet store. They are aquarium decorations; but with some flock, they will make great battlefield terrain.

Then the mother of all discoveries....

This all but brought me and my special Lady Friend to our knees. The product title was great, but then we saw the right hand corner.


It says it with such gusto. I POOP CANDY!
Just champion stuff.

Candy pooping zombies make the approaching zombie apocalypse not look so scary.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More meat for the grinder

Here is another batch of recruits waiting for arms and backpacks. These are two goals for my coming weekend.

I added some face paint on the last two. They have the soccer hooligan screaming faces. They just say, "We're face painters!" I went simple lines on the 1st marine and did a little bat wing pattern on the second. I'll probably lighten them up a bit, since it doesn't stand out enough. Is it scary face paint? Not really, but most face painting isn't really scary, it just amps the wearer up.

I love the chains, belts and bandoleers on the Khorne models. They are just a nice touch.

The dual melta pistols will count as a melta gun. Like the imagery of it, thank you Hong Kong John Woo movies, not America John Woo movie vomit. Other guy will probably be sarge with fist or hammer, not sure which yet.

Last we have some topknots. It isn't a chaos army without topknots. Chaos without topknots is like a day without sunshine.
We also have shark grin helmet. Silly to some, much like the face painters, but once again is what I am looking for in this army.

I want fast and angry linebackers. These are guys that try to intimidate via painting icons wherever they think will work to scare their foes.

The Khorne icons have been removed from the belts and I added eight pointed stars. Sure they aren't perfect, but these are to look as they are just daubed on prior to, or during battle. From a distance, like the lightning I think it works. If you hold it right to your face, it doesn't look as good. I can live with it since I aim to have it look good from a tabletop distance, where they always will be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Must have lists already? Seriously!?

Wow is the internet a buzz with the new Dark Eldar codex. So many people have had sit down time with it and the lists have begun surfacing.

My question is why? Why must all Dark Eldar players already run an army, which is still a little way out, with certain builds? Why is Duke Sickle-face, or whatever his name is, a must have already? Why is Vect the "auto win" for the army? Why are Hellions the best thing since the last best thing? Why can’t people wait to read the book and decided themselves.

Why can’t people read the codex and build their own list? Is everyone so tied to the internet that they can’t try and make an army on their own? If the internet says this must be taken and if not, then your list sucks, does it make it so?

This is just me, but I hate the must win at all times, (I won’t use the other term that everyone refers to) must listen to internet, and must run this with this. Whatever happened to free thought?

Where am I going? Well after not looking at the Dark Eldar codex and seeing the army lists ready to take the field, I propose my Dark Eldar force. Sure I don’t know how much it costs or how to run it. I know how fun it would be to model it and see it on the tabletop.
It also falls into the category of theme, or fluff.

I would run max Homunculus, as many Wracks, and Grotesques as possible. The extra points to fill in a Talos, some upgrades and there you go. Is it super competitive? By the gods probably not. Is it fun to make. Yes it should be. Is it fun and thematic? Totally! A force of created creatures unleashed upon the universe with the goal of grabbing slaves to make more.

So there you have it, my must have Dark Eldar list. It would be a riot to make, and see on the table. It would also be the bane of all the uber competitive players, as they hate hobby and fluff lists. Sure they like to beat them; but complain when they face them and find excuses if they lose to them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.

So orks, why don’t Flash Gits get any love?

And…with that out of the way I was/am a huge fan of the Battlestar Galatica. Ronald Moore and his cohorts did a great job with this remake. It is some of the best sci-fi in a long time. It has incredible season ending cliffhangers, great characters, classic sci-fi silliness, is futuristic without being futuristic, and is full of real champion stuff (minus Gaius becoming Jesus, and the Starbuck fiasco). The downside was the series finally, but there hasn’t been a series finale that I found descent, outside of Cheers. Most series finales are just blah and there is always too much to cover and not enough time.

So when Caprica was announced I was intrigued. It was the same Ron Moore and cronies, and was to take place years before Battlestar. Whoohoooo! Another good sci-fi show a comin’.

Then the first part of season one aired and was just drek. I watched every episode and thought it has to get better, right?

It ended mid-season and got the get better or you’re gone, from the network.
Well it has started up again, and after two episodes, I’m out.

Sure they are chaning/ advancing the story, they are supposed to be cutting the drek, and maybe I didn’t give them a chance with the remaining shows of the first season.It is still just no good. The spark isn’t there. The writing isn’t as crisp. The plot and characters are just pffffft!!

So it is sad that a show that sounded good on paper failed me. It happens a lot, but most of those are NEW and SHINY shows from upstarts. This had the producer/ writer to give it some chops.

Maybe my friends will watch it all and tell me it gets better. Then again, I don’t think they are watching it either.

As for the 40K posted question…..Flash Gits are cost prohibitive and eat a slot needed for cheaper/better Killa Kans or Battlewagons.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Heavy

Here is my first auto cannon/ heavy bolter Predator.

A little chaos goes a long way for me. A few skulls and chains is just fine. The flayed skin on the left side is my favorite bit on the whole tank.

As usual I'm not fond of the lightning, but If you have read more than one post, you know that already.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Remember Scanners? It should be like that.

So, after seeing pics from the Dark Eldar codex (thank you, I noticed something else that is disturbing. Where is the psychic defense?

I was hoping for something, anything besides the rehashed Crucible of Malediction. It isn’t super useful before and won’t be when the codex hits. Seriously making a leadership test or removed from play isn’t too awfully frightening. Let me see, most psykers are LD 9 or 10. It is another Hail Mary item that will fail more times than not.

Yes, there is the special character that negates for a squad she is attached to, but big deal. That squad doesn’t get powers used against them. It will be a huge surprise how many times that happens. BOO!

For an Eldar race to have no psychic defense is just dumb. These guys should be anti-psyker crazy right? Aren’t they trying to hide from the warp? Didn’t they bail when Slannesh was born? Isn't he/ she is looking to eat Dark Eldar souls? One would think they would have something besides a one time use piece of wargear and a special character.

They added Harlequins for fluff, but trying to hide from the warp and warp powers is glassed over. BOO!

So the Dark Eldar are no better equipped to fight the warp than the average Tau. WOW, great job there!

I don’t want to hear about said Crucible or Lady Puff-n’-Stuff. Putting faith in that item or character is right up there with the 5++ save bought for Raiders. Sure, you might remember the time this item and character work, but you’ll forget all the times they fail. Come on, who is going to target a squad with psy powers that when they automatically ignore it? If they do get targeted, and she is attached,then you sir are playing a crazy person. BOO!

The Dark Eldar should have some access to descent anti-psyker abilities, tin foil hats, drugs, a homunculus creation or something.

Just my two cents and Raiders still cost too much.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a real world intermission

Ok so who would win in a fluff fight between Marneus Calgar and Abbadon the Destroyer? Discuss.

There is my mandatory 40K post and now the rest of my story.
Last night Alice Copper and Rob Zombie played at the U.S. Cellular and me, and my special lady friend went. It was phenomenal!

Alice Cooper has always intrigued me. He has a huge library of songs, has a descent radio show and his stage show is supposed to be pretty fun. It was. He came out and rocked solid for an hour and fifteen; no talk, just show and music.
What a show! It was a riot! Let me see......there was: a guillotine, severed head, decapitated baby, nylon strangulation, metal bikini with metal grinding sparks, naughty nurse wielding a giant syringe, hanging, straight jacket, giant monster, impaled roadie, multiple costume changes, silhouette strip tease, and a magician's sword cabinet gone horrible wrong. Yeah, that is all I can really remember.

As for music it was really good. He played stuff from all over his library. About half of the songs I knew. The rest were a mystery, but really good. There wasn't any drek. I'll probably be acquiring the songs I didn't know, that were awesome, for my collection.

I honestly thought I would only ever see Alice Cooper in his Wayne's World cameo. I concert this guy rocks, especially for an old dude. It was song after song, with high energy and a show to boot. Much like a off Broadway production for the twisted.

Then Rob Zombie followed. He was the Yang to Alice Coopers Ying. Where Alice was props and actors, Rob was flame pots, three multimedia screens and more talking.
However, even with some chatting every second or third song it was still awesome.

Rob Zombie I have always wanted to see, but I either had to work missing shows; or he was part of a larger bill I had no want to pay for just to see him.
The song list played like his greatest hits CD. He delved back into his White Zombie days, ran through his bigger hits and even dropped two songs off the House of 1000 Corpses. The last neither one of us expected. My special lady friend has seen him three times and said he never ever plays anything off that CD. Thank you October and Halloween for that.

The screens he had ran with every song and included shots from: multiple Universal Studio classic monster movies, The Great Pumpkin, Halloween(John Carpenter's version thank you), two unknown anime, The Munsters, some topless go-go dancing (bweebs), lots of fire, Werewolf Women of the SS, and multiple clips from House of 1000 Corpses. There were also some dudes in giant monster suits, ghosts and a giant robot that made appearances. Cool!

It was both money and an evening well spent!

Oh yeah, there were protesters outside the venue trying to get people not to go in and saving souls. It wasn't too off-putting for us, but for others it seemed troublesome. It felt a bit staged, but knowing the area, it might not have been. If it was part of the show, then awesome tie-in. If not, well I hoped they saved some souls. Mine, however, will be forever cursed for going to a phenomenally awesome rock show!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dark Eldar rumor mill

So there are more and more Dark Eldar rumors and conformations out there. I was looking over at The Dark Eldar Kabal ( for a collective summary of the new stuff.
First, I always question rumors and people who have “seen the codex” or “spent time with it.” If it was Black Box time, then sure, but before then is just so questionable. Yes, pics from the codex are cool; the artwork is good (for what they have shown) and looks free from the horrid scribbling of John Blanche. However, everything posted, minus official conformations from GW, is just rumor now.


Yes, they appear, if true, to be a fast and deadly army. They kind of are with the codex now. However, they are going to be terrible like they are now too. Anyone who plays Dark Eldar knows the pain of armor 10. It is bad, but mandatory and well armed, just bad. Now it appears it is raising in price for the exact same vehicle that is available in the codex now.

Seriously?!?! It is going to cost more before the soooper kool awesome upgrades. "THEY CAN GET A 5++ INVUL SAVE! THEY CAN MOVE 2D6” EXTRA! THEY Can"….sssshhhhhh quite down internet.

Yes, spend the points to get a 5++ Hail Mary save. Enjoy making multiples of that from any type of bolter fire as you approach marine pill boxes. 5++ is terrible and trying to make many of them to save your raider is just silly.
Sure you can also pay to make it move faster. Cool, but that just gets you closer to being rapid fired from those same bolters.

Increased points for nothing extra is, well just beyond words (well I can use lots of words, but kids might be looking at this). If the point increase was due to the ability to scout, deep strike or something I understand. Yet, to shove the same raider in there and make it more costly and just as fragile is dumb.

I look to orks and their truks. They are fast, open topped and armor 10. They are almost ½ the cost and dare I say it, better. Yes better than raiders. They die as easily and can’t fly over cover, but they have some rules that make blowing them up not as terrible for the riders. Plus orks are toughness 4 and strength 3 hits aren’t so bad for the rider damage roll. Just ask any ork player how much he spends on upgrading his truks. If the answer is anything outside of red paint job then you sir have found a crazy person.

Raiders are bad (needed and cool gun, but just so easy to blow-up) and soon worse due to an increased cost (before "needed" upgrades). The models are great, so why not make them cheaper in game? Is GW scared the multitude of cheap dark lances will ruin the game? Dark Lances are only good vs. armor 13 and 14. Against everything else, they are no better than any other strength 8 weapon. Which by and by is availble in multiples to most armies now. So why the points increase? These cost almost as much as a valkyrie, more than all rhino patterns and why? Where good codex writers is the reason. Well, the new codex will tell us why, but until then I say pffffft!!

You want alpha strike, then why not go with cheap raiders that can; scout, deep strike, or move 12+ and still shoot a dark lance (and not at additional cost). If your army gets past that, then the dark elder crumble. That is glass hammer. Go big turn 1! and hope to mop up the rest turn 2. Will they be this? Well not without the codex to confirm, my guess is no.

Khorne ideas day 2

So after looking at the next 500 points to add to my Khorne army, I made a mistake. Chariots come with Iron Hide already included. How awesome is that for 15 points? A chariot adds wounds, strength, attacks and 3+ armor; and is only 15 points! Yes you lose Independent Character, but big deal. I mean really, with Eternal Warrior everywhere who cares if a herald is a one man unit. A one man unit that is strength 6 (with upgrade), toughness 5 has 4 attacks, 4 wounds, furious charge, a power weapon and only costs 100 points; yes please I’ll take two. Well my choice has been made and was that easy.

I have to grab another Demon Prince with Iron Hide and Unholy Strength. I like a bit of repetition and two Demon Princes are better than one. Sure the Soul Grinder is awesome as well, but with melta everywhere (and it should be) they are to easily taken out.

So then that leaves me with the five painted Bloodletters, two Hearlds, a Demon Prince and extra points, and now how to spend them? I could add upgrades to stuff. Well, wings on the prince are an obvious and very necessary one. I could throw some icons in for summoning safety. I could add some extra Bloodcrushers. They are pretty effective, but the heralds already act like them with more wounds. EUREKA!

What am I missing from a pure Khorne force? Puppies! Yup add in some Fleshhounds. Yes they might suck by most standards, but I’m not a win at all costs guy. They need to be in the list and they need to not be the horrible GW models. Stupid fins! So, here is another chance for me to model some alternatives. I’ll throw six of them in, and that should run me to 1500.

Awesome! I now have an idea of what I want, now to get finished with the current project so I can start this.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So here is my 1000 point demonic host.
It is a pure Khorne force, duh, that was part of our 2009 Adepticon team tourney.
Our team consisted of 2 Khorne Demon and 2 Khorne Berzerker forces.

Roughly 1000 points of demonic assault!
Well we finished 78 of 110, so we did better than expected. We were expecting to fall into the bottom 25%.

We totally kicked ass with the theme points though!

This list is really fun and needs no finesse. All you do is; drop in, survive shooting….kill all you can or die trying. Either way, Khorne gets his skulls.

My list currently contains...

HQ Bloodthirster

ELITE 3 Bloodcrushers

TROOP 8 Bloodletters
8 Bloodletters Icon
8 Bloodletters Icon

HEAVY Demon Prince, Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might

To run this up to 1500, my next goal after this Night Lords fiasco, I will add some more punch.

HQ 2 heralds of Khorne, Chariot, Iron Hide, Unholy Might ( oh the fun to be had making these guys! )

TROOP 5 Bloodletters

HEAVY Demon Prince, Iron Hide, Unholy Might

This puts me at about…60 points under my 1500 point goal.

I like the extra points for filling out wings on prince, icons, gear, etc.

Then I thought of this list….

HQ Bloodthirster

TROOP 5 Bloodletters

HEAVY Demon Prince, Iron Hide, Unholy Might

This has me at 40 points under my goal. So it will basically come down to $ and time.
The same as always when it comes to this game.

Why the 5 Bloodletters in each list? Simple I have them painted already.

So here is my future project, and by future I mean far distant.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Counts as Seth

Using a few Death Company bits, Chaos Marine helmet, Night Lord bits pack, Nob big choppa and some Khorne Berzerker bits.....I have my Night Lords Chapter Master.

I needed some blood splatter on the axe, but I didn't want to cover the model. So a few bits of Blood Red and the Baal wash seemed to do the trick. I wanted the axe to look like it needs a good cleaning, but this guy just hasn't had time.

Once again the Death Company kit is just awesome for bits. Sure you might have to trim a few blood drops off or file away a feathery wing, but it is totally worth it.

Just great if you want to zazz up your assault guys or give marines some extra bits of flair.

Anyway, this "Seth" will get some alternate name to fill the role of Night Lord claw leader such and such.

Monday, October 4, 2010

1st steel coffin

Here is the 1st of my rhinos. I added some bullet holes and a couple schorch marks/ melted burned marks for flavor.
The flash on the camera killed the wash detail on the treads.
The storm bolter is removable for weapon destroyed results. The top hatch is also removeable for wrecked results, I can drop some G-Force 9 fire in there for the desired effect.
There are also chains a fantasy skull and eye symbols to chaos it up just a bit, but not too much. We Night Lords are evil; but not super crazy cult marine or Black Legion evil.
Once again the lightning I like and hate.