Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wile E. Coyote horror movies

Why Wile E. Coyote? Well if you have seen any horror movie it is obvious. If you haven't then.....well shame on you. These are the Wile E. movies because the bad guys always manage to miss getting their Roadrunner (usually some stupid girl). 

It is Halloween and we'll knock these three gems out while waiting for kiddies to give much deserved treats. We will probably not get any kids, since we live on a DMZ/ wasteland neighborhood (a lot of loners, oldies and empty houses). Still we can watch these and eat candies.

The original and best (outside of the fun that was Dream Warriors). It has one of my favorite death scenes involving a young Johnny Depp. Plus Freddy Kruger is a likeable and creepy bad guy.

Then we switch to a bit more disturbing....

Now we have a truly creepy bad guy and friends. The Cenobites are just disturbingly awesome as is the plot of this converted Clive Barker story. Hellraiser is great gore and weirdness (chains, hooks, blades and a strange S&M vibe). Plus those Cenobites will get you in the end, unless you are the lead character.

Then the be all end all....

This has it all: creepy villain, Donald Pleasence, a great and memorable score, some good killin' and a Shatner mask. I was floored by the end of this movie as a young stupid kid. I didn't see it coming. It was also an ending that wasn't in every other movie, like it is today. It is also one of the better John Carpenter films.

This will finish off the Halloween season for another year, so until next year........Have a great Halloween everyone!


Enjoy the tricks and treats today! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"All right ramblers....lets get ramblin'."

Finally we roll through into the realm of the bloodsuckers! Now none of these are scary vampire movies (like they make those anyway), they are more like action/kick-ass vampire movies.

We, what I thought this was going to be a turd when it released, go with…….

I’m no James Woods fan, but I am a big John Carpenter fan!

This is bit of a late 80’s Teen Beat vampire film……..

It does have some great stuff via the Frog brothers and a great death scene with Bill S. Preston Esq.

Then we have the mother of all kick ass vampire movies….

George Clooney is so good in this. Why doesn’t that guy play a badass more often?

Two that didn't make the cut, but have some good action Blade and Underworld (plus Bill Nighy really helps).

Friday, October 28, 2011

Warren Zevon themed?

Another night closer to Halloween and we have another theme night. This time we are going to enjoy our feral furry friends.

We open with a long time fave……

This was at the top of my lycanthropy list until I saw…

I love you Neil Marshall!

Finally we end with a long time bit of awesome-sauce….

Dry British humor, werewolf, and Jenny Agutter!  I think it a bit strange that 2/3 of my favorite werewolf movies are British. I guess we in the states can't make a proper werewolf film.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Various tales of scary awesome!

Well it is anthology night staring a pletora of former A listers and a lot of B list actors.

We are kickin’ it off with a old favorite…..

“The Crate” scared the crap out of me the 1st time I saw it. It was that whole monster under the stairs bit.

Then we turn to……….

While this isn’t as awesome as Creepshow, it is still fun.

Finally we end with……

I grabbed this last weekend in the old $5 bin. I have heard some descent buzz about it and though why not. If it blows then I’m not out a lot of cash and if it rocks, then what a bargain!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slime time!

Tonight we have a triple feature of slimy gross awesomeness!
We start with the 80’s reboot of……..
Sure it isn’t on a lot of movie lists, it has had a place in my warped little heart since the first time I saw it. Plus it has a great ending.

Then we swing over to………
Sure it failed as an attempted large budget B movie. It is still a riot and has some great slime and bloody goodness.

Finally we end with a favorite………
This is another fun movie. Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker are great in this. There is also one of the best DVD extras called “Who is Bill Pardy?” This is another over looked movie that I try and spread the word of to those who are cool enough to appreciate it.

Not too pious, but not too evil. He just does the right thing.

Toquemada Coteaz is a famous, feared and respected Ordo Malleus Inquisitor. He is also the "High Protector of the Formosa Sector". He achieved this through this actions and proving that the previous High Protector was using ruinous powers. He uses an extensive network of informants and underlings to get his work done. Nobody knows who is working for Coteaz in the Formosa Sector and it is this and a bit paranoia that keeps the local system in line. Of the three Inquisitors in this codex he is the most normal. He is sort of the Goldilocks of the three. He isn’t overly puritanical and is nowhere near radical. He is just right, by Inquisitorial standards.

" Bill's a vole."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family movie fun time!

We hit two freaky families and one family in peril tonight.
A classic and still so weird, even today…..

There are still parts of this movie that make me cringe internally even after many viewings. This is just so weird and awesome at the same time.
Next is the Firefly family and their shenanigans in………
This is a very polarizing movie, as people either really love or really really hate it. There are parts of both of those camps in me. I hate the over use of Sherry Moon-Zombie, the weirdness, and the jump cut clip nonsense. I love the soundtrack, the liquor store in the film has the best name ever, Captain Spaulding, the weirdness and the fact that Chris Hardwick and Rainn Wilson are both in it (before anybody really cared about them).

Last is a family in peril in………
This film scared me so bad in my youth with that clown, the creepy tree, the maggot steak and that face part in the bathroom. I overcame those fears and have loved this movie for years.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Yeah, uh, Patches (Karamazov)... are you sure that this is completely necessary?"

Fyodor Karamazov is the Inquisition’s Patches O’Houlihan. Seriously watch Dodgeball and then read about Karamazov and see the similarities. They are both: in chairs, incredibly judgmental, cranky, they suffer no fools, they give no pity, frighten their peers as well as opponents, are remorseless, and will put their own in harm’s way to get the job done or prove a point. However, I don’t think  Fyodor drinks his own urine because it is “sterile and he likes the taste.”

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge an orbital strike!"
Inquisitor Karamazov is bitterly opposed to change. He believes that the Emperor's plan for mankind must be left to unfold as He had planned and without the intervention of anyone else. He is a harsh judge, jury and executioner. It is said he tolerates no pleas of innocence. He is the go to witch and heretic burner for the Ordo Hereticus.
The Throne of Judgment is built off a Dreadnought chassis. It was a gift to Karamazov when he attained his rank of Lord Inquisitor within the Ordo Hereticus. It holds himself, a multi-melta servitor and a scribe. Originally used for a bit of pageantry, it is now sort of Karamazov’s “thing.” He rides/drives it everywhere and does all of his important work while upon it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Foxhound unit of the 40K universe

When a single man is needed to save the day, the Imperium looks to the Officio Assassinorum. This is the organization that recruits and trains…well you guessed it assassins. There are six groups or Temples to this organization, but only four of them have playable 40k units.
All of these assassins are elite choices and unique. They also all have the same stats and share some basic rules and gear. They all also all very close in point costs and can cover a variety of battlefield roles.
As I said they all have the same stats; WS 8, BS 8, strength, toughness and attacks 4, initiative 7, 2 wounds, leadership 10 and a 4+/4++ save. They are all armed with frag grenades and Synskin. They also all share the Move Through Cover, Fearless, Fleet, and Lightning Reflexes rules.
Synskin- is a secondary skin that helps absorb damage. It gives the assassin Feel No Pain, but a roll of 6+, instead of 4+. Good luck with that!
Lightning Reflexes- is what gives the assassin a 4++ save.
As I said there are four playable Temples; Callidus, Eversor, Culexus and Vindicare. They all have their own special rules, gear and abilities. They all specialize in one form or style of combat.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another week closer to Halloween and films

Well after last Friday’s Halloween-ish movies I thought I’d do it again. I changed it up and have decided to go with, my favorites, zombie movies! This is partially due to the new season of The Walking Dead starting up, great series that I would recommend people watch (unless you hate zombies and then shame on you!).
We’ll go old school awesome with where it all started for me…..

eck the reboot from the 90’s isn’t awful either and can work in a pinch for zombie withdrawal. Plus it has Tony "Candyman" Todd in it.

Then follow that up with my favorite other Romero zombie movie……

This movie still holds up, barring the drek that is Bud the zombie. I can suppress that horrid story arc for great zombie and even better human gooey gross death.  Seriously some great blood and gut effects in this.
Then follow that up with the “fun” zombie movie……….

his has some great lines that pop in conversationally today. It isn’t great, but it is a riot with faster and even talking zombies and the 80’s punk gang that is trying to survive.
f there is still time and snacks left we might even hit……….

This will be a nice book end to the zombie movie whirlwind tour.
Next week I'll have to push through crazy families, torture, slimy gross and ghost. It looks like I'll have a ton of movies to watch throughout the week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"From your wounds the fester pours."

It seems like it has been a long while since I wish listed a Demonic Legion theme list. I have my own Khorne army nearing completion, and have dreamt up a Tzeecth list. I think it is time to hit the antithesis of the changer, creator and schemer;  with the destroyer, decomposer and corrupter and Lord of Ick…Nurgle. it also fits nicely with the Halloween season. An army of slimy gross monsters from beyond.
This is a very resilient army, being toughness 5 for troops and Feel No Pain on everything that is purely Nurgle. While that is great, it is also Slow and Purposeful, low initiative; low number of attacks and average WS on everything purely Nurgle. With this in mind there are a few must haves for a slow and non-shooty army. I threw out a pure Nurgle army once for fun, it was really slow, but damn hard to remove, until the power weapons and monstrous guys got into them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The workhorses of the Inquisition part 2

Now, the remaining Warband units…………
These maybe be Imperial Sanctioned or rouge, but they all have creepy mind powers. As far as the Inquisition is concerned they only have one usable power.
WS 3, BS 3, strength, toughness and initiative 3, 1 attack and wound, leadership 8, and a 5+ save. They have the Psychic Barrage power, a las pistol and flak armor. They also cost as much as a Mystic.
Psychic Barrage- is a 36” S 3 AP 6 assault 1 large blast. It can be adjusted by adding more Psykers to the squad. For each Pysker added the strength goes up 1 and the AP goes down 1.
The fun part is if there is a Perils from the Warp attack, then all Psykers in the unit suffer it. Yup, roll a 2 or 12 and lose all the Psykers since they have no invulnerable saves to take against that attack.

Explosive mind powers, but a horrible fashion sense.

More mechanical arachnids plus friends

Here are my mechanical arachnid swarms for Ramos' gang.  I like the swarm look, but just throwing them on looked really generic. With that said, all I could really get on the base, with the bits I had, was a small crate for a spider to climb over.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The workhorses of the Inquisition part 1

For each Inquisitor in a Grey Knight army you may take a single Inquisitorial Warband. These warbands are a non-elite elite choice (they do not take a force orginaztion slot but are in the elite section) and by now we all know how precious the Grey Knight elites are, the warband is not to be excluded.  These are made up of many different units (or just one). They have a squad size of 3-12 and can be comprised of any combination of units. They can also take a Rhino, Razorback or Chimera as a transport. This unit is a great way to fill gaps in your army, create a theme or in one case get really cheap troops.
I’ll cover a few of the units this time and the rest later. It would be a really long post if I went over all the choices.
Arco Flagellants
Take a convict, add in crazy kill drug dispensers, replace their arms with metal whips, electro saws or some pointy killing device, throw on a helm to keep him calm and then implant a phrase to make him go kill crazy. Say “Teddy Bear” and watch this guy turn into a choppy death machine. That is an Arco Flagellants.
These guys come with WS 5, BS 1, strength 5, toughness 3, 1 wound, 4 attacks, initiative 3, leadership 8 and no save. They do come with Feel No Pain. They will run the cost of a Chaos Marine.

"The activation phrase..FIG NUTS."

Friday, October 14, 2011

1st Halloween movie Friday nite.

With Manders out of town it looks like I'm on my own for this. I'm gonna run a bioharazd movie night. There is bupkis on tonite and I'm just awaiting having to see the Thing prequel/re-make Saturday. I'm also out ofr haunted houses since Manders is travelling through the warp tonite.

IFC is running indie horror stuff and I nabbed this on the DVR last nite. It might be drek, but maybe not. I does involve some sort of parasite infection and an isolated group of people. That always has potential. If it blows then I'll fall back on Cabin Fever. 

There is a great level of gross in this movie. It is just enough to not be silly gross. I think that should be a nice start to the Halloween season of films.

The plan is to hit the haunts next weekend and grab some movie groosness. I think I'll go with shock/torture next weekend or maybe zombies. Decisions. Decisions.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Insert Rocky IV quote here

Lord kaldor Draigo is the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights. He is the top of that food chain. He got that honor through a lot of bad assery. He drove M’Kar (the demon who has been kicked around by Calgar, Mephiston, Ventris, Sicarius and it seems everyone else in the 40K universe) back to the warp as a Captain, then he did it again as a Master. He also carved his name in Moratrion's heart during a battle and a host of other stuff. All this lead him to his Supreme Grand Master title. However, when he faced M’kar again of course he won, but was cast into the warp by the demon. He now walks the realm of Chaos kicking demon ass, until he is magically brought out to the real world to fight and then is pulled back into the warp after the battle. Wait. He walks the realm of Chaos by himself and kills everything in his path. Then he gets out to fight alongside Grey Knights only to go away after the battle. Wait a minute that is just a ridiculous story. I get they want him to be a 40K tough guy, but seriously? Just write him up as a colossal demon slayer and be done with it. This whole, he walks the long lonely road constantly fighting demons only to escape and be drug back again, is lame.  Well at least his character is better than his background.

He is the third (and last) Grey Knight character with the "last man standing" or "I'm all alone and angry" 
This drawing is also better than his horrible backstory.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The next "big" name HQ, or the guy with a great He-Man villian name.

Grand Master Mordrak (see great He-Man name) was the only survivor of the Fortress world of Mortain when it was destroyed by the Red Corsairs. Yup here we go again with I'm the last man standing bit, see also Bro Captain Stern.

On the world of Ralindri Mordrak would be separated from his Battle-Brothers by a teleporter malfunction. He was thrown into the mix of a demon incursion. He fights the good fight and gets hobbled in the process. Then like 40 terminators show up to clean house and save him, Terminators with heraldry of fallen troopers from Mortain. When he is found the terminators are gone and all the demons have been banished. Weird?

Well eventually these mystery Terminators, who keep showing up to help Mordrak, are the spirits of the fallen from Mortain. These ghosts are bound to him for some reason, probably revenge. They appear and help with the fight and to protect Mordrak.

I guess Mordrak looks like this?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hooray for fall!!

September is behind me and fall is in full swing. This month starts my yearly rise in dark power that will manifest on the 31st. Then I’ll after a brief one day ascension I’ll return to boring old me, but that is a tale for another day.
The gaming front is barren at the moment. G.W. has had their fantasy release, Ogres, and we await the next and last 40K release for the calendar year. Rumors say Necrons. If you read stuff on this site you now my stance on two things 5++ saves and rumors. When the codex is at my house, then I know that Necrons are next.
"Crap you things are still in the 40K universe?!?!"
I would like to be excited, but I am not. I have over 2000 points of these robots, but they just sit in their tombs, or cases. This edition is not for them, well until a new codex makes them the best! We all know that is wrong, but a new codex will help. It might even get me to want to play them again. However, there are always changes for good and bad in a codex. The changes to Dark Eldar were good, but not so good that I want to play them again. Especially, with the poor changes to existing elements of that army, jet bikes for the most part. If Necrons are next, then this month should be the announcement by G.W.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well they aren't from Mars, but they are spiders.

These are the first of my steam powered arachnids. They can be a swarm of three, but I chose to have three individual. The second group I'll throw in a swarm. The Ramos set comes with six of these buggers. I'll probably grab another swarm to have two big bases of these and three individuals.

 Nothing fancy on the paint job. It was a couple Mithril drybrushes, a Delvan wash and green eyes. It was fast and dirty, but I think I gives the desired effect. These are rusty, dingy little bots. They run through the cracks and crevises. They are not supposed to be all shiny and new. Then there is Ramos' ability to create more of these from scrap, so they should still look a bit dingy. Right?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gears of War 3

With a day off Tuesday I sat down and finished Gears of War 3. I am a big fan of the series and had big hopes for this, the last part. Did it disappoint?

This takes place a while after the city of Jacinto is dropped on the Locust, end of part 2. The survivors, Marcus and the gang of soldiers, are holed-up on a ship making ends meet, or just surviving. The main baddies are now the Lambent.

These are Locust that have been infected with the fuel of this planet. A fuel that runs underground and was vented into their cities to kill them all off. Well that was the plan. Instead it has infected them and caused them to mutate into glowing and sometimes mutating creatures. They are none too happy and are looking for payback.

Then there is word that papa Fenix is alive and has a way to stop the Lambent. Well hooray lets do that! So off you go to save the planet. All you have to do is fight through the Lambent, and the always unhappy Locust.

Sure there is a bit more, but that is the jest of it. Kill stuff to save the day. That is really the whole premise of this series.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

201st post and the baddest of the bad

Hell I didn't even notice that yesterday was my 200th post. Hooray for me and thanx to everyone who stops by to read or at the least pull a lookie-loo.

How better to celebrate 200 posts? Well with a showcase of my Abbadon the Despoiler. He is made from a Chaos Terminator Lord, with the Talon of Horus, Drach'nyen, and his stylish top-knot taken from the original metal model.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Have you seen this unit? Part 17

Abhumans are a human subspecies. They are descendants of humans who have physically evolved (or devolved) after long periods of isolation on planets with various extreme conditions. Usually they are viewed as trash, except for two of them Ratlings and Ogryn. These are two more of the other fantasy crossover 40K races (space elves, evil space elves and dead space dwarves).

Sorry but there will be, no "BOOM! HEAD SHOT!"
Ratlings are the hobbits of the 40K universe. They come from agricultural worlds and usually have a medieval level of civilization. They are a very lazy, unambitious and epicurean. However, they somehow make excellent Imperial Guard snipers.
These are an elite choice for the Guard and come in a squad of three ( for the cost of the minimum age to be a U.S. Senator) and you can add up to seven more at a dime a piece. Stat-wise they are pretty much better ballistic and initiative Gretchin. They are WS, strength and toughness of 2, 1 wound and attack, BS and initiative 4, leadership 6 and a 5+ save. They also have the Infiltrate and Stealth special rules. They are armed with sniper rifles, a las pistol and flak armor.
Well they get the big look over from Guard players because, well snipers aren't great. With 4+ cover easily attainable and the fact that pinning tests are useless, these marksman haflings stay in the shire. 

Their low cost makes  them a nice filler unit, but why take them when a Veteran Squad with three melta guns costs the same as a full Ratling Squad. Which would you rather have?

Without some huge change to sniper rifles or pinning tests, I don't see these furry footed burrowers making it into army lists any time soon. I think that is fine as hobbits in space is super lame!

Final Terminator for the squad

This guy takes my Terminator squad to six. I know it is an autocannon, but for my army it will be an assault cannon. Yes I know cyclone missiles are the weapon of choice, but this is a Chaos army, and they still don't have them. Plus I am an assault cannon Terminator guy at heart.