Friday, May 31, 2013

Now for the advanced rules!

We have moved to the advanced rules for the X-Wing miniature game, and man does it become an completely different game.

Pilot skill is huge! The ability to move by ascending order and then shoot in descending order of pilot skill is huge. It really makes the higher skilled pilots shine. It also balances the elite few vs. the faceless horde games fairly well. Luke, Vader, Han, and  the Fett are all great. I have a personal hatred for Wedge and look to wipe him out every chance I get when playing against him. He is a bastard!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chaos review #12 the big shooty guys

Another tried and true unit from previous editions, the Obliterator! These guys have gone through some changes over time, but not too many. They are still the weird amalgam of metal, gun and Space Marine. They are pretty much the same long range damage dealers as every edition with a few minor tweaks.

The standard Obliterator has the standard marine stats, all 4's where it counts. The difference from the regular Marines the Obliterator has 2 wounds and 2 attacks. They come equipped with  a powerfist, Fleshmetal, Obliterator Weapons and the following rules: Bulky, Demon, Slow and Purposeful, and Deep Strike. He stars as a squad of one for      points, but can have up to two more for the same cost.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fast 6, yup I went to see it

A small bit of  housekeeping……I love me some action movies. Good old fashioned explosions, chases, punches, guns, and all that. I also love a caper/heist movie. Now there are some great mixes of these: The Bank Job, The Italian Job, Ronin, The Heist, The Transporter, Heat, Entrapment, Inside Man, Point Break, Ocean’s Eleven ………….and Fast Five. We have over the top laws of physics breaking action , dames, cars, guns, some comedy, a descent villain, shooting and explosions all in various mixtures. Some have more of these and some have less, but they all have some mix of these.  

I have never gone to see a Fast and Furious movie in the theater. However, I have did see the original a long time ago on the cable. Then I watched it again a few years ago. Then I found myself watch the second, third, then wanting to see the fourth and actually really loving the fifth. I still had never actually gone to the cinema to view them though. I took my lady friend to see the 6th installment in the theater this past weekend and it was just  as much fun as the last film!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into Darkness review

Alright if you are a nerd and haven't seen this yet, then go! If you are a normal and haven't seen this yet, then go! Well, watch the Star Trek reboot then go see this!

The film opens with the Enterprise crew up to some shenanigans on a class M planet. Then jumps to London to see Doctor Who's Mickey "the idiot" dealing with a sick kid, meeting some strange man, getting a cure for his daughter and then blowing himself up along with a Star Fleet building. Throw this along with Kirk getting a quick demotion, then promotion as this bad guy, kills a mess of Star Fleet captains. Admiral Robocop wants this guy dead, so the Enterprise is sent on an off the books mission to kill this creep-o. Then the fun and games begin!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gildar Rift review

Ok, I gave the Space Marine Battle Novels another chance. After Fall of Damnos I was a bit skeptical if I would read another. Well, I decided to pick up The Gildar Rift to see what it was all about. It looked to feature Huron Blackheart and I found that exciting. I like his back story and his model I am fond of as well. The downside was that this was written by another unknown Black Library author. Knowing this made for a double edged sword type of scenario.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

So it is Trenzalore!

Then season 7 finale of Doctor Who has come and gone. I will say it was the first episode this season I mostly enjoyed. Mostly.

Friday, May 17, 2013

X-Wing with big ships!

After a couple games of X-Wing, and frantic shopping, my collection of ships has grown. What started as a simple force of two Tie-Fighters and a single X-Wing has blossomed. First there was the acquisition of a Tie Advanced, Y-Wing and a second X-Wing. Then the forces grew again with another Tie-Fighter, Tie-Interceptor, A-Wing, YT-1300 and Firespray-31. Yeah I can use the Falcon and the Slave-I now!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chaos review#11..the Fiends

Well it seems the Dark MechanicusWarpsmiths and every other evil architect has been busy making a few new weapons instead of making the established weapons better. The two newest heavy support vehicles are a fusion of demon and machine because that is what Chaos does when they are bored. These are better than Dreadnoughts, but worse than Defilers I guess? They are also each built for a specific purpose instead of just one unit that can be customized as either/or.  They are the Forgefiend and Maulerfiend.

These two vehicles are walkers, have both WS 3, BS 3, armor of 12/12/10, strength 6, initiative 3, 2 attacks and have 3 hull points. They also have the Demon, Fleet, It Will Not Die and Demonforge rules. They also come with the Demonic Possession upgrade. As I read through the blurb for these guys, all I thought this is what the Dread....I'm sorry...Hellbrute should have been.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nobody really looked malnorished

Well to punish myself, mostly due to extreme boredom, I decided to watch the Hunger Games.

I never read the book. I stayed away on general principle. If everyone says to read it, then I generally don't. That doesn't mean it is a bad book. I just stay away from general public mass hysteria causing books. My niece did explain the premise and it sounded intriguing at first. Then it spun into a tale of teenage angst and love amid a dystopian society controlled by the opulently wealthy. Who like to enjoy violent public screened teenage death games. All I could think of was meal of the Running Man served with the film Battle Royale, an edible garnish of Thunder Dome and a side of girl power. All atop a braised palenta. Not to far off is it?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mantic's Deadzone game

Not sure I care about the possibility of the Deadzone game from Mantic. However these things are awesome!

Chainsaws in their fraking mouths!
Please meet your Kickstarter goals. I love these models!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chaos review #10..Heavy walker #1

The last few Chaos books have had the Defiler. It is here again and it is still very similar to what it has always been, a big demon filled walking gun platform.

The new Defiler has a WS 3, BS 3, Initiative 3, strength 6, 3 attacks, has Armor 12/12/10 and 4 Hull Points. It is a walker and follows all those vehicle rules. It comes armed with a battle cannon, reaper autocannon,  twin-linked heavy flamer, 2 powerfists, searchlight and smoke launchers. It also has the Demon, Fleet, It Will Not Die and Demonforge rules. It also has the Demonic Possession upgrade. It clocks in at just five points under 200.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last Night expansion

Flying Frog Productions offered a preview of its up-coming new expansion for the hit zombie survival game Last Night on Earth at last week’s GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Blood in the Forest is scheduled to release in September, and can be used with the basic game or combined with the earlier Timber Peak expansion.

The new expansion builds on the themes and mechanics added to the game in Timber Peak, including the forest setting and character experience.  The expansion features a set of new forest boards, including new "straight pieces" that can be used to enlarge the game board significantly.  A new double-sided center tile features an airfield.

Two new characters are included in the expansion, as well as two new types of zombies:  fast-moving “feral zombies” and over-sized "zombie behemoths" armed with chainsaws.  New Hero and Zombie cards and scenarios are also included.

This is listed as a Septemeber release. Here is to hoping that there will be a few at GenCon in August. Worst case it will be up for pre-order then.

Monday, May 6, 2013

May the 4th and a new game

Saturday was May the 4th, Star Wars Day, so I watched Episode IV. This is my favorite of all the films. Also I had picked up the Fantasy Flight X-Wing game last Thursday. What a great day to bust it out and try it!

This is a miniature space combat game based on all the ships from the original films. I imagine that if it continues to grow in popularity, there will be expansions for the “other” films. You get the rules for both quick play and regular. You have an X-Wing and two Tie Fighters for ships, 6 dice, various counters, flight paths and cards.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iron Man 3

Minor spoilers below.......if you are one of the Philistines to have not seen this yet!

Well the third and last Iron man movie has been viewed, and it was pretty damn good! Now by that I mean like 95% of it was pretty awesome and 5% was drek.

The first post Avengers movie had some shore to fill, and I was a bit nervous with what they were going to do. Also with John Favreau not directing I was also skeptical as he knows this franchise and has done well with it. I stayed away from the reviews and news after the release a week prior. This actually lead me to enjoy the movie a lot more and maybe I'll continue that trend.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Timber Peak review

Timber Peak is the second big expansion/stand alone for Last Night on Earth. I’m not sure why anyone would buy this as a standalone, if they have never heard or played the original game. Still, Flying Frog is marketing it as both a single game and an expansion to the original.

As a huge fan of Last Night and Growing Hunger I was looking forward to Timber Peak. After sitting down and rocking through three games I can say it did not disappoint!