Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fallout 76, have 45 levels under my belt so waht about it?

After my less than stellar review of the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. what are my thoughts on the actual game?

Well sadly still less than stellar.
What is wrong with Fallout 76 from my P.O.V?
  • Connectivity is my biggest complaint. I have been playing this off and on since the release for a few hours at a time. For all the time I have put into the game I have logged off the game only five times. Five times I have chosen to quit and save my game. Every other time I have stopped playing it is due to me just randomly getting booted from the server. I have no idea why this happens, but it is beyond frustrating. I’m in the middle of a quest and….”boop” server disconnect. I log back in and have to restart my quest again. Just wandering the wasteland and “boop.” I’m booted again. Why this is happening is beyond me.  Even more fun! My son will be playing Fallout 76 on his computer and I will be playing on the PS4. I get booted and he keeps playing. What is that?
  • The PVP stuff is garbage. I have been tagged once as “Wanted” and for just utter bullshit too. I was in an event with another player and was helping fight off a horde of super mutants. I was blasting away with my shotgun. Random player (who is in the same event as we are working together but not on a team) decides to run in front of me to swing at the same super mutant. He is in my shotgun blast radius and takes damage. He then flags me as “Wanted” thus putting a bounty on me. Even better, he then runs out of the event and leaves me to get overrun by super mutants. Now I’m wanted and have no idea what to do about it. Well I guess I’ll just die and that I did. Later that day after logging back in after being “boop” server disconnected. I hear a gentlemen approaching as I am crafting weapons at a rifle range. Well, since I’m “Wanted” I guess I  would see what the PVP is all about. I don’t have much of a choice. I turn to attack and start blasting with  my shotgun. I hit him twice, but not before he swings just three times with looks to be a pickaxe and kills me. Even better….he is ten levels lower than me. WHAT THE FRAK IS THAT NONSENSE ABOUT!?!? I get there is some sort of PVP balancing in play, but that was beyond ridiculous. Three melee hits and I’m dead? He takes four out of five point blank shotgun blasts and is still kicking? I have no idea what goes into their PVP balancing issue, but it is beyond stupid! The only good part is that I was barley carrying any loot, the bounty was like 10 caps and I was now no longer “wanted” and could continue the game in relative peace.
  • Hey did you know there is the option called Pacifist Mode? Yeah I didn’t for almost 20 levels. It stops friendly fire from setting people off and starting the whole PVP wanted level bounty hunting nonsense. That would have been sweet to know when I had started at level 1.
  • It is a Bethesda game and it will have glitches, we all know this, but there are some that are just inexcusable. I give you the final test for the Fire Breathers  quest. Here you are tasked, as a fireman, to go into a mine fire and clear out the Scorched (feral irradiated humans that share a hive mind and have been infected with the Scorched Plague). I have run this five separate times. Why five times? Well for some reason, this quest just stops and locks my PS4 up every time I attempt it. When it has happened it is never in the same place. Hell, one of these times I even finished the mission and was on the way out when the game locked up. Well no  problem I did finish the mission, but upon logging back into the game….nope! I would have to try another time. I have since given up trying this mission after reporting this issue , as per the instructions that pop-up on screen, multiple times.
  • Speaking of glitches is anything worse than when an objective creature or object spawns within a wall, in a rock, under a location that is not accessible, etc.? Even better is when a fallen enemy’s body just disappears right as you go to loot it. How awesome is it when a cargo drop comes in an leaves the box of loot inside of an overpass? My favorite yet was a super mutant who was attacking me and was invisible. I could hear him. He could hit me with a melee weapon, yet he was nowhere on my screen. Needless to say that killed me. Yeah Bethesda games have glitch issues. This time it is just a lot more of them and doubly irritating.
  • The nebulous level of baddies in the world and how it is affected by players. Yup there is the whole starting area where beasties are a few levels higher. Then you hit the bigger outside world and beasties are equal or a few levels higher. Then you explore more and….wow creatures  start running at you that are 20+ levels higher. That is really disheartening. The reason behind this? Well it seems if you run through an area where a much higher level character was doing stuff, you have the pleasure of having to deal with monsters near their level. Well….that or bail and come back later when the area resets. It is another bit of annoying to deal with when you are running missions and have to bail because your level 38 guy doesn’t have the firepower, stims or armor to deal with level 68 super mutant butchers. That or you run to a mission area and everything is a few levels lower and no real threat. I have no idea from place to place if I am under or overpowered for the area.
  • The lack of real NPC’s is still drek. Sure there are robots and computers who give mission, but it just isn’t the same. Give us some damn people so we can interact.
  • Food and water consumption. Ugh! Even taking perks to help this, is annoying. I get the survival mode aspect, but sometimes it feels that is all I’m doing is finding something to drink. This is with 3 levels in Dromedary, Lead Belly and (so far) one level in All Night Long. This is supposed to help with thirst  and hunger issues. Hunger seems to be no problem, but my guy is always thirsty. I can’t imagine how annoying this would be without perks to slow this down.
  • Real time V.A.T.S. garbage!
  • Caps have really no purpose in this game except to pay for fast travel. Vendor prices are beyond stupid, so buying items is not a real option for spending the few caps you manage to gather from events and missions. I have never traded with humans so I have no idea if they want money and what kind of price they would charge. If it is like every other MMORPG, then the prices would probably be insanely stupid like every other player trading post/auction house. I use mine for fast travel purposes and to by the occasional over-priced stimpack when I’m low. I haven’t found how to make them yet....
The Scorchbeast will ruin your day!

Friday, December 7, 2018

D&D Post game 10-6-2018 Part 2 "The End"

It took a bit of finagling and some gold to charter a small boat to take the trio to the small river island housing the tower of Del Garath.  As the little boat approaches the island the party can see it is wreathed in a thick mist that rises several feet off the ground. They can see small flickering multi-colored lights within the mist. As they approach they can see a small rickety looking dock along the southern shore and coax the boat owner to make actually sail up to it. The captain of the small boat tells them he won’t stay tethered to the dock. He will sail out a few hundred yards and wait for the party there.

The party stood on the dock and took in their surroundings. They first noticed that several of the boards on the old crumbling dock looked relatively new. They could just barely make out the silhouette of the a tower that looked like it was slowly falling backwards into the river. The island vegetation was thick, but it looked like someone or something had tromped through it recently and almost formed a path. They chose this “path” as their route and made their way inland.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

D&D Post Game 10-6-18....Finally posting this- Part 1

Well after facing down giants and ogres our daring party returned to their home in Stonekeep for some rest and relaxation. The bard wandered off to the local drinking establishments to ply his trade for the locals. The fighter/archer returned to the local stables to continue his job there and make money for his family. The monk and rouge made their way back to their new house. When they arrived they noticed their front door slightly ajar. Maybe their alchemist roommate just forgot to close it….or maybe someone else was home.

The monk checked the perimeter and windows on the first floor. Everything looked clear from his vantage point. He entered the front door and began to investigate the first floor. The alchemist had left a note telling them he was out shopping for reagents and had left a small stash of potions for their use if needed. Meanwhile, the rouge began to climb to the second floor and in through a slightly ajar window. It was then that the rouge discovered he was not the only person on the second floor of the house!

A figure in dark clothes leapt from the shadows and drove a pair of daggers toward the dragonborn rouge. He dodged them and drew his own weapons. The monk rushed to the top of the stairs and was also met with a pair of attacks from a shadowy figure. The monk and rouge fought back and quickly put down their assailants with fist and blade.

A quick search of the dead bodies revealed a pair human males wearing of black and purple medallions along with light armor, their weapons, some awful smelling mud on their boots and a small bit of green vegetation on one assassins’ boot heel. The medallions they had seen before, symbols of the Dark Moon Order. They are a group of Raven Queen followers with monastic traditions, evil monastic traditions. The rouge and monk both looked at the medallions and then to the ceiling. They had a feeling they were not alone., so they then went about investigating the rooms upstairs.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

D&D Post Game 11-23-18

A ½ elf warlock, an elf ranger, a dwarf fighter and two human clerics walk into the town of Drakka.
They were part of a small group of travelers going by boat through the Twilight Fens to this town on the edge of nowhere.
They all had slightly different agendas, but would soon realize they were all working to the same goal.

The group of strangers were met (along with all the other ship passengers) on the dock by the local constable. He welcomed them to the town and then gave his little spiel about keeping out of trouble in his quite town. Then the strangers all split to explore their new surroundings.
  • The human clerics began to investigate the town for signs of corruption. They were both warned that something was rotten in this town.
  • The ½ elf warlock had been informed by his patron that there was shenanigans of the planar variety occurring in Drakka and to root them out.
  • The dwarf had been to scout for the Northern Army and was looking to see if Drakka would make a location for a garrison, if the populace would be tolerant of a dwarf force occupying the landside and to see what defenses this town had.
  • The ranger came to explore and see more of the natural world outside of his forest homeland and to learn more of the world of men.

The clerics, ranger and dwarf investigated a few abandoned homes and were set upon twice by frenzied lizards and ambushed by robed figures in the midst of some arcane ritual. They put these three men down and notified the constable, who was clueless to this sort of arcane activity in his town. He did seem angered by this and went about making sure this was a singular event.
Like this...but with a hood
The warlock went to investigate the local graveyard and temples, only to discover they were closed (and guarded) to the public due to the swamps reclaiming that area outside of town.

A little smooth talking from the ½ elf and he was able to get past the graveyard gate guards and found that the area was flooded like the was told. He also searched the first temple (to Waukeen) and found the place empty, filthy and defiled. He had no time to investigate the second temple as the guards were returning to the cemetery gates.

Now the adventures knew there was something foul going on in this little town they just needed to figure out the who, why and where of it all.

After interviewing a few more citizens, business owners and the mayor the party was stuck again as to what was truly going on in this town. Eventually the warlock accessed his powers and was able to charm a local shop keep he thought was part of whatever was happening in town. A simple charm spell and the shop keep opened up to questions from the warlock. He soon knew the who and where of the events going on in the town. A small cult had formed over that last decade. It was led by one Bertram Beswell, the charismatic owner of the Golden Frog Inn. They were worshipping an ancient eldritch power, but for what gain was still unknown. The warlock took this information and went to meet with the clerics, dwarf and ranger who he had also seen investigating the town.

The five of them went to the Golden Frog and procured rooms for the evening and waited for nightfall. The warlock had spoken to Bertram and exclaimed he and the rest were fellow believers here to worship. Bertam welcomed them and said to meet in the cellar of the inn after close for the evenings “festivities.”

Friday, November 23, 2018

D&D Pre-game 11-23-18

Nestled between the southern tip of the fetid Twilight Fens and the northern edge of the Desolate Hills, sit the town of Drakka.
Drakka is a community of a roughly one hundred persistent citizens and amount the same in visitors, hunters, wanderers, fortune seekers and people who just don’t want to be found.
They have a small civilian militia and have surrounded the town with; high palisade walls, a moat and clear open fields full of knee high fields of blister wort ( a hardy plant known to cause painful blisters to exposed skin).

The local government has procured peace and trade treaties with the local lizard man tribes. This also helps keep the town safe and stocked with need supplies in the lean months.
Their only “real” export is a bit of fine leatherworking created from the hides of the local reptile fauna. It is said to be as strong as chainmail, but as light as common leather jerkin.
Although, for the most part, Drakka is a simple community based around a few local farms and a handful of artisans.

There are only two main reasons one comes to Drakka. The first is to hide. A town at the far end of the realm in a harsh environment that is not easily accessible, makes for a good refuge for those skirting the law. The second reason is to venture into the nearby swamplands in search of fortune.
Look at the pretty swamp lands. There should be any danger there.....
Drakka was founded near and almost upon the ruins of a long dead city. There are bits of ruined buildings, temples and various structures starting just a few hundred yards south of town. Several archeological groups leave from Drakka every season to study these ruins. Sadly, very few return and those that do….well they are never truly “right” again. The deep swamp and the ruins within are not for the faint of heart or the ill prepared. Yet they still draw dozens and dozens of people every year looking for fame, fortune or possibly something darker.
The town name was actually derived from an old wooden marker left outside the swamp ruins. A wooden marker where the only letters that could be deciphered were DRAKKA. Townsfolk once were very curious to the original meaning of the letters left on the marker, but over time (and many lost family to the ruins) they gave up caring. Now it is just a name and a draw for certain groups of people. People that the town will happily accommodate. Especially, since adventures and scholars usually come well stocked with gold crowns to spend before they leave to search the ruins.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Pass the stuffing or Crom will laugh at you and cast you out of Valhalla!

Even Conan is in the Thanksgiving spirit today!
Look at him attack that traditional holiday bird!

By Crom have a good Thanksgiving today!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


So many great stories, characters and memories because of this guy's creations.
I wouldn't be half the nerd I am today without him.