Friday, February 24, 2017

Fallout 4 DLC: Automatron

I finally got bored and am running through Fallout 4 again. Why? I’m just wasting time until Mass Effect: Andromeda hits in March.

While I’m about done with the main story, I decided to spring for the additional content. The first one to try is Automatron.
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Robots! Robots! Robots!

This is how I would sum up this little expansion for Fallout 4.

The Commonwealth is lousy with rampaging robots. You answer the call of a caravan under attack from said rampaging robots.

You of course save the day and then meet Ada a smart robot who was travelling said caravan. She/it informs you of the diabolical and comic book like villain, the Mechanist. This Mechanist is setting robots loose to destabilize the region. That is the whole bit.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

D&D post game 2-18 Part 2

As the party rode toward the location of the once bountiful Wellspring of Vitality in the Shadow Wood, the storm clouds grew ever darker. They dismounted and ran into the forest hoping that there was still time to prevent the druidic ritual.

The majority of the area was nothing but ash and the burnt remains of giant trees. The fire set by an unknown third party had done substantial damage to this part of the forest. However, the farther into the forest the party went, the more green and healthy it had become. It was almost like the forest was healing as they moved closer to the center.

They knew they roughly a quarter of a mile away from the location of the Wellspring when the air temperature began to wildly fluctuate. Then it began to lightly rain and they could hear the rumble of approaching thunder. At the same time a pair of tree stumps began to slowly move. It appeared like they were getting taller and gaining appendages. The party drew weapons and prepared to defend themselves from whatever these tree creatures were. 
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These were Wood Woads and they had been summoned to defend this approach to the ritual site. The party quickly fell upon them. After a few minutes the tree creatures had been dispatched. It was then that the winds picked up, the rain stopped and then the lightning started to move across the sky. The party ran onward.

As they reached the forest center they saw three druids within a circle of standing stones. Bedwyr the largest of the three was in the midst of some summoning chant. The two other druids were trying to control an open portal with in the Wellspring. An opening that seemed to be absorbing and releasing light and energy. A half dozen of the tribal humans stood outside the stones chanting as well. The party took the opportunity to set up them before they were noticed.
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These tribesmen were slaughtered quickly, but it didn’t matter. The ritual was all but complete. Bedwyr was struck by beams multicolored light and seemed to be absorbing it. Then this same light flew from his arms to strike the other two druids. The convulsed wildly and then returned the energy and their own life force back to Bedwyr. He then channeled it all back into the open portal. The two druids fell to the ground, their bodies little more than dried husks.

A javelin suddenly struck Bedwyr in the chest. He looked up from his chest to see the adventuring party outside the stones. They were prepared to fight and was eager to please them. His body changed rapidly into the giant form of some sort of hairy simian beast full of all manner of claws and sharp teeth. He was in the midst of the party within seconds. A blood melee ensued with the barbarian and monk taking the brunt of the damage. The bard held back trying to add some motivational songs and magic to bolster the combat.
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The ground began to tremble. The rain started again, only to stop suddenly. The air became hot and dry. The skies would clear and seconds later they would darken again. Lightning would strike the standing stones.  Snow would slowly fall. Nature was completely out of control. All the while the giant sasquatch-esque Bedwyr assaulted the party, seeming to laugh as he did so.

After a final few brutal strikes from the barbarian, Bedwyr reverted to his human form. He slowly stumbled back against one of the standing stones. A bloody smile on his face as he did so. The party slowly approached him. He continued to laugh as his life blood spilled from him. He drew a small knife from his belt and quickly plunged it into his chest. He slowly died knowing that he had not only robbed the party of their vengeance, but he had completed the ritual as well. His body slid to the ground as everything went silent. The strange weather stopped. The sounds of the forest were gone. The only sounds was that of the party breathing.

Then the ground began to tremble again. The standing stones shattered and fell. The portal began to grow size and spew forth all manner of light and energy. Then from within it exploded out a form. A giant worm-like form with a giant fanged maw and giant tendrils that whipped around looking to ensnare prey. The worm’s form was constantly shifting to various colors and then to transparent. It would shift from flesh to stone to wood to water and back again. It was a being of pure natural energy. A true sight to behold, the power of nature made manifest, and it was angry.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

D&D Post game 2-18 Part 1

This game night was looking to be a group of 6-7 players, but life happens.
We still had a healthy party of four and instead of Morgan the “Greaser,”  the party had Varis the bard.

A week or so after the events of the horrible zoo incident, the town was still being assailed by small critters and random animal attacks. The town was on high alert and just waiting for another druidic incursion.

As the days started a contingent of dwarven riflemen arrived at the city gates. They brought news to the adventuring party that the tower they had been hired to fix was almost complete. They were also here to help defend the town with a good two dozen riflemen and two flame belching cannons. The town and the party had helped them with their endeavors and now they were repaying the favor.
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All the while during this discussion, a red tail hawk had been watching.

The party continued their daily chores and finally noticed they were being watched. A cunning plan was crafted to try and capture the bird. It involved the dragonborn thief trying to nab the bird, then to call to it using some form of animal handling and then trying to brain it with a crowbar. The bard quickly intervened and cast a sleep spell. The bird slowly fell to the ground as it tried to fly away.

The bird was quickly grabbed by the barbarian. As he held it the bird changed into a human female in druid type garb. They quickly spirited her away for interrogation.

An empty alley and several minutes later, the female druid had told the group everything she knew. A force of magical stone constructs was being built to assault the city walls. Bedwyr, the druid leader of the region, had been drinking from the poisoned well spring of vitality water and had become quiet mad. He had also lost his wife and was going to perform a ritual to wipe the city from the earth. The constructs were going to be a distraction until some form of the Great Devourer could be summoned by Bedwyr. She told them where the location of the ritual was taking place, the Shadow Wood where all this started months ago. The Druid stone shaper camp was also pointed out. The female, Keelin, then told the party that she , the few remaining druids like her and the local rangers were all heading North to put this region and the events behind them. She then turned into a hawk and flew off to parts unknown.

The party was given horses and a good luck bit of on the go healing from Lord Faruth, and the rode off to construct encampment.

Friday, February 17, 2017

D&D Pre-game 2-18

As adventurers and guards ran about trying to save patrons and stop animal attacks in the local zoo, a lone falcon awkwardly flew away from the city. It was bleeding from an arrow that was still lodged in it’s flank, but it continued its path South.

A small fire within a small thicket is where it finally landed. Four figures were in a heated discussion and paid no attention to the wounded bird as it shifted back into its human form. What was once a bird was not a human female in tattered leathers with an arrow protruding from her right side. She remove d the arrow and tended to the wound while listening to the four men debate.

“It was they who set the sacred woods aflame! It was they who poisoned the wellspring!” yelled a man wrapped in a forest green cloak.

“Yes! They must pay!” shouted an elderly elf in armor made of a combination of leaf, leather and wood. What say you Bedwyr? Shall the settlement pay?”

A burly bearded man stood staring at the fire. “Yes. The ritual will proceed.” He said never once looking up from the flame.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Report- Necrons vs. Space Marines

The World Engine
I return to the Space Marine Battle novels once again. Why? Well this one is written by Ben Counter. I didn’t hate the first Souldrinkers novel. The Grey Knight trilogy he did started off strong, but kind of petered off by book three. Galaxy in Flames and Battle for the Abyss were descent additions to the Horus Heresy. Why not give this book a chance too?
Ok then.
First this is a novelization of a blurb from previous edition Space Marine codexes or codices. You know long before they were officially branded the Adeptus Astartes by G.W. If you have read that then you can guess what this will be about. Another reason I nabbed this book.
There is planet on the move through the galaxy and it is wiping out planets and fleets as it travels. It seems unstoppable. Well that is until a ship full of (almost) a full chapter of Astra Knight Space Marines decides to land on the World Engine and destroy it. By land I mean crash their giagundus spaceship into it and start a fight with whomever survives.
Well low and behold the World Engine is a planet and a ship for the Necrons. Man I love them dudes. Now the Astral Knights have to fight a planet, the Necron population of said planet, survive Necron political turmoil and save the population of the nearby human inhabited Vidar sector worlds and the very Imperium itself.
No big right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

John Wick 2 and Lego Batman

While everyone else does the mandatory Valentine stuff today, we did our version of it this past weekend.
A six mile hike, dinner and couple of movies. 

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The first was John Wick: Chapter 2
If you haven’t seen John Wick, then do yourself a favor and watch it! If you are a fan of gun play, revenge tales, a lot of action and a very light script: then it will not disappoint. Plus the response of John Wick to the horrible event in the beginning of the film, is how would want to react if the same thing happened to me!
The second film starts not long after the end of the previous. The plot goes something like this…….

....Crash, punch, punch, punch, plot point, explosion, pew, pew, pew, pew, pewpewpewpewpewpew, blam, blam, blam, street fight, small plot point, pew, pew, pew, stab, stab, neck snap, stab, Laurence Fishburne, “How’s retirement John?”, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, grapple, pew, pew, and a final pew.
A two hour action movie that; has a body count that probably doubles the first John Wick, doesn’t drag for two hours, has more action insanity than the first movie and was just a lot of damn fun!
Sunday we took the kiddos to see Lego Batman. I was not super interested at all, but kids and family outweigh my personal wants/needs.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Well this stuff is out to buy from Privateer.

72102 Kaya the Wildheart

The new Kaya riding puppy is available now.
Yeah  I bought one.
I don't like her 2nd version, but it is really hard to say no to the 3rd version of her.


Loki is out too.
Warpwolf character beast.
Cool chain hook.
I am still going to wait until I see what he can do.
The named beasties are really game expensive and I'm more quant over qual with warbeasts.