Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Gen Con 2019

Well last weekend was Gen Con and of course me/we attended. 
It was a different trip than years prior as I didn't do a lot of exploring and looking at stuff.
This was the first year I was surprised by what I didn't see more than what I did see.
We spent more time doing the game demo stuff over with a tiny bit of shopping for the game essentials I was looking for. 
This will also get me off my butt and doing some blogging again.
Pics and Stories to follow!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Adepticon 2019 floor models, display boards, army stuff and misc photos

 The following are a few pics of one display board for one of the 40K tournaments.
Who has the time and $$$$ to do this?

 The same goes for the scale megagarant. Why?

Friday, April 12, 2019

Adepticon 2019 cavalcade of models

A big photo dump of Crystal Brush competition models.
Amazing stuff just like always.

My favorite piece of the competition.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Adepticon 2019 Wreck Age

Wreck Age game with 7 other player review….or…..Why playing with 7 other people really kind of sucks.

I saw an opening to try a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mini combat game called Wreck Age. The game world sounds very Fallout but without super mutants, VATS and the associated accoutrement.
Game play was described as a D6 system with rolls made from various character stats. There are turns where players activate a single model at descending initiative steps. During you turn there are a myriad of activities to do: fight, shoot, search, climb, run, jump, throw ,interact with objects and….pretty much anything you want to try with your little miniatures. At least that is what was happening during our game. I had the pleasure of being the only sober person who had never played before and soon that would become both a blessing and a curse.
The game info

The game objective was to meet and speak with some travelling reporter who was just lucky enough to happen upon a town full of various warbands. By doing this your warband could gain points toward victory. There were also secret side objectives each warband would receive on turn two that when achieved would score points. There were  also chances to get points by trying to kill the reporter, trade with the reporter or kill anyone the reporter had interviewed. 

We are farmers. DA, DA, DA, DA, DUM
Warbands were chosen. I didn’t know/ care what to play, so I was given a group of farmers. I was facing off against some crazed drug carnival guys, another group of farmers, some feral beast handlers, a high tech security force, a super scientist/doctor and his flesh slaves, Wreck Age’s version of the Adeptus Mechanicus, some type of not Necromunda  Goliaths and finally a wasteland squad of police.  Players deployed and I chose to turtle up in a corner since I wasn’t sure who to play and what all my little force could do. I wanted to be defensive and just react a bit on turn one. That was my plan anyway. I did get a quick once over of my force with; a two hand grenade guy, a shotgun guy, a sniper rifle guy, an actual mule and then a guy with a beatin’ stick. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Adepticon 2019 The Narrative Guys 40K game

Last Adepticon I saw a table 40K game that was on several tables and looked like a recreation of that  book/movie/real life event Blackhawk Down. A small chat later and I learned this was a group called The Narrative Guys. They do large narrative/themed 40K games. I was bummed I didn’t get a chance to try that game, but I did manage to sign up for their game at Adepticon 2019.

This year’s game was titled Nurgle Don’t Surf! I knew (and many more of you out there should know) that this was going to be some Apocalypse Now themed game.
Here a group of Space Wolves needs to travel down a jungle river and stop a traitor guard captain/ Colonel Krutz from doing a bunch of Chaos shenanigans. A patrol boat would carry a Rune Priest and Wolf Priest to the end of the river to confront the chaos themed Colonel Krutz. Along the way Space Wolf units would need to run interference for whatever the jungle was going to throw at us (Nurgle stuff). There were four players vs. two guys running the Nurgle stuff and the game.

We had four squads two heavy weapon filled squads and a regular squad with the Rune Priest and two close combat squads and some jump packing plasma pistol thing squads for the Wolf Priest. I have no idea what these units are anymore since they have all been reimagined and renamed since I quit 40K. I happily took over the close combat units for the Wolf Priest, but was also given the three man giant plasma pistol jump pack squad too. Maybe these were some sort of Primaris Marine thingies?

The goal was to get the two HQ units on the boat and delivered to the shrine at the end of the river. We were also tasked with getting the jump plasma guns and heavy weapons five man squad to the end as well (more for support than anything else).

The pics will detail a lot of the game.

Where it starts......

.....and where it ends in the far left corner.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Adepticon 2019 Dust 1947 tourney after action report

Well I jumped into my first gaming tournament since…well….maybe nine years prior at Adepticon.
I have to say….I did not miss the tournament scene.

Alright so the Paradise Lost Narrative and fun/friendly Dust 1947 Tournament Saturday at Adepticon will more than likely be the last of that tournament which I’ll participate.

Well it was anything but “friendly.” There were several guys with list crushing armies and I had the pleasure of playing one of them in my second game.

My first game I had to play a kid, maybe 12 years old. Ugh. I don’t hate kids, but I damn sure didn’t want to play in a tournament against one. Why? It is a lose/lose scenario. If I beat the kid…then hooray I beat a kid. If I lost…then I’m a goon for losing to a kid. It was lose/lose and karma would remind me of that in my second game.
As the game played out I systematically dismantled his army, and I felt horrible doing it. I wasn’t trying to table this kid. I was playing the scenario and he wasn’t. I even reminded him a couple times that he needed to grab the objectives. I tried to help him, yet he was trying to wipe my army and doing a poor job of it. I outnumbered him roughly 3-1. He came at my zombies hard and was torn apart by numbers. Soon, I had achieved my objectives and had nothing left to do but finish his last three units and deny him his objectives. I left this child with only two smoking wrecked vehicles on the board. Hooray for me! I wiped the floor with a kid (insert thumbs down with a wet fart noise).

Onto game two and three where Karma proves to be a bitch goddess...giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Adepticon 2019 - Through the Breach RPG

Through the Breach is an RPG set in the gaming world of Malifaux. You know that crazy Victorian times meets Old West, Steampunk, fantasy, magic stuff and some Lovecraftian horror game setting. It all sounds like a giant mess of genres tossed together……and it is. I have played a few games of the tabletop game and thought why not give the RPG a try. Especially outside of a convention I’ll never get a chance to try it.

I grabbed a pre-gen character from a stack, one Mr. Balahadra Raju a fated dabbler…which meant I was some sort of spell caster from India. .  I did my best not to just channel Mola Ram and Apu. I could go all astral plane out of body. I could also summon eldritch tentacles toy throttle my enemies. Plus I had a creepy human skull that I drew my power from/ acted as my spell focus/ spell book. I joined up with an old west-ish gunslinger and large beefy Scandinavian woman with a steampunk artificial arm and a pension for smashing stuff. We were hired to investigate an iron mine out in the wastes where more than just rock was being brought to the surface. We did discover what was going on, yet my character’s survival at the end of the game was really up in the air. Between the attacks from a giant shadow jumping spider and being shot (by accident) by the mining camp captain of the guard while fighting said spider, I was “unconscious” and hauled out from the mine.
It was a pretty straight forward convention game. You know where you have some roll play talkie bits, some combat and some type of skills challenge. It moved fast and we were a well-oiled team. It helped only having three players that kept on track. It made for a very enjoyable game.

Through the Breach uses the Malifaux suit modified deck of cards…or Fate Deck instead of dice. Here you flip a card and add the number to whatever skill, attack roll, spell etc. that you are trying to use.  The players also have a small hand of cards they can use to “cheat fate” by playing a higher card or suit than what was originally flipped. It makes for a very different mechanic than using a handful of dice. Especially, the “cheat fate” bit because you can alter the card draw and make sure you pass that skill or hit that monster with your attack.
The best, Red Joker, and the worst, Black Joker, cards in the game.
Guess which one I drew three times during this game...
If I knew more about this game world and had interested people I wouldn’t mind running Through the Breach. Ideally, I would rather play than run the game though. It checks a lot of my pop culture boxes; Old West, horror, magic, fantasy, steam punk and Lovecraft stuff.