Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Talon of Horus book report!

The cover is 100% not accurate to the story.
Actually it is more like 2% accurate.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden, this dude has become my second favorite writer of 40K tales.

Talon of Horus is a tale staring a Thousand Son sorcerer, Khayon, who is a prisoner of the Inquisition. He has been tortured and bound and left alive to answer various question and tell his tales. Why? Well the Inquisition is interested in the founding of the Black Legion and its leader Ezekyle Abaddon.

Khayon takes us back to the time between the end of the Hersey and before the first Black Crusade. It is a time where the traitor marines are the “boogey men” the Imperium warns their children about. They are legend and no more believable than Bigfoot. Well that is outside the Eye of Terror.

Inside it is a different story with traitor warbands battling each other for glory, goods, lands or because they are bored. We get a good bit of description of life within the Eye o’ Terror and the powers of Chaos. It is a much different description than that of previous Eye o’ Terror cannon. A bit refreshing to see it isn’t just a place of angry Marines, demons and cultist loons 24/7.

Khayon and his little warband (which is full of demons, a Dark Eldar Scourge, a World Eater who is fantastic dry comic relief, a living space ship computer drive  (think Melfina from Outlaw Star anime )and an Emperor’s Children (or is it Child when only one guy?)are recruited to help stop a contingent of Emperor’s Children, led by Fabius Bile, from creating a clone of the long dead Horus. Along the way we get stories of; how Khayon became what he is, how he formed his warband, the death of the Sons of Horus and after 75% of the novel being over, the groundwork for the founding of the official Black Legion. Sprinkle in a bit of Eye o’ Terror travel silliness and the typical Space Marine action we all know too. This all comes together is a really damn fine and fun story.

It was great to see a bit of a look into the Traitor Legions post Hersey. It was even better to see the Eye as not some place of just madness and guys screaming at one another while crazy shit happens in and around them at all times. Plus the characters are all Chaos marines and they aren’t the typical a-holes like in most novels. They are actually pretty damn likeable even Abaddon isn’t the D-bag he is portrayed as in the Horus Hersey series and beyond. This was a good bit of refreshment. Then there is the epilogue. Well that was a bit of beauty, especially if the 40K tabletop game world is tied in anyway shape or form to the Black Library novels. This last bit could a great introduction to that new 8th edition the interweb has been speaking about.

Some great action in here. Better characters than most 40K stuff. A damn tight story too. Go grab this and soak in the awesome!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Indiana Comic Con experience

Skipped over to Indianapolis last Friday to check out their comic book convention.

It was what I expected. A lot of collectables, a lot of comic boxes to dive through, a ton of artists and artwork, and comic industry celebrity.

I did see a lot of cosplay, but I was too busy looking at stuff to snap pics. Mostly the artwork. There were a ton of really great pieces to gawk at.

We hit up the 501st Legion to see what they were doing. While there of course we got a family photo with a wookie and some Storm Troopers. Then we were draw into a conversation about Star Wars. It was then discovered that some members of the family were interested in Jawas and Tusken Raiders. Sooooo that might be a thing I the future?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter and Birthday weekend!

   Happy Easter !

It was also my birthday this weekend.
The wife is pretty awesome as she made my favorite cake in cup form.
Then she created a little faction battle on the frosting.
She gets me!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Have Friday off what to do?

Related image

Well I'm heading over to Indianapolis this morning to see what this is all about.
Maybe fun. Maybe lame.
Either way I'll spend some cash and have an excuse to eat some good food downtown.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Grymkin

Making the interweb rounds.
The next phase of the Grymkin.

Image may contain: 1 person
The Malifaux Dreamer with an Iron Kingdom skin.

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Evil Mary Poppins

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Corpse Cart with a marching band?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Metal balloon robot flying rifle dwarves?

What is this? Steampunk airship/balloon metal dwarves?
Are these fantasy squats or just something wildly new?
These are the new Kharadron Overlords. Whatever that means.
Image result for sigmar flying dwarves
Now thankfully I got into 40K after the squats had been taken away. Looking at them what a mess! Seriously isn’t bad enough that the 41st millennium has the  space orks, space elves of both varieties, space ogres, space vampires, space tomb undead/tomb kings, space werewolves, space chaos forces, and space vampires. Did it (does it) really need space dwarves too? There was (and still is) more than enough fantasy crossover into 40K.
Sorry off topic there.

Too many metal beards!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


A return I never imagined and in 90 minute movie form!
Especially after the not so happy break from Nickelodeon.