Wednesday, November 22, 2017

D&D post game 11-18-17 Part 2

Our intrepid adventurers rode off the next morning looking for a Temple to the god Torm.

After a long Lord of the Rings like travel montage with the music and scenery, they arrived at the temple. Of course they arrived during a battle outside in the courtyard. There they saw five knight/crusader types facing off against a small horde of ninja/monks from the Dark Moon.

They rode in and joined the battle!

The Dark Moon increased their attacks and even had a pair of members rush toward the temple. The barbarian and rouge teamed up to assault the forces to the right. The new ½ orc warrior and monk rushed to aid the holy knights/crusaders on the left. The battle raged until the Dark Moon losses started to rise. A quartet of them disappeared into the shadows and made their escape. The pair that made their way into the temple were hunted down and killed before they could do whatever it was they were trying to do.

As the battle ended, they two parties met to discuss events. The crusading warriors of Torm had been at the temple for only  a few weeks. It was their turn to man this area, maintain the land, provide assistance and do all the daily rituals until this time next year. They had no idea why they were attacked and who was attacking them. There was nothing of value here to steal so they were incredibly confused by this attack.

The party began to police the bodies and found them to be a mix of humans, the body modification humans and a few more of those greenish pointy eared creatures. The crusaders attened the wounded and recovered their fallen bretheren.

By dusk the group was inside the temple searching for anything of worth. The rooms were all searched. The two small out buildings contained provisions and food stuffs. They found nothing to explain why the Dark Moon had attacked.

By now it was getting on toward night. Watches were set and the waiting began. Waiting for the inevitable attack…that eventually happened.
It was the ½ orc warriror who first heard the sound of scratching at the front door. Drawing one of his maces he pulled open the door and swung at the figure kneeling by where the door lock had been.

Then the night erupted with the sound of shattering glass!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

D&D post game 11-18-17 Part 1

The party returned after thwarting a creepy death cult that was really really fond of worms. 

They  discovered in their absence that there was an attack on the funeral procession on the recently deceased high cleric of Lathander. Of course the city guard and a handful of adventurer chased off the attackers but not before they defiled the coffin and corpse inside.

One such random adventure type helping was a wandering ½ orc warrior who was stopping in Stonekeep looking for information about various orc tribes. Once the attack on the parade started he waded into the fracas. It wasn’t because it was the right thing to do. It was it was a fight and it seems this guy loves him a good fight!

The day after the party consisting of the rouge, barbarian and monk returned to town. The bard decided to travel north a bit to see what he could find for inspiration there. Once back the party split to investigate the disturbance, to relax and drink, investigate a bit into the ninja/monk medallion they found and why there was also a giant conclave of armored paladins, crusaders and holy warriors arriving in big numbers.
So many guys looking like this coming into town.

-The monk had some historical knowledge about the ninja medallion guy. The attire and medallion show his allegiance to the Order of the Dark Moon. Bad monk types.
-The priest body was stuck with several long thin hollow needles.
-The dead monks were being held by the city guard. They consisted of several humans, a tall thin no nosed pointy eared humanoid, several other humans with pale greyish skin, many tribal tattoos and a lot of body piercing, and finally a pair of drow. The city was keeping the drow information secret as not to cause more panic.
-The holy guys were from temples of Tyr, Torm and Tempus. They were setting off toward the Dead Lands and to the various shrines and temples in the lands, Why? Well to see if they had been defiled like a few of their temples in the North had been. To find the culprits. To discover the evil stuff that was all evil. (This was a big plot hook for the paladin, but he was absent this game so……) They were also hiring anyone willing to travel to the outlying temples in the region to see if there were any issues there, and to call to action any holy warriors that would want to help.

Friday, November 17, 2017

D&D Pre-game 11-18-17

A halfling in all manner of silk finery quickly walks down a dimly lit hall. Several armed guards stand to attention as he moves past them. He approaches a set of round iron doors and removes a key from within his robes. He quickly works the door lock and pushed them open.
He walks into a large Spartan room. A few stone benches and a dozen small oil lamps line the walls. The aid is thick with incense, steam, flute music, hushed feminine voices and the sound of water being poured. The tiny figure pulls a silk handkerchief from his pocket to cover his mouth and nose. He takes a few steps forward and lets his eyes adjust to the room.

As he moves he can see three scantily clad humanoid females dancing and gyrating throughout the room to the music. He knows the other women attendants are nearby large shallow pool giving his master his daily steam bath.

“My lord. I apologize for the interruption, but I have news.” says the gnome. His voice a bit muffled and muted due to the handkerchief.

“Let me guess.” replies a wet guttural voice from within the steam. “That cockamamie death cult failed to summon anything of worth.”

“Well yes and no master. They did fail to summon any of the lower denizens and their deity did not answer. Still, they did manage to fully weaponize the dead with various poisons and those hideous worms they use to infest themselves and others.

“That same group of heroes ,that has been harrying your plans, stopped them. It seems our informant had a change of heart at the last minute and wanted to protect his city. He has since been found and dealt with accordingly. Master.” The gnome braces himself for the bellow that usually follows bad news. Strangely that doesn’t occur this time.

“What of the monks?” asks the voice from within the steam.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Destiny 2 review

Well I never played the first Destiny, but I was bored and grabbed the sequel. Boy I hope I’m not confused about what is going on with the plot.

Yeah nothing to worry about there. I am some galatic “guardian” with cool powers derived from some giant sphere called the “Light.” This power/sphere also protects Earth for evil aliens and such too. Well that is until a race called the Cabal show up to ruin your day  and hijack the “Light” sphere. These Cabal aliens are an army called the Red Legion. They strip the guardians of their Light powers and start attacking the solar system.

Now playing a guardian I have to save the day using various guns and special guardian powers.

Alright, the plot feels recycled and I am literally missing nothing by not playing the first Destiny.
The main villain is a mix of Darth Vader, Bane and a walrus.


Well it is the standard first person shooter. We have all played those by now. Very easy to pick up and start blasting away at aliens from the Cabal, Taken, Vex and Forsaken species.

Guns! Do you guns? There is a plethora of ranged weapons here. Well until you get far enough and the same ones seem to always  drop. Still, there is enough gun variation to make sure you find some ranged death dealing weapon that fits your lifestyle.
Do you like lazers?
Do you like ricochet?
Do you like colors?
This gun has all that in spades!

There is a jumping element to the game and this I abhor! A few missions and strikes ( think dungeons from Warcraft) have various platform jumping bits. You know what I like about platform style jumping in any game?  NOTHING! Platform jumping is just something I hate. Hence I don’t play those games. Adding this to a first person game is confusing and stupid!

Such as annoying boss battle!

There is an experience point system that leads to a max level of 20. The XP gained add skill points for a weak multi-class skill tree system. After level 20 you still gain XP, but it when you would level you now get stuff for character customization (think transmog from Warcraft) instead of skill points, hit points etc.

There is also a weak attempt at a multiclass skill tree as well. Yup the guardian classes have three separate builds for whatever playstyle you prefer. Well for supposed playstyle. Well they don’t change playstyle, they just adjust how you jump and shoot bad guys. It gives you three different grenade and jumping options. It also has a couple of buff and a couple variations of your melee attack to choose from as well. Yeah it doesn’t do much to alter your play style and feels a bit tacked on for show.

There is a single player campaign that is just long enough to be fulfilling.
There are public PVE events that occur on every planet all the time. These are good places to grind money, XP, gear and reputation.

If you like a certain gun you can keep it indefinitely. All you have to do is breakdown newer more powerful weapons of that same time and infuse them into your favorite gun. I love that ability! Now you never have to dump that gun you like the range, handling , rate of fire again.

Related image
Nathan Fillion voices CAYDE-6.
His dialogue is some of the best stuff in this game.
There is a PVP element, which is awful for me as I’m a more team player and not a spastic squeaky jump around the screen ass clown.
I did enough of the PVP to get the one mission/gear reward.
Then I walked away because I hated it.
Well because when playing with three other randos you never know what game you get, but I always seem to know what I’ll get. If the mission is kill all the other team then the best strategy is to split up so it is easier to be taken down by the other team. Right? NO! Yet this always happened when I ran the PVP. It made it simple to wipe us out and win.
If the game was capture control points then once again split into singles and try to secure control points. NO! This once again made it easy for the opposing team to wipe us out and win.
Who does shit like that and think they will ever win a PVP match? It took 5 matches of getting pants down spanked ,thanks to dipshit players, before I was thrown in a group that worked together. That was amazing! We rolled all over the enemy team because we ran in a group and worked together.

Ok enough about the PVP element. Ummm…. What else?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Diablo 3 Season 12

Well the new Diablo III season has started.

Season 11 was the first one I ever tried. Damn did I miss out on this! I should have been doing these from the start.
A great way to get me to play through this again andto make me play characters I would never want to try.
Last season I used a Demon hunter and it was surprisingly fun!

Running a Crusader this time around.

Diablo III Season 12!
Time to churn through some monsters, gain some cool loot, nab an achievement or too and run lots and lots of rifts!
Hopefully I’ll get through it before Star Wars Battlefront 2 hits….

Thursday, November 9, 2017

last month 300K

Wow! 300,000+ views another milestone reached!

Image result for klendathu 300,000

Well when you put it that way Johnny Rico....

Thanx to everyone stopping by to read, look at or spy on my little corner of the interwebs!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thor Ragnarok review.

Well after the events of Avengers: Age o’ Ultron Thor had left to investigate the whole Infinity Stone issue.

Ragnarok picks up after his trip around the universe looking for clues. Sadly he seems to have come up empty and also imprisoned by Surtur in his realm of Muspelheim (well hopefully that is where this is).
Surtur was voiced by Clancy Brown. A great call there!

Some chit chat and a fight later and Thor is heading back to Asgard to deal with Loki who is still impersonating Odin. This leads to Thor and Loki finding Odin and trying to bring him back to Asgard and to deal with the coming prophecy of Ragnarok. Sadly Odin has other plans and dies….again. This leads to Hela, Thor’s older sister/ Goddess of Death returning to takeover Asgard.
Image result for thor ragnarok hela

Now Thor has to stop her and rescue Asgard.
Fenris! So cool to throw him into the mix!