Friday, August 10, 2018

Gen Con 2018 floor stuff , parting shots

I would never buy it because it would probably get confused with a Trump shirt. That would lead me to get verbally or physically assaulted in the realm world.

Ummm...Privateer Press brings back Monsterapocalypse? Didn't this game fail years ago? So.... they brought it back again? Why? Was there a call for this again? Well look for this to be gone again in a few months. You know like Level 7, Underworld, Widows Wood, their football warjack game etc.

Speaking of Privateer Press...this Gen Con it looked like a poor showing. The yearly gaint lines for them have dwindled. They were located way back from where they usually are. You know right in the front of the hall. They had a lot less product than years past. 

I know we have bailed from MKIII because of the rules being a bit meh and the constant check for updates and there is just so much more to play that is more fun. 

Warmachine a Hordes was a great time for me and mine. However, the shift to MKIII really killed it for me and mine. Did it for others as well? Was everyone playing or interested in Warmachine/Hordes just busy doing other stuff instead of stopping by the booth?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gen Con 2018 stuff we played

Stuff we ran demos of at Gen Con

Disney Villainous.
This was a must play for the wife once she saw it.

2-5 people play as either; Jafar, Prince John, Captain Hook, Ursula, Maleficent, or The Queen of Hearts. You know from all the Disney animated movies. You have a goal to achieve and this is done by gaining power (tokens) and playing cards. You also must hinder your opponents plans as well. You know to keep them from winning before you. This is done by playing cards that contain heroes and de-buffs. It plays fast and has a lot of potential to make money based on the theme of the game.

Very easy
More family orientated
Actually pretty fun
We nabbed it, especially since they were only selling 100 copies Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gen Con 2018 fun models I saw.

Being I only attended Thursday and Friday I missed the majority of the painting competition models.
Here are a few guys I saw that were "fun."

Bob Ross goblin! 
Favorite model I saw at the convention

I have no use for whatever type of golem this is from Malifaux, but I want to buy and paint it!

Monday, August 6, 2018

post Gen Con 2018

All the loot
Well Gen Con 2018 is in the proverbial books.
Thursday and Friday I saw and tried as much stuff as possible. Well, as much stuff as I wanted to try.
There were games I missed getting to demo because of time and people waiting to try them.
I was surprised how busy Thursday was since I went hoping for a lighter crowd.
Still I was able to grab the Shadows of Brimstone stuff I wanted and the Dust models I was after.
We also grabbed a few more games: Here Kitty Kitty!, House of Danger, Black Orchestra and the coveted Disney Villainous.
I’ll pop in all this week with pics and tales from our two day adventure.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

GEN CON week 2018!

Another year and another trip over to Indianapolis for Gen Con.

I go this year with a small list of wants. The first is the book of battle mats from Loke Battlemats. If anyone is selling this I’ll nab a copy. Sure I can get it online, but if I can get it at Gen Con it will save on shipping from across the pond.
The Dust booth is my one true and “important” stop this year. If I can only get 1-3 items they will come from here.
I am hoping to get a Gregor the Defector to bolster either my Mercs or my Bleutkruze forces.
Also if they have Natalia and/or Magda and the Flamingo, I’ll happily grab them too.
Plus, I can always use a couple more units of punching gorillas and zombies too. They paint really easy and one can never have enough of either.
Finally, there is always the Flying Frog people and their game Shadows of Brimstone! Here is hoping they have some new enemy packs this year. The last two years at Gen Con have been great for new releases for this game. Hoping they have some of the Forbidden Fortress monster packs since they are compatible.

I go into Gen Con only really wanting 3 items.  That being said I’ll come home with more than that. I always tend to do that.

GEN CON 2018!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Busy summer leads to......

Damn I have really gotten lax with my blogging the last few months. Summer is supposed to be a time of vacations and relaxation right?

It is a time of yard work, minor home repairs, multiple camps for children and becoming a Pro bono Uber driver for said children.

I have really fallen behind on my looks into monsters for D&D, game reports from Dust 1947, book reports, movie and game reviews. I am actually looking forward to school starting so I can get some extra time to post my inane ramblings.

Some quick hits from the last couple months when I had available time.

 Ant-Man and The Wasp- if you haven’t seen it yet please go! It  is really light and fun. It is a great palate cleanser after the events of Infinity War. Paul Rudd is great being himself in the role of Scott Lang. His character plays so well off the straight laced Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne as the Wasp. Then, toss in Michael Peña to steal almost every scene he is in, much like the first Ant-man film. Finally, add a healthy dose of humor, Walt Goggins, comic book shenanigans , a lot of size manipulation, super science, a great minor role for Lawrence Fishburne (hope he is back in the Marvel movies in the future) and some good old fashioned family love for good measure. It all makes for a damn descent film about a character who I have always thought as ridiculous in the comics. Ant-Man and Wasp= good times!
I also got five games of Dust/ Dust 1947/ Dust Tactics under my belt. They were under the standard 100 points they recommend, but it was a damn good time playing! It is great to get some table top mini gaming in again! I actually painted a few models recently as well.

Diablo III, a new season is up and running. I have bailed from Darkest Dungeon again, but I had much more success before I lost my patience and stopped playing again. Finally trying the Far Harbor expansion on Fallout IV when I get a few moments.

It is also Gen Con Week! I am looking forward to it as usual. I’ll chat more about that tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2018

D&D Post Game 7-14-18 Part 2

To the North they go.........
After procuring a trio of horses, one stolen by the rouge and two purchased, the trio of adventurers ride northwards to the inn now known as Harrigan's Last Stop (a trio of management changes have occurred there). The barbarian had purchased two bottles of dwarven rot gut whiskey to continue his drinking binge on the trip northward.

The first day up was uneventful as they passed several caravans, traders and travelers coming to and from Stonekeep. They made camp for the night off the side of the road and had an uneventful rest. The barbarian had finished his first bottle of whiskey and properly passed out.
Day two and the trio continued northward. By mid-day they saw a pair of hunched figures rifling around in the tall grass of the road. The figures spotted the party and rushed off into the woods nearby. The rouge and monk went to investigate. The barbarian took a slug from his second bottle of booze, mumbled something about a trap, swayed in the saddle and urged his horse forward.

Into the forest.....
The rouge and monk searched the area and found two dead human males. They had been stabbed and robbed of their belongings. The pair rushed off into the woods after the figures they saw. Once in the forest the rouge stepped into the shadows and began to track the two figures. The monk walked forward looking for any tracks or clues to where these two figures ran off too.
Soon the rouge managed to sneak around a few trees and discover a trio of armored hobgoblins and a heavily armored human whispering orders to them. The rouge continued around them and then saw a second group of three hobgoblins and another human in heavy armor leading them as well.
The monk was soon to arrive in the area and he managed to spot a pair of the hidden hobgoblins and he quickly rushes them. The rouge sees his chance sneaks up behind a hobgoblin and drives two daggers into its back. A skirmish has begun!
The barbarian mumbles to himself and continued to slowly ride north.