Monday, September 23, 2019

R.I.P. Captain Spaulding

Way.....back in 2015 when me and the eventual wife met Sid Haig at Days o' the Dead Indianapolis.
It was cool to meet hi  and it one of the few pics around where I like what some humans refer to as "happy."

Captain Spaulding might be what he is known for most, (and his best role in my opinion)  but Sid Haig has been around in cult movies for sometime. Sad to hear the passed this weekend.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Gen Con 2019 purchases

Well here is the pile of loot garnered from Gen Con 2019

Detective L.A. Crimes, the follow up to Detective a Modern Crime Game. A game that my wife (a huge fan of Law and Oder and every other procedural t.v. show out there) loves and I play because I am married to her.
Ticket to Ride, which we discovered everyone in my house loves to play but me!
Action Cats, a game like Cards Against Humanity, but with cats.
Villainous Evil Comes Prepared, the second expansion/ stand alone for the Villainous game, which is really fun!
Giant Book of Battle Mats, a huge flip book of....battle mats for D&D. 
Pandemic Rapid Response, the newest addition to the Pandemic series of games. 
War with the Evil Power Master, the second Choose Your Own Adventure game from Z-Man games. 
A Railgun Squad and a HQ unit to flesh out my Dust Mercenary army.
Tactical Maps for D&D, just like the Battle MAt books, but with different locations. 
Battletech  Tech Manual 3025, so I can toss out some different stompy non-robots when we play the new version of Battletech.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

GEN CON 2019 painting comp models

As usual I went to check out what people had thrown into the yearly painting competition.
Sadly we did not go back this is only stuff from Thursday and Friday.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Gen Con 2019

Well last weekend was Gen Con and of course me/we attended. 
It was a different trip than years prior as I didn't do a lot of exploring and looking at stuff.
This was the first year I was surprised by what I didn't see more than what I did see.
We spent more time doing the game demo stuff over with a tiny bit of shopping for the game essentials I was looking for. 
This will also get me off my butt and doing some blogging again.
Pics and Stories to follow!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Adepticon 2019 floor models, display boards, army stuff and misc photos

 The following are a few pics of one display board for one of the 40K tournaments.
Who has the time and $$$$ to do this?

 The same goes for the scale megagarant. Why?

Friday, April 12, 2019

Adepticon 2019 cavalcade of models

A big photo dump of Crystal Brush competition models.
Amazing stuff just like always.

My favorite piece of the competition.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Adepticon 2019 Wreck Age

Wreck Age game with 7 other player review….or…..Why playing with 7 other people really kind of sucks.

I saw an opening to try a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mini combat game called Wreck Age. The game world sounds very Fallout but without super mutants, VATS and the associated accoutrement.
Game play was described as a D6 system with rolls made from various character stats. There are turns where players activate a single model at descending initiative steps. During you turn there are a myriad of activities to do: fight, shoot, search, climb, run, jump, throw ,interact with objects and….pretty much anything you want to try with your little miniatures. At least that is what was happening during our game. I had the pleasure of being the only sober person who had never played before and soon that would become both a blessing and a curse.
The game info

The game objective was to meet and speak with some travelling reporter who was just lucky enough to happen upon a town full of various warbands. By doing this your warband could gain points toward victory. There were also secret side objectives each warband would receive on turn two that when achieved would score points. There were  also chances to get points by trying to kill the reporter, trade with the reporter or kill anyone the reporter had interviewed. 

We are farmers. DA, DA, DA, DA, DUM
Warbands were chosen. I didn’t know/ care what to play, so I was given a group of farmers. I was facing off against some crazed drug carnival guys, another group of farmers, some feral beast handlers, a high tech security force, a super scientist/doctor and his flesh slaves, Wreck Age’s version of the Adeptus Mechanicus, some type of not Necromunda  Goliaths and finally a wasteland squad of police.  Players deployed and I chose to turtle up in a corner since I wasn’t sure who to play and what all my little force could do. I wanted to be defensive and just react a bit on turn one. That was my plan anyway. I did get a quick once over of my force with; a two hand grenade guy, a shotgun guy, a sniper rifle guy, an actual mule and then a guy with a beatin’ stick.