Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blade riders done.

Look into my evil eye, or orb face ball thing!

Well the riders are done. I tried o make the face orb thing look all cloudy and swirly, but failed. It looked like crap. Instead I went for a sort of eyeball thing. I figure it gives these guys a bit of cyclops feel. A giant targeting eyeball/orb stuck to their head. It gives them a bit of a weirder look.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy crap work done on some models!

Had one of those lazy, but super awesome weekends. You know where you don't do much, but what you want; movies, pizza, video game and even did some work on my Necron models.

All but done with the Annihilation barge and I grabbed some Tomb Blades as well.

 I just have to finish some detail and gluing on the top part of the barge. Then it is all but done. Well will have to strategically flock where I need to cover some minor imperfections. Plus it is supposed to look like it has risen from below the ground, so need to add dirt and grass.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Necron HQ review, the Timelord is the Hulk!

Orikan, The Diviner, is another Cryptek, an astromancer, able to calculate the events of the future from the stars. He predicted the the Eldar’s fall, rise of the man, the Horus Heresy, and the rise of the Tyranids all many thousands of years before they came to pass. He can even divine lesser occurrences such as the destinies of individuals. Now he isn’t always 100% accurate and then it gives him a bit of a fit. When he is wrong, it usually has him jumping down the timeline to fix the “error” so his prediction correctly comes to pass. He can also get all super charged during battle for some idiot reason too.

This is the second of the Cryptek HQ choices. He barley beats out Szeras for most useless HQ choice. He comes with that super Cryptek stat-line : WS 4, BS 4, strength and toughness 4, wounds, initiative and attacks of 2, leadership 10 and a 4+/3++ save. He is armed with a phase shifter and a transdimensional beamer (probably one of the worst guns in game, look it up here if you don’t know (horrible gun review here!). He also wields the Staff of Tomorrow and Temporal Snares. He has the Necron silly rules, is Independent, ever-living, has the Lord of Time and The Stars Are Right special rules. He will also cost the Bartender’s Local Union of Las Vegas in points.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Mek's WAAAAGH!!! (potentially)

Since I've been going through the Ork codex, I had an inkling to put together an Ork list. This is another of my exercises in futility to many, or what I call a list building exercise in the name of a good time.

Every big WAAAAGH! has a number of Ork mechanics to cobble together their ramshackle armor, weapons and vehicles. This is what might happen if a Mek decided to strike out on his own WAAAGH! and leave the Warboss wanting.

These Mek models are too damn cool to not be used.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

LOST finale explained by D. Lindelof

Damon Lindelof explains LOST finale.....and I was right! His explanation was how I interpreted it.
For all the naysayers.......suck it!

LOST finale explained for everyone else, CLICK HERE

Watch and listen if you didn't get it.
He also talks a bit about Prometheus.
Thank you Mr. Lindelof.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

G.W. summer of panic!

Holy crap only a year after the fact and the rumored flying machines from 2011 seem to be making an appearance! It seems that last years augurs were just a bit off, a full year. After seeing these new models I’m really unimpressed The Necron (insert word here) Scythe is not awful; it just is not that super cool. I think it has to do with the open cockpit. The Necron Sopwith Camel Scythe is the vibe it gives me. The Ork planes are similar to the Forge World variety. We have seen them before, so we should move along. Then there is the Storm Talon which looks like a Cobra Trouble Bubble, a Stormraven and the UN VTOL fighters from Evangelion had a baby. People will be hating all over this thing. Are they official flyers? Who the hell knows? Personally I don’t care. They are a distraction release that is all too common this time of year. A distraction from the yearly price increase G.W. has.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st Necron HQ review...the stinker choice

Illuminor Szeras is a Cryptek and loves to fiddle with stuff. He is sort of the Heamonculus or Nazi scientist of the Necron race. He helped with the biotransference process and strives to move even beyond that. His ultimate goal is to become more than metal shells, he is looking to become beings of pure energy. For this accomplishment he looks to the flesh races and pulls them apart looking for the pieces to make that happen. So far all he has found are ways to make the Necrons better in combat, but by chopping up living specimens he’ll one day make his race superior to all the others.

"Alas, poor Eldrad! I knew him Imhotek."
" to surgically prod his face and brain cavity."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

40k projects and me.

In the past this is how I felt when building an army. There was always something looming over me, much like that Imperial Fist. Now with no need to get a force made it is great to throw a model together and get it done whenever. Having three fully playable finished armies is great. It gives all the time in the world to tweak a fourth or just collect and paint what I want.

Probably just to collect and paint what I want. I am awaiting the 6th edition to see if I will even play again after it is released. I know the gang has walked away from 40K so will be a lone wolf if I want to play with toy soldiers again. I can always force the boy to play when he is here too.
This cartoon from a guy (goes by name Secundus) who runs

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Prime Evil what?

Diablo has been put down again by the forces of good, or me!

It was a very short run and has only left me wanting more. For a 10+ year wait it left a somewhat wyrd taste in my mouth. I am both happy and sad it is over, the first time through.

Yes it was awesome! Sure the cinematics were really cool! The classes are a riot to use. The treasure was insane like always. There wasn't even a level I hated to play through.

Still it is over already and that is a bit disheartening. I expected to be a bit higher than level 33 when I faced off against the big guy. Maybe a run through Nightmare mode will change things a bit?

Overall a beautiful game with some great new characters (and rehashed older ones) a descent story, but it feels short and I finally got that "Why was there so long a wait for this game?" feeling after the last fight. I would still tell everyone who likes gaming to play it. It is still that good!

Now to try the other classes for a few more levels and maybe some co-op to shake things up.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is there a good original Star Trek movie?

For some reason HBO had been playing the Star Trek (original cast) movies all last month. I have finally sat through them all, again. I took some time but I had it to spare since I have backed off Mass Effect and really don’t feel very hobby-ish at the moment. After seeing them all again, after many years, I have come to the conclusion that they pretty much all stink. The few fond memories I have are gone. The annoyance at some of them has grown to almost shame for having viewed such tripe. Is there anything redeeming about these films? Do the old school Trekkies love them?
Star Trek the Motion Picture

The first of the series and one would expect it to lay the groundwork well for further films. It really didn’t. It reintroduces the world to the cast after ten years of being off television. They get the band back together to solve a dilemma somewhere in space. It sounds all well and good, but what do we really get? We get a N.A.S.A. satellite gone rogue, a bald chick with a synthesizer voice, the ground work for a future fat Scotty and a pretty boring story. This was just a real snore fest with the crew in bad grey (and way to tight) uniforms.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One day, sort of, into Diablo III

Well after a day of Diablo III, along with a nap during server shutdowns, I have only good things to say about this game. Granted I am a bit biased since I love the franchise. Still if this is a stinker I would call it that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 years is here!

It has been 12 long years since the release of Diablo II.
12 years that we have almost forgotten how awesome that world is! How incredible the story is! How awful the damn desert level is!

Still with minutes to go the stage is set.
The game downloaded.
A nap was attained and snacks have been prepared.
Now to see if how the new computer and the Blizzard servers will handle this.

" The trap has been sprung."

He rises, and with him an army of awesome beasts and minions to slay!
The wait is finally over!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Roller Derby saturday!

This weekend we finally were able to go watch some roller derby hosted by The Mclean County MissFits. There is a small local grassroots league and they have matches monthly. I am usually working or something so we miss them. Saturday night was a couple of matches and my calendar was open. Well actually I think we were supposed to game, but I totally blanked on that. Guess that is why my calendar was open huh?
Well it wasn't quite like this, but you get the idea.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back from a hiatus

Took a bit of a holiday from the blog-o-sphere.
I'll be back with stuff next week............if Diablo III doesn't totally consume me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers

Was going to do this last nite/ this morning, but decided to wait until I had a bit of sleep and then bacon.

I have a benchmark for comic book movies, it is the Dark Knight. This is what I think comic book films should achieve to be or be better than. I am let down on many occasions. Now that isn't to say there aren't descent comic films, however to be truly worthy of praise, the Dark Knight is what I expect. After last nite, I have an addendum. If you can't be Dark Knight, then be The Avengers.

This film was a comic book come to life, more so than any of the predecessors. "But, Ian all comic movie are like that." Well they really aren't. This one really is!

I won't spoil anything and just hit my thoughts. No plot summaries or anything below, just my brain workings about the film.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


On  the way to midnight showing!
By the gods I hope this has been worth the wait!
If it is anything like the last few Mravel (non-Xmen) movies it should be!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Necron review, the Royal Court

When an Overlord taken as an HQ then he unlocks the option to take a Royal Court.  The Royal Court is made up of a combination of Lords and/or Crypteks. The Royal Court is counted as a HQ unit that doesn’t fill a force organization slot. It can be composed of 0-5 Lords and 0-5 Crypteks. These can all form one unit, or they can be split-up and placed in Warrior, Immortal, Deathmark or Lychgurad squads. Only one member of the court can be placed in a one of these squads (like Wolf Guard, Sanguinary Priests, Heamonculi Imperial Priests etc). This option in not available to a Destroyer Lord, since he is too much of a jerk and nobody likes to hang with him.

The Necron Lord can be an aspiring to become an Overlord, he could be one of any number of nobility turned into a kill-bot, or they can be part of some fancy entourage. Whatever they are, Lords are basically a generic Overlord. They have one wound and one less attack. They have all the silly Necron rules and the Everliving rule as well. They come armed with a staff of light and may swap that for: Hyperphase Sword (free), Gauntlet of Fire (+5), Voidblade (+10) or a Warscythe (+10). They can also purchase Sempiternal Weave (+15), Mindshackle Scarabs (+15), Tesseract labyrinth (+20), Resurrection Orb (+30), and a Phase Shifter (+45). Their basic cost is 65 points cheaper than a bare bones Overlord.

Not much to say about this guy. He can be given all manner of extras, but he is still a single wound model. Personally, I could not spend the points for any gear except a warscythe. Everything else is either useless or points better spent elsewhere. Give him a warscythe and attach him to a squad to give them the chance to do some damage in close combat, or to help if the squad has to fight a vehicle. I don’t see too much use for a Lord. I guess they could form a pseudo-Lychguard unit with five guys and all having warscythes. They could also be Marine killers with just five staves of light. They could be a walking Praetorian-ish squad. Yeah, these are a stretch but I’m thinking outside the box.