Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jason on vacation.

Jason made it to the Storm Crow Tavern to kick back, relax and have a few drinks with THE big bad, Cthulhu.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jason on vacation

 Jason has made it to the plane and safely to his destination in Vancouver.

After getting settled, he set out on his first hike, Lynn Canyon.
Even though there were potential victims, he was taken in by the scenery and missed out on some slaying opportunities.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jason needs a vacation

Sometime a silent undead serial killer needs some time away.
Kids are back in school. The camp is closed until next summer.
Time to pack a bag and get away for a while.

Friday, September 23, 2016

September book report

Image result for tales of the bounty hunters

Tales of the Bounty Hunters
This book has been out for some time now. I forgot all about it and yet here it appeared in a used book store. This is a series of short stories dealing with the bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back. I can get some totally cool background or adventures with Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, 4-Lom, Zuckuss and Boba Fett!

How cool is that?

The answer is completely not cool.

The stories in here are just crap. IG-88 becomes Skynet. Dengar is like an emotionless bad-ass cyborg who falls in love? Zuckuss and 4-Lom are friends of the Rebellion? Bossk is hunting Wookies instead of Han and dealing with a double double cross with another set of bounty hunters? Boba Fett is old and still hunting people and still has an axe to grind with Han Solo.  Han is in this story and having a minor mid-life crisis as well. Which leads to a terrible cliffhanger like ending that is beyond pointless.

What the frak is going on with these guys?!

These guys do anything but actively hunt for Han and Chewie after Vader talks to them. Yet they all seem to have beef to squash with Han or have minor encounters with him/ the rebels too. What? These stories are all tedious and bad. Damn it! I had real hope for this and what a colossal disappointment.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Model pretties for me to gwak over.

The Circle Orboros Storm Raptor.
Looks amazing. Sadly, I have no need or want for it.
Plus painting all those feathers would be a nightmare!


Gul'dan would like his pose back.
Good looking troll, but not a fan of his axe arm position.

Image result for privateer press man o war attachment

Man-O-War units now get an updgrade guy. He looks....well like a Man-O-War guy with a fancy shield and some ice on his axe

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

D&D post game wrap 9-17-16

Previously the party had added a bard and made sort of a loose binding verbal contract to help and Elven mage named Ramalad.

When the mage called with an offer of looting an abandoned wizard tower and the party could not turn that down. Well they could and then it would have been a much different night had they done that.

A quick grabbing of essentials and they were ready to be whisked away to the tower of one Heninrich “the Mad Enchanter.”

They ported into the tower basement/vault. Ramalad was down due to the strain of the teleport. The group took a quick room inventory: big chest, creepy looking plinth with an eerie red glow, stairs going up, a book on a pedestal and a giant stone and crystal statue.

Well the group went about exploring the room, and then the statue began to talk shouting warnings. Did they listen? No.

Image result for arcane golem

Morgan, the group mage, made a move for the plinth and saw it had a pretty normal looking medallion on it. Well he made an attempt to touch it and suddenly his hand was wracked with pain and had aged a few decades. He quickly removed his hand and the effect wore off. Ramalad verbally lashed out at Morgan that he was to not touch the amulet. That is what he was here to retrieve.

Meanwhile the dragonborn thief took time look at the book in the pedestal. It was large and locked. Well of course he was going to try and unlock the book. Which lead to his setting off a trap? As he stood there being electrocuted, the statue animated and moved toward the party. It was still shouting warnings as it began to try and pummel the party.

Then the fight went a bit sideways……

Friday, September 16, 2016

D&D pregame 9-17-16

Another bloody coughing fit wracked his body as he fell to the floor.

Ramalad's body was finally beginning to fail him and just when the prize was so near. He had the Mirror of Portals. He knew the location in Heinrich's tower. He just needed the strength to get himself there. No. Himself and that party of adventures.

Image result for dalamar the dark

He would need their help to secure his journey and acquisition of the object. They are mercenaries they will help him for the right price. He was sure of that.

He continued to cough for another minute. He slowly raised himself back up and wiped the bloody spittle from his lips. He looked down and noticed his robes were drenched with sweat and blood again. His body was finally succumbing to the damage he had taken all those years ago. The damage from years of magical study of the darker arts. The damage taken from his cruel and unforgiving master. The damage he had taken from a spurned lover. The spells he had worked and failed trying to return home, to her.

There was a knock on his chamber door.

"Sir? Are you alright in there sir?"

"Yes! I'm fine!" Ramalad hissed.

"Alright sir we had heard the sound of something falling and the coughing. Do you need us to bring you anything?" the voice behind the door replied.

"Yes. Send word to the gentlemen I told you about. They are usually found in that inn...the Red Pony. Tell them it is time, and be quick about it."

The only reply was the sound of feet running down a flight of stairs.

Image result for oculus mirror for sale

Ramalad returned to his chair and once again looked upon the mirror. The view was that of an arctic tundra, then an arboreal forest, then a long lost city beneath the water, then a small town that could be anywhere, then a lake, now a library.

The elf raised his hands and began to speak in the strange language of magic. The mirror's image shifted, turned black and then an image of a dusty basement appeared.

Image result for fantasy basement

Ramalad sat forward in his chair and smiled. He had found it again. He now knew the proper sequence of words.

He had found his way into the tower on the lake. The home of the long dead wizard Heinrich.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another Blink 182 tour

Image result for blink 182 tour 2016

This makes four times I have gone to see Blink 182, three times in Noblesville, Indiana, this would be the first time my special lady friend. She is not a big fan of Blink, (I think it is the juvenile irreverence that bothers her) but knows enough of their songs to not look like a total noob.

Saturday night thy passed through with All American rejects and A Day to Remember. Neither of us really cared if we missed the opening acts. We did manage to get there to hear like two songs by the Rejects. She actually knew one of the two. We grabbed foods and booze and settled in for A Day to Remember.

We knew nothing of them and after seeing/hearing them we are just as confused. They were a punk/metal band? Kind of? Their music was either bouncy, thrashy , heavy or a mix of the three. Their lyrics weren’t stellar and a bit to screamy for me. Still their musical sound wasn’t terrible. It was quite a quandary.
We don’t know if they are good or bad. We will have to investigate this A Day to Remember band further.

Then Blink eventually took the stage and did what they always do. It was a very greatest hits feeling show. Actually the set was very similar to the last show I attended. This time they added at least five songs off of California, well seven songs if you count the two “joke songs” they have on the album. It was a good set list. I could have done without the song San Diego, since I’m just not a big fan of that song.  

Yup. This is how they open the show.
Giant on fire FUCK.

The biggest change was that Matt Skiba was now singing and playing instead of Tom DeLonge. Matt sounds wildly different than Tom, but it isn’t a bad sound.
Sure it was different on the old songs, but it wasn’t a bad different. Well hat and they totally bailed on the Neighborhood album. Their previous album was completely overlooked. I’m not sure why but I expected they would play Heart’s All Gone or Up All Night at least. Strange that they completely ignored the songs from that record.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

NFL 2016!

Image result for nfl 2016 season

Well tonight the journey to the 2016 Superbowl begins.

It is also the last I can revel in the Broncos and their Superbowl 50 victory.

Tonight that might as well be ancient history. The new season of NFL football is here!

I begin another 16 weeks of an emotional rollercoaster while watching my team succeed and fail during games.

Image result for the league
It is sort of like this, but without the swears, hate, no girl, no Raffi and I'm basically Taco.

I am also part of a fantasy football team this year. Like seven guys at work have a just for shits and grins or bragging right league.

Why did I join one of these things? Simple.

The teams are all auto drafted. There is only one bench player to have to even think about. Your line-up is set with no thought at all.
This will require no thought and even less effort on my part. That is exactly how much I want to and can expect to do towards a fantasy football team/league.

Hell, I can’t even get upset at losing or enjoy winning since a computer randomly assigned guys to my team. An algorithm decided everything for me and it can enjoy the wins and lament the loses instead of me.

Welcome to the 2016 NFL season. Finally, my Sundays have meaning again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

An Arcade in the strangest place

Just off the interstate on the way to really nowhere is a small town called McLean.
Here you will find the coolest place ever!

  Arcadia Games.

An actual arcade. You know those places where one payed money to play video games and interact with other humans.

The jukebox is full of 80's music. 
The air inside has that smell of electricity.
It just needs an Organ Julius down the street to finish the full effect.

It doesn't look like much, but it has it where it counts.

A wall of pinball games and the rest of the two rooms is packed full of arcade games.

Even better almost every game is just a quarter to play. 
What follows is a minor smattering of the available games to play.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Buford T. Justice says.....

Not sure what I'm suppose to do today, 
but I know it will involve some charred mammal meat and an adult beverage.

Enjoy the day off. I know I will.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Another pooky ghost zombie robot

Well  tried to get motivated to paint this week, and did get one more model finished.

I painted up the second of the Machine Wraiths I have.

Scheme-wise I just repeated what I did on the first of these guys.

However, one of his back spine spike-jobbies was broken. I thought why not remove them all then?