Thursday, September 22, 2016

Model pretties for me to gwak over.

The Circle Orboros Storm Raptor.
Looks amazing. Sadly, I have no need or want for it.
Plus painting all those feathers would be a nightmare!


Gul'dan would like his pose back.
Good looking troll, but not a fan of his axe arm position.

Image result for privateer press man o war attachment

Man-O-War units now get an updgrade guy. He looks....well like a Man-O-War guy with a fancy shield and some ice on his axe

Then GW made elves into an army of tree monsters or something?
The look is very eclectic.
They look like they would be a pain to paint, and the cost is disgusting.

Drycha Hamadreth
Tree Dreadnought?

Kurnoth Hunters
Tree Terminators?

Kurnoth Hunters

Armored treemen or Tree Astartes?

Alarielle the Everqueen
Holy crap snacks!
Look at that giant bug!
Insane in look and cost.

Khârn the Betrayer
Well finally a new Kharn. Way too late!
Where was this guy years ago?
Would have grabbed him without a second thought.

10-Man Kill Team
Same for the Deathwatch.
Way to take forever with these guys.

Great looking bunch of bits here,
Love that heavy bolter!

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