Thursday, September 30, 2010

Night Lords the early stages

Here are a few pics of the beginnings of my Night Lords ( Adepticon Team tourney ) assault marines.
I am using a mix of Blood Angel Death Company, Chaos Marine, Khorne and Tactical Marine bits and a few fantasy Chaos Warrior heads.

The new Blood Angel Death Company kit is just stellar stuff. I think it is GW's best plastic work.

I left in the purity seals as throw-back to the pre-heresy days of honor paper and such.
They could just be impurity seals or some such thing. Whatever they are, I like the look of them on both loyalists and traitors.

The would be blood vials are full of green fluid that will match what the counts as Sang. Priest is cooking up in his chirugeon. What is it? Who knows, but it grants feel no pain and furious charge.

The official Night Lord helmets are a bit big, but with backpack and arms, they look descent.
I need to get another blister of them to flesh out the remaining guys.

Yes, there are no arms or backpacks, but they are in process as well.

I hate the lightning effect up close, but from a gaming distance I think it works. I have only added it one one leg per guy and will add it to some shoulder pads and arms as well. I don't want to get too crazy with it. I find less of that is more. Unless, you are heavy metal painter quality, and brother, I ain't.

The Khorne and Death Co boxes are great for the running legs, just what every assault squad needs. Nothing screams charge like a group of flat-footed marines. I'm looking at you Space Wolf Grey Hunter box.

Soon I'll get my HQ, 1st Heavy, more grunts and transport pics up.

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!

I made the blog roll over at From the Warp.
So see I am special and unique......just like everyone else. Wait whaaaaa?

Now I just need to get some stuff uploaded and away I go. Curse this workplace for making me have to work!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apedticon 2011

Well with the Blood Angels out I saw an chance to be creative. Well creative for me. I was a fan of the previous 40K chaos codex. I started building an Iron Warriors-esqe army and then that went away with the new codex. I also remember the Night Lords list from that book.


New Blood Angels = perfect Night Lords

So I started building an army and thankfully, Mike, Lew and Tom thought it a swell idea.

Night Lords are raptor full (jump pack), fast attack, raiding terror causing evil marines! What isn't to like? The Blood Angels codex is perfect for that.

We are still working on 1,000 point lists for the team tourney, but it looks like the Night Lords will be descending on Chicago in 2011 ( by descending I mean crashing and the survivors flailing around on fire).

I'll get pics up of finished and in progress as I get them done, hopefully.

If 40k described my blog....

The page scrolling planet is Klybo, and now a small history......

An extinct world, where the ruins of a lost colony poke from the sifting sands. Klybo’s harsh environment spurned all efforts to settle it. The Sector Fleet maintains a waystation on a moon in close orbit.
Klybo has become proverbial over the years, indicating a worthless or doomed effort. “It all went like Klybo” or “I tried my best, but I had a day on Klybo” are common sector euphemisms.
Klybo is a particular haunt of prospectors and tech-archaeologists. It is rumoured that fabulous STC finds are hidden on Klybo, remnants of the colonial attempts to settle the world. Several myths report “walking monsters”, akin to Ambulon, still striding the wastelands. No form of conclusive data has yet been obtained.

Well here we are

So this is my attempt to get another point of view out there, in regards to gaming. My credentials? Well started D&D back in later days of 1st edition and powered through 2nd. Hell, even looked at 3rd once, went cross-eyed and stayed playing 2nd.

Started 40 in the early days of 3rd edition and took a small hiatus, curse you Lew and Mike for the Lord of the Rings models, and then jumped back in arms flailing in 4th and now 5th.

Hell, I even dabbled in; Battletech, gamma world, G.U.R.P.S., Shadowrun, and T.M.N.T.

So I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

I am now looking at another army build for a 2nd trip to Adepticon and am slowly moving toward Warmachine and Hordes.

So here I will add insight, pics and opinions to the world of little toy soldiers, gaming, nerdery, and what have you.

If you found this blog and I don't know you cool. For the friends I share this with...get to painting Mike and Tom!