Monday, October 31, 2016


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Another year and another night for witches, ghouls and spooks!
Our pumpkins are set.

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The candy is waiting to be handed out.
Our costumes are prepped.
I'm home watching horror movies all day.

Thank you SNL and Tom Hanks for this!
Miss this guy doing silly shit!

Now we just need the sun to drop and the real fun to start.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Reboot #4 Night of the Living Dead

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Ok the final film review is another of the all-time classics the 1968 George Romero film that created a special love for human flesh craving leg draggers, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

I had forgotten that this movie got a reboot back in 1990 for some unknown reason.

This was another hard to watch movie due to the fact that I am a big fan of the original as everyone should be!

Ok. Another deep breath…….

The general premise is that the deceased are rising from the grave and a stumbling around. Their only desire is that they crave human flesh. Why? Well I guess people are really tasty. A group of strangers end up together inside a farmhouse and try to survive the night. A night full of a continuous onslaught of reanimated and ever hungry corpses.

The plot is basically identical to the original.

The cast of characters is similar to the original: Barbara, Ben, Tom, Judy Rose, Harry, Helen and Sarah (the Cooper family), Johnnie and a lot of zombies. Their roles are basically the same as well, with a minor tweak to one of them. Ben is the leader guy. Tom and Judy are the hicks. Harry is the loudmouth. Helen…is pretty nonexistent. Johnnie lasts as longs as he did in the original and was the annoyance. Then there is Barbara. This version she starts off as a bit  mousy and doe-eyed. Then she quickly turns into an unlikely heroine. Yeah, this Barbara becomes a no-nonsense bad ass with a mouth and a rifle. How? Who knows. Why the change? Well I guess to make it not a complete shot for shot remake.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canada photo dump Sea Wall and Deep Cove

On one of our off hike days we hit the Stanley Park Sea Wall and walked all 8 kilometers just to pass the time.

Lion's Gate bridge in the distance.

Totem poles are cool!


Exploring the Pacific Ocean for bits, bobs, shellfish and such.

Inside the city, more animals.

 Turtles looking for mutagens?

Then, in broad daylight, a gang of four raccoons just came out of nowhere.
Adorable beggars. Pushy and grabby adorable beggars.
Yeah cool, but they were too pushy and not afraid of people.

We didn't feed them, and that vexed them. 
So....they started following us.

They finally stopped following us and moved back into the shrubbery.
Still adorable and they totally wanted to be my best-est friends!

Yeah the Sea Wall was cool and I got to see/play in the Pacific Ocean. 
A big deal to this land locked guy. 
No big deal to everyone else 

To Deep Cove.......

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Reboot #3 Maniac

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I reviewed the original 1980 Maniac a while ago.
I am still unsure why this movie needed a reboot, but what do I know about the business of Hollywood?
Maniac from 2012.
We have a gentleman named Frank who owns a mannequin restoration business in Los Angeles. Why? Who knows, but I guess there is a need for that somewhere. He seems like a pretty quiet and mousy fellow. However, he is anything but that. By day he fixes mannequins and by night is a creep-o stalker killer. Frank has some mental issues. HE hunts ladies, dispatches them, takes their clothing and then scalps the dead ladies. He then returns home to adorn his mannequins with the dead clothing and bloody hair of his victim. Sure he is on some pills for all this, but those seem to not work at all.
Then one day Frank meets a female photographer that warms his psychotic little heart. Our boy Frank falls in love with Anna, and one would think this could help the little psycho. Well it does the opposite. It seems to make Frank more unstable. Will Frank find true love with Anna or will he just go farther off the rails? Well one can guess the answer to that. Frank’s crazy is only amped-up with Anna in his life. Even better/worse is when he discovers the truth Anna has neglected to tell him, she is involved with a guy. Whatever will Frank do?
Alright. That is the long and short of the Maniac reboot. I guess the big question is it better than the original?
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Well did it happen? Was it cool? Who cares anymore?

It is 5:00 and I am getting this out now before I know the truth.

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Well last night I should have been all a twitter about the Season 7 start to the Walking Dead.

However, I didn't watch it.

I just don't care anymore.

The show tanked for me a few seasons back. but I stuck around for zombie fun times.

After the finale, the heavy handed Glenn death foreshadowing, the Morgan is a broomstick Jedi, the drek side character story lines and so on; I just don't seem to care anymore.

Now the new season has started and I imagine everyone is all a buzz about the events of last night. I haven't hit the social media to see what happened but I'll venture a guess.

Sasha, Maggie, Rosita and Michonne are all safe. The show/studio is not going to gruesomely bash in a lady's head. Double safe is Maggie because we are not going to brain a pregnant woman.

Rick and Carl are safe. They are still the meat and potatoes of the show.

Aaron is safe. Like they are going to bash in the skull of the remaining gay guy on the show. Especially since they killed half of the lesbians last season.

Daryl is safe. Norman Reedus just got his motorbike show on AMC. Plus he is still a big big fan favorite and can't see him buying it yet.

That leaves Glenn, Abrham and Eugene.

Well Glenn buy it here in the comic, do it already. Like three people on Earth don't know this happens to Glenn by now, so it will be no real surprise.

The same goes for Abraham. He has bought it in the comics by now too. Plus he has fallen in love with Sasha and looks happy. Happy on this show/ in comic usually equals dead. Another non suprise if you follow the show.

Eugene getting killed would hold no weight and feel like a easy way out for the writers. He is closest thing to comedy relief on the show as well. The plucky sidekick usually is safe. Guessing he is safe here too.

Yeah Glenn or Abraham buy the farm. That is what my comic and movie addled brain tells me.

If I'm correct I'll know when I get to work.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Our trip to the Storm Crow Tavern....

....or one of my favorite places on Earth!

This has been a place I have been hoping to visit for a few years now. A nerd/gamer tavern?
Yes please!

Red truck= typical and unoffensive lager.

A hail the mighty Cthulhu!

So much fun wall decor.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Canada Photo Dump#2 Fromme Mtn. and Kennedy Falls

Our second and first real hike for us flatlanders. We trekked up Fromme Mountain to see Kennedy Falls.

The view from the parking lot.

Up we go. The cloud cover was blocking the view of the various mountain tops nearby.

A lot of dead fall and these shallow rocky ravines.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Reboot #2 Fright Night

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Fright Night.

I am a big fan of the original film. Seeing it in my youth I thought it was awesome! It did not age well, but I gained a new appreciation for it. The suburban gothic vibe it was putting out, the soundtrack/score, the intentional/unintentional campiness; just made Fright Night a completely different and much more awesome

fright night
The original, so much fun!

2011 and Fright Night gets the reboot/re-imagine treatment.

The story is basically the same. We have one Charley Brewster and a vampire name Jerry living Next door. Charley discovers this. He then has to convince anyone to believe him. Then he tries to recruit a magician who touts himself a dabbler I the dark arts/ guys who knows stuff about monsters. You then get the damsel in distress as the girlfriend is captures. All this to lead up to an eventual showdown that we all know is coming. Basically, this (and the original) is a Rear Window take-off with a vampire.

I actually didn’t hate this reboot, in fact I liked it. Why? Well….