Friday, October 14, 2016

D&D pre-game 10-15

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In the few weeks that followed the discovery of the lost dwarven under-tunnels many discoveries have been made. The amount of lost artifacts, loot, texts, tablets, runes, etc. is amazing. Easily this will help advance the city of Ferrous Spur and the myriad of dwarf and gnome engineers and tinkerers there.

However, this has not been all fortune and glory for the dwarves. These under tunnels are still infested with a myriad of monsters and even worse, this discovery has awakened the ever present rivals of the dwarves. The green skinned races have begun to muster and assault the dwarves clearing and researching these tunnels at every opportunity.

The latest push has the dwarves trying to establish a solid hold on the main tunnel junction for the region. If they can hold here they can easily move troops and their various weapons of war to the various goblinoid invasion points. This could easily shatter the ever tenuous moral issues that these gribbly green buggers are notorious for. 

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