Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canada photo dump Sea Wall and Deep Cove

On one of our off hike days we hit the Stanley Park Sea Wall and walked all 8 kilometers just to pass the time.

Lion's Gate bridge in the distance.

Totem poles are cool!


Exploring the Pacific Ocean for bits, bobs, shellfish and such.

Inside the city, more animals.

 Turtles looking for mutagens?

Then, in broad daylight, a gang of four raccoons just came out of nowhere.
Adorable beggars. Pushy and grabby adorable beggars.
Yeah cool, but they were too pushy and not afraid of people.

We didn't feed them, and that vexed them. 
So....they started following us.

They finally stopped following us and moved back into the shrubbery.
Still adorable and they totally wanted to be my best-est friends!

Yeah the Sea Wall was cool and I got to see/play in the Pacific Ocean. 
A big deal to this land locked guy. 
No big deal to everyone else 

To Deep Cove.......

A quick drive one afternoon to Deep Cove to see what is there, climb up to a big rock and try some doughnuts.

This place is just asking for a sea monster or band of fishmen to rise from the water.

That big rock was where we were headed.

Along the way an ABC FAM....I mean Freeform network pilot was being filmed.
We are gonna have to watch it to see if we made it into a background shot!

After snooping around the set on the main drag, we hit Honey's Doughnuts.
Their honey doughnut is amazing! A must try bit of fried gold.

Up to Granite Rock.

Uggh. Stairs.

So green.
So serene.

Me shot for perspective, or so I was told.

Mossy tree is mossy.

Once again, good bye ankles.

A big rock, but not the one we hiked up to see.

 Amazing view of Deep Cove and the surrounding region.

We ,and a bunch of other people, were up on that big ole' rock.

Deep Cove. A tiny town. Good eats. A short and pretty hike to a giant rock.

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