Tuesday, October 18, 2016

D&D post game 10-15

Well the fellas dove down under the Earth in search of adventure this week, well that and to oblige a job they took a month ago and put on hold.

The local Archeology Guild has been sending various lower level scribes into the dwarven tunnels in search of any type of serviceable artifact, lore, lost ruins etc.
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The party “happily” took Lukas Fudderer, Scribe 1st Class, with them in accordance with the terms of service and to ensure they got paid.

Once on scene they discovered that these tunnels were best by a force of goblins, orcs and their various allies. However, their job was not to jump into the front lines to start clearing out the riff-raff, but to explore for bits of lost knowledge and ancient fancy junk. Sounds rather pedestrian and simple.
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Well until you run afoul of a descent sized green skin flanking force complete with an ettin for added punch. Even better, an ettin toting a dwarf cannon. Yup. A giant walking artillery piece! After a minor tussle, the green skins and their big buddy were dispatched and the party moved ever forward.

Along the way they discovered various side rooms and tunnels that had been sealed recently. Well Lukas did convince the party to search these rooms. Well until they discovered a colony of Myconids in one room, and that led to a quick resealing of the door to keep from dealing with mushroom men. They also found a very clean room with some treasure within, well within the gelatinous cube that was inhabiting the room. The rouge did try and grab some of the floating treasure and only gained some acidic burns and astern talking to from the barbarian and monk. They moved on dragging the miffed scribe along with them. Two chances for exploration squashed by the guys hired on to protect him.

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A short rest to gather their bearings and the group was off again. It seems that Lukas had a vague idea where they might find one of the dwarf meeting and receiving chambers that were used for various important gatherings between various clans. Off they went, and all seemed well. I guess until the trio of hook horrors ambushed the party. They were quickly dispatched because these guys are pretty efficient warriors, when they need to be.

Eventually, they did discover this dwarven meeting chamber and Lukas began to investigate. Well until they were set upon by the clan of bugbears that were inhabiting the area. Another series of small fights and the area was clear for exploration and retrieval of ancient relics ( or bits of ancient dwarven civilization).

The party having fulfilled their obligation to Lukas Fudderer and his higher-ups, they journeyed back to Stonekeep to receive payment, learn new spells, reequip and fence anything they could from the stuff they found.

Spores, molds, ooze, pudding and anything fungus related seems to spook the fellas. Rightfully so, 2nd edition those things were just abysmal to deal with.
I was hoping they fought the Mycoinds, but that was not to be, this time!
Never be hiding in shadows when a spellcaster is lining up a lightning bolt and can’t see you there.
Hook Horrors are such under utilized. They have that classic D&D feel and I need to work them in again.

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