Friday, March 30, 2018

Adepticon 2018 more stuff I played

Relic Blade
A smaller, yet still wildly familiar feeling skirmish and fantasy miniature adventure game.  Relic    is played either as a campaign or as a skirmish game. It is a D6 system. You pick a faction. You build your force which is only a handful of models. You purchase upgrades based on the number of points you are playing. You grab a 2’x2’ gaming space. Then you battle.

The forces come boxed with all they need. You can play competitively or in a narrative campaign. The models are good for a small start-up group. The game mechanics are easy to grasp and learn. It has a great RPG feel in a tabletop miniature game. There was really nothing I hated about it. How could I hate a fantasy tabletop game that feels and looks like a standard RPG? I couldn’t!

If I had unlimited money and time to play and paint; I would have grabbed this game. It was really fun, easy and had multiple forces I would want to use. If you ever see it try to play it!
And what faction would I play?
Yeah this one!

Relic Blade  go check them out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Adepticon 2018 some stuff I played

Today a look at three games I tired at Adepticon, and my thoughts about them.
First was


Description from developers….
Enter the Aetherium - a world between worlds, a place capable of containing the human mind, a place of infinite possibility, a place that is no place at all.
Aetherium is a miniatures board game by Anvil Eight Games for 2 or more players.
Control the tyrannical and neo-fascist government of the Axiom, or fight for your freedom alongside the anarchist Nanomei.
Aetherium requires roughly one hour for a full game. Assemble your collective of hackers, agents, activists, or anarchists and lead them on a hyper-fast run through a dangerous virtual reality. Aetherium is a contest of mental skill, as players try to outthink their opponent using programs, resources, and the world itself in order to carve a space inside this fluid reality. Fight for control of the greatest discovery of human existence.”

So…….a table top mini game where combat is done within computer programs. Alright it is pretty standard table top flair. Your programs have an Omni program “HQ” Functions “Elites” and Subroutines “Troops.” These are what go about doing cyber battle on tiles setup inside the not matrix matrix.

The combat is melee and ranged. The combat damage is dice based with a damage track like Malifaux i.e. you have low, moderate and heavy damage totals. The programs have damage boxes to fill. The units all have special abilities that are offensive, defensive, passive, movement based etc. It is move, capture, control, destroy etc. You play through five turns with alternating player activation. It is a one hour- two hour game from start to finish.

It all sounds pretty standard until you get to the game mechanic where you can spend RAM “game resources/ money” to alter the location and facing of the tiles you fight upon. This was where the game got a bit more tactical than usual mini games. The fact you can alter terrain to your advantage or to mess with you r opponent is very interesting. This allowed for rear arc shots that allowed for more dice to be rolled. There was the chance to move tiles an strand enemies on little islands. You could move tiles to force the enemy to spend resources on moving them back or forcing them to move farther from a target. It is a very interesting mechanic to be able to alter the playing field during the game.

I played two games during the weekend. They were running a narrative campaign and the results of the games would influence their little game world fluff and potential rules. That is a fun little bit to do while pimping your game.

I played the Rhommox, what felt like the Tyranids of this computer world, much smaller in size and numbers, but they are little bugs and such. The first game I did win but just barely. The second game ended on turn two….after two fraking hours! I did lose by one point after only playing two turns…in two hours! It was a frustratingly slow game. I have one game under my belt and barely know the intricate rules. The second game opponent plays this game and calling him slow is an insult to the word slow! It was painful to play as he had to read every unit card he had before thinking of moving and then repeat that again before maybe activating and then a third look before actually activating. It was just awful! I get he didn’t know the army he was using, but neither did I! He plays this game? It was just so frustrating to move and sit for 7-10 minutes before he would activate a unit. Then he was upset at ending on turn two for a game only slated for a two hour demo. Dude must take four hours to play this game! It was beyond frustrating to play this guy!

Game one was played against a guy who plays all the time and he was great at helping me learn the rules and give tips on game play. It made for an enjoyable game. Game two was a dumpster fire and made me want to just walk away between turns to get a snack, pee or whatever.

Aetherium thoughts?
A fun game play terrain altering mechanic.
The basic rules are easy to grasp if you have played tabletop stuff before. A bit much if you are completely new.
The fluff and game world seems a mix of whacked out Tron and Shadowrun hacking.
The models and units are unique. The sculpts aren’t terrible and what I would expect from a small start-up company/ kickstarter backed group.

Aetherium. It plays well. I has a fun mechanic for moving the game board. The models could be better. The rules fell like a mash of a few other games I have played.
Would I recommend it?
If you like skirmish level games inside a computer program then yes. This is probably the only game for you!
If you want super pretty models for your skirmish games then no.
So… is a maybe with a definite look and play before buying.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Adepticon 2018 swag and start of after action report

Swag Bag

The Adepticon swag bag is full of stuff.
Black Library Calendar
Robert Gulliman novel
Some tiny Warhammer 40K/ Sigmar booklet
Few 3rd party miniatures
Bottle of paint
Khador army book
Desert Rats - Flames of War game book
Malifaux mystery mini
Convention pin
Couple of bases
The suprising pieces were the two player Guild Ball starter game and the Path to Glory- Dark Age two player starter game.

This was really amazing if you are looking to start either Guild Ball or Dark Age. I myself am not, so I’ll either try to dump these on a the book of faces gaming sites or donate them to the locals.

I am not interested in fantasy model soccer or football.
I have never seen Dark Age played. I know nothing about Dark Age. After looking at the starter game…..I am still ok not knowing anything about Dark Age.

I’ll have pics and bits up all week from the Adepticon 2018 weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Adepticon 2018 weekend

Heading up to Adepticon this morning.
Only have a couple games scheduled.
Rest of the time will be demos and looking at pretty models.

Back next week with pics and stories.

Friday, March 16, 2018

D&D Post Game 3-3-18 part 3

As morning broke the surviving warriors at Kara’s Dale rode out as fast as they could to Cloveshire Keep. By late afternoon they arrived, at the keep….and found it unscathed. The dwarven Siege Breakers were stationed outside walls and the Thunders still held the walls. A giant pyre of gnoll remains was still smoldering outside the keep. The light from the burning dead dog men was what they saw on the horizon the previous night.

It seems a contingent of gnolls assaulted the keep and were quickly cut down by the combined might of dwarven steel and blunderbuss shot. The dwarf losses numbered five. Five dead after an afternoon of fighting. It seems their shield wall and hammers were no match for a bloodthirsty mob. The party and remaining mercenaries made their way to the courtyard to report the events of the previous day and to inquire about the battle here and about the Stonekeep and Wychlight contingent that went North.

There had been no word yet from the Stonekeep/Wychlight forces. Also there was word from a pair of Outriders that there was smoke coming from the small abandoned fort of Darby Hold. The fort was lost a week ago and the fires had long burned out. This location needed investigated as well. The barbarian, monk and rouge left their mercenaries behind, grabbed fresh horses and rode out to find out about the other allied force and explore the remains Darby Hold.

A few hours later they saw a pair of approaching riders. They were Outriders from Cloveshire Keep. They were heading back to report the news that a large force of gnolls and their leader had been defeated by the Stonekeep spearmen and the Flames of the First born. Even better was that minutes after their leader ( a large and powerful Flind ) was killed the assaulting gnoll force fell into disarray. They turned upon each other, fell to feast on the dead, cowered in fear or fled from the battle. Whatever hold this leader had on the force was broken as he died. The remaining allied force was in the process of following the fleeing gnolls in hopes of driving them from the lands or even better wiping them out completely. The wounded were making their way back to Cloveshire Keep. The remaining Cloveshire Outriders were heading father North, then circle East and finally back to the keep. They were going to ensure that no other gnoll force had slipped by them. The party wished the  happy hunting, lamented missing a chance to battle the gnoll “big bad” and continued to ride toward Darby Hold.

Three hours and change later the party arrives near Darby Hold .They can see small wisps of smoke rising from the central keep. The palisade walls are devoid of activity. They can see that there are several holes in the walls too. The party slowly approaches and looks in several of these almost man sized holes. The holes look to have been caused by chewing or tearing, but they are large enough to move a large human or gnoll through. Something ate through these fort walls and gave the dog men access to the inhabitants. What did this….they had no idea.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

D&D post game 3-3-18 Part 2

The following morning the party awoke a bit groggy  and sluggish from drinking with dwarves the night before. They made their way to the courtyard of the keep where the other mercenaries were tearing down their camp and prepping their weapons for battle. Soon they would make the ride to Kara’s Dale and prepare for a possible attack.

Two hours later and the adventuring party and sixty-ish mercs rode quickly toward the village of Kara’s Dale. Along the road they encountered the occasional small family or group of people heading North toward Cloveshire Keep. They had little news to hare about the advancing gnoll hordes, but word from a few local hunters was that a large group was burning their way toward their village.

By late afternoon, the group of warriors was riding into Kara’s Dale. The village consisted of a dozen small cottages, a trio of barns, a small tavern, several animal pens and a trio of small silos. The mercenary band quickly cased the village and found it was devoid of human life. Only several cows, pigs and goats remained in their pens.

The barbarian ordered the dozen archers to take position atop the tavern. They then sent four of the smaller stealthier mercs to scout the countryside around the village. The rouge and monk also took off into the nearby countryside. Half an hour later the rouge and monk return without having seen anything. After another half hour the merc scouts still had not returned. It was then that the roof top archers began to yell and then all Hell broke loose!

What probably happened to the mercenary scouts......
The archers had noticed a bit of movement in the tall grasses and winter wheat surrounding the town. As they nocked arrows the grass and wheat fields erupted with gnolls! They had been slowly crawling through the fields (and a pair of party scouts botched their perception rolls…) advancing toward the town. The mercs formed up in small groups of ten as the archers began to rain arrows into the advancing wave of gnolls. The party sprang to action as well. The  first wave of gnolls rushed into Kara’s Dale.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

D&D Post game 3-3-18 Part 1

The Midland Realm seems to have too many issues occurring all at once.

Gnoll raiding parties are ravaging the Southern farmlands. The undead have mobilized in the Dead Lands to the Northeast. A barbarian tribe has come down from the mountains and is terrorizing the Southeastern villages the other side of the great river. Strange armored warriors have been travelling the local byways to gather somewhere North of Stonekeep, their allegiance and identification are still unknown. Several small forests have begun to have animals flee from them. Their trees and plants have begun to twist and warp in strange ways. 

A gathering of military personnel from Ferrous Spur, Stonekeep, Wytchlight and local mercenary bands have gathered to discuss these events and what to do.

After much ballyhoo and discussion it was decided that the biggest and closest issue was the rampaging gnolls in the Southern farmlands. If they were not stopped then it could be disastrous for the larger cities of the realm. The undead hordes were currently being dealt with by a holy crusade. The barbarians to the Southeast were a pest, but so far were only hitting the mountainside settlements. They would be dealt with, but were not priority. The strange forest occurrences and strange travelers would have to wait as well as they are not troubling anyone yet.

It was decided that Stonekeep would send a contingent of fifty armed spearmen to assist with the rampaging gnoll horde. The dwarves from Ferrous Spur would be sending fifty of their heavy Siege Breaker infantry and another fifty of their blunderbuss wielding Thunderers. Not to left out, Wychlight’s leaders offered fifty of the Flames of the Firstborn, their swamp cleansing specialists. Finally, a group of various mercenaries numbering roughly eighty ( led by the locally run and helmed Silver Chalices ) would ride South to aid for a pittance of 10 gold crowns per day. Our intrepid ½ orc barbarian, human monk and dragonborn rouge signed up with the mercenary units. This would give the beleaguered forces of Cloveshire Keep and the surrounding lands a relief force of two hundred and eighty-ish trained and well-armed warriors to help stop the gnolls rampaging the Southlands.
Two days later and the forces rode into Cloveshire Keep and made their various camps. A war council was thrown together that evening. Once again there was much bantering and arguing about battle plans. The Flames of the Firstborn wanted to advance and attack the gnolls spotted travelling in a route around the keep. The Stonekeep contingent was willing to bolster the village of Kara’s Dale which lay a day to the South. The dwarves wanted to hold at the keep and fight a defensive battle. The mercenaries were scattered with their thoughts, but the Silver Chalices were willing to hold Kara’s Dale as well.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Monsters: Modrons

No! Just all the no!
I guess these guys come from the plane of Mechanus ( or what was once Nirvana ).  A place of  pure law, order and for some reason cog wheels. I guess if you are a lawful neutral character when you die this is where you go. Then you are surrounded by these idiot looking creatures.

I hate these things! I mean I really just loathe the very idea of them.

First, look at them. They look utterly ridiculous! I mean geometric shapes with limbs? How stupid is that?

I mean how much of a phoned in look for a monster is that? I guess some creator had a creative block and began doodling a box and then threw arms, leg and a face on it. He then repeated it with a circle and a triangle. EUERKA! He had his new monster idea and somehow sold other people on it. It isn’t only a stupid look, but it is lazy too.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More Bone Swarms for Midas

I finally got off my ass and got some painting done this past Sunday.
Finished my other two Bone Swarms to run with Midas.

I know they aren't "competitive" or whatever, but screw that i like these little light warbeasts!

 Much like the original I did forever ago, 1st bone swarm post
I made them appear to have been recently raised from the earth.

I really missed painting, and bailed on it for video games this past winter.
I need to dedicate more time for this or I'll never get through my back log of models, or get them to the table.

Friday, March 2, 2018

D&D pre-game 3-1-2018

The farmlands to the southwest….

A dust covered soldier in chain mail armor wearing a blue and white tabard wearily climbs a set of stairs up toward a small wall tower. He passes a handful of soldiers who are vigilantly watching the nearby fields and the forest beyond. He stops to catch his breath and then continues up to the top of the tower. As he reaches the top he sees a figure in full plate mail looking south at a plume of black smoke can been seen on the horizon.

“Sir, I have news. The militias have broken. The survivors are en route to the keep. We have also released more messengers to Stonekeep, Witchlight and every settlement along the way, but so far all our messengers have been returned to us. Well what is left of them….. My lord?” The soldier asks the fully armored figure.

“That is probably Woodpine burning. Maybe even Cherrytown. Those settlements are around that area. Those settlements never stood a chance. They were told to leave and yet there they stayed. Those proud fools, thinking this is some rabble of marauders that will burn out.  What was it you were saying?  Oh yes, the militias have broken.  I’m assuming you mean from Sharwick and Furness. Why did they not listen? Why did they think this was some small band of rabble assaulting their towns? They would not and could not hold against these forces. They are hunger and hate incarnate. ” The armored figure lets out a heavy sigh. He turns to face the soldier behind him.

“I’m sorry, you were saying the militia have been routed. Well that was expected. They thought this was just a rabble of raiding drunken horde. We have seen this is not that at all. Something or someone is driving these beasts. They haven’t shown their face yet, but they will. Prepare to receive the last of the local village militia. Treat their wounded and place all able bodied warriors on the Eastern walls. With the towns of Cherrytown and Woodpine burning that only leaves Kara’s Dale, the surrounding farms and then this keep before they hit the river and the lands North. Send the last messenger hawk to out outriders with word to bring them home. We can use the mounted troops to harry this warband before and after they sack Kara’s Dale. Send runners to Kara’s Dale. Tell them to evacuate the village and make for this keep.”

“Yes sir.” Replies the soldier. He turns to leave and then stops at the top of the tower stairs. “They will send help won’t they sir? I mean Stone Keep and Withclight have warriors and heroes. They will come won’t they sir?”

“Gods willing they will. They need these lands to be safe and prosperous. Winter is ending and the food stuffs in the larger cities will soon need to be refilled. It is our lands that help fill their warehouses, larders and bellies. They will send help if they know we are in peril.”

“But sir…what if they don’t send help? What if we are left to our own fate?”

“If not we will and must hold here. These warbands have no military tactics. They have no tools nor the patience for a siege. The rage driving them will falter outside of these walls. It is there here their fury  will drive them to madness. They eventually will turn upon themselves leaving them confused and open for a counter attack. This is where our cavalry will ride over them and drive them back. Here is where these raiding beasts will meet their end! Now go and get that message to the outriders and those runners to Kara’s Dale! Send for Chamberlain Hobson as well. I will have words with him too."

“YES SIR!” the soldier slams a fist against his chest in salute to his lord and hurries down the stairs.

The armored lord of the keep turns back to watch the smoke on horizon.

“This band of rampaging beasts, these Chosen of Yeenogh and their barbarian allies will soon learn that the men of Cloveshire Keep are no mere band of armed farmers like they have been facing.”

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Monsters: Gnolls and Hobgoblins

Today we have large hyena men and bigger goblins with a military acumen. I am looking at gnolls , hobgoblins and why I always tend to skip over these guys.
The gnoll was once labeled as a cross of gnome and troll but that got pitched real quick. They then became a race of humanoid hyena men. That is way cooler and actual makes more sense than a ½ gnome-1/2 troll monster. These beasties stand 7-8 feet tall. They are literally just big bipedal intelligent hyenas really. They are nomads and have a taste for brutality.
Then there is the hobgoblin. The name goblin is really the only bit they take from their goblin relatives. These guys are tall, like tall human tall. They have red-orange skin. They are smart. They are known to use military strategy. They are cowards. They build, they farm and they have little communities. They live for honor and glory. They are seem to be the anti-goblin. Hell, they sound like they should be the Klingons of D&D.
Feral dog men and not Klingon goblins? Why are you not using these guys Ian? They sound like monsters right in your wheel house.
Well the reasons I never used these guys are…well…really kind of weak.