Friday, March 30, 2012

That time of year again

The time of year I hate the interweb, April 1st. It is soon upon us and there are probably all manner of gaming, comic, movie and nerd related stories in the works (if not already out there).
Stay away people don’t be the ass to believe the new codex rumor, the pics of a new unit, stories of upcoming awesome books, the green lighting of a super cool film, etc.  This weekend it is all bullshit.
If you think otherwise remember this….Summer of Fliers, Tau, Black Templar and the 6th ed. PDF. All this was made up crap and spread. It wasn’t even April 1st either. There are probably already rumors and stories making the rounds that are April Fool pranks, and it is only Friday.
Don’t be the guy to believe and spread the crap this weekend.
On April 1st  tell yourself what would this guy do?????

Pity those fools!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Necrons under new management.

I got off my ass a while back and grabbed a command barge Necron lord. Being plastic vs. the old metal lords is a huge plus. I figured to make him Nemesor if I ever get around to playing again. The same time I also grabbed a previous metal lord. He was cheap and for a reason.

His sculpt was crap! The back piece tube spine thing was nothing but  a big clump of metal at the top. He also was filthy with chunks of flash bits. His rez orb was a wreck as well. Still he was salvageable.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes the internet gives me a happy!

This is a photo project that shows what happened to some of the greatest film villains from my childhood.

The last picture is probably my favorite.

Then of top of that comes this.........

Friday, March 23, 2012

Necron review, heavy Doomsday Ark

This looks sort of familiar doesn’t it? It is looks like an upside down Ghost Ark.

The Ghost Ark transport and the Doomsday Ark do share a similar appearance and the same broadside weapons. However, this is where the similarities end. The Doomsday Ark sacrifices troop carrying and repair capacity for a single devastating weapon. This is not really a tank but rather a self-propelled cannon. The Doomsday Ark makes the weapons of other races seem primitive. When fired at low power the doomsday cannon is destructive while at full power it eclipses the; plasma, laser and many melta weapons of the lesser races in power.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OH HAPPY TUESDAY & post 300!

Post 300 and what a way to do it!

Well unless there is some horrible SNAFU it looks like Peyton manning will be a Denver Bronco next season. I'm not sure I can find the proper words to describe my elation. However, FRAKING AWESOME! jumps to the front of my brain.

"Hey you there, your a good kid and all, but I am taking your job next season." says Peyton
"Hey...anyone up there listening.....don't you owe me one? Please let that neck thing be really bad." says a Tim Tebow 

Granted it is too early to be screaming Super Bowl like the meathead fans are. Stupid meatheads! There is still you know a season to play and all that stuff. However, if healthy it does give Denver a QB who has won 10 games a year for like what 11 years or something like that. That isn't terrible. It never hurts to have  future Hall ofFamer as your QB either.  Now any descent free agent wide receivers looking for Denver. Please!

All I am hoping for is that Denver will take two from every team in the West next season and hopefully make Philip Rivers  cry  and have a sideline fit (I really dislike him and San Diego). Anything after that is just gravy!

Tim.....enjoy whatever team you go play for, or ride the pine and learn from Peyto. Maybe you can learn to become a good QB.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Great weeknd to be me!

The second season of the Walking Dead finished last night and damn it did not disappoint. For a season that was a real slow burn, the last six episodes have been pretty damn awesome! The last ten minutes of the finale had me at the edge of the couch all a twitter with nerd filled excitement.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

When or if you are celebrating today remember this............

 St. Patrick's Day the fantasy of it.

St. Patrick's Day the harsh reality of it.

A major reason I'll be at a hockey game tonight for St Patrick's Day. There is less drinking and just as much fighting, only it is controlled and behind glass! Best of luck you brave souls that partake tonight! Have some green beer on me!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

MAY 15!!!!!!! My life ends!

Release date announced 5-15-12!
Time to start my computer upgrade and it gives me time to farewell my family and friends (who are too lame to play Diablo)!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Necron review heavy Annihilation Barge

The last line of Necron tomb world defense is the Annihilation Barge. If you can make it all the way to the heart of a tomb world, this is what you will still have to face these vehicles before you get to….well whatever is in there. It is also used in wartime as an anti-infantry platform. On the battlefield it can be used to counter troop movements, harass scouts, cordon off and keep vital areas of the battlefield safe and aid in counter attacks. Since this is not a fast vehicle, it also is capable of providing support fire to a Necron advance.

The Annihilation Barge is an open-topped skimmer. It has armor 11 (13), 11 (13), 11 on all sides and is BS 4. It comes armed with a tesla cannon and a twin-linked tesla destructor (necron-guns-and-gear). It also has quantum shielding and living metal. This vehicle comes in at a low cost of the latitude, in degrees, of the North and South poles.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kabuki models is releasing this guy

Hello very suitable Night Haunter. 

A few tweaks and a little filing and a more suitable Night Lords Primarch I don't can be found anywhere else. Well at I haven't found one yet.They have a few others, but most are sold out. They could easily be made Primarch models. They are 40mm as well, so they will be larger than life on the table as well. Maybe a bit too large though.

Friday, March 9, 2012

3rd game 4th ed. D&D coming up

Gods bless you Summoner! D&D parody easter egg. Great gaming quote stuff!

I am think I have the party power level gauged pretty well. There are two 2nd level guys a third who is close and a fourth who has just a few encounters experience. I think I can gauge potential monster damage vs. character durability and their damage output. It is super easy to kill a party as the DM, it is hard to challenge and keep them alive. If all goes to plan we should be rockin' a group of 3-5 this weekend. That should be awesome!

I now just have to decide whether to let them get to where they are going........or keep them frazzled with questions and travel. Actually, I'll probably just end up rolling some dice and makin' shit up. Yup, that seems the easiest thing to do. I'm still knocking the cobwebs out of my gaming brain and trying to get back into the swing of running an RPG. The right adventures will come again like: Briarlavens fall, the giant chaos shrine fight, wagon battles, Myth Drannor, and Caves of the Unknown. Hopefully I can miss the........more.....not so good/ bad games: yeti trouble, sewers of magical poo (or Tom tries to blowup the party), Isle o' Dred, and ant colonies just to name a few. I'll get there and hopefully the group will have a descent time with it too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Necron review, the non-heavy heavy

Doom Scythes are supersonic aircraft. Unlike most of the forces employed by the Necrons, Doom Scythes can function in an independent manner and contain an advanced intellect which is capable of simulating billions of possible strategies in only a few nanoseconds, much like the Tomb Blades. Doom Scythes are usually released during the first wave of a Necron invasion. They are used for sewing terror and confusion among enemy forces. Its propulsion system is a repulsor drive whose high pitched whine is capable of driving those who hear it crazy. Sometimes it even knocks the enemy unconscious (WARNING....this is reflected nowhere in the stats or rules of this unit). Should the enemy not surrender after this loud fly-by, the Doom Scythe then unleashes its devastating compliment of weapons.

In my mind it lloks like and is as awesome as a Cylon Raider.........

Necron codex review 1st heavy (or the most not suprising thing ever)

A Monolith is a monumental vehicle, constructed from the same living metal as all other Necron vehicles. Its role on the battlefield is transport craft, heavily armored “tank” and Necron power icon. It sows terror and destruction as it ponderously moves across the battlefield. It houses a large crystal at its centre that pulses with a sickly green light. This is the Power Matrix. When used it activates either the ordnance weapon system or the dark portal in its front section to transport Necron units into battle.

This is what we are supposed to think the Necron Monolith is doing.  It is really just sitting in storage.

Wow, now that sounds imposing doesn’t it. Sadly, this really isn’t the case. The Monolith was and is a big cool model, but it was never (more so now) that scary. It has sadly gone from iconic and almost everywhere to nowhere. Why? Well it fell under the old codex/new codex variance. This is when something is over used or crazy popular with a previous codex and then gets downgraded (and then underused) in the new codex.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sometimes fantasy goes wrong.

When it comes to fantasy movies there will always be the greats: Conan the Barbarian, Highlander, The Dark Crystal, Beastmaster, Flash Gordon, the Harry Potter movies, the Lord of the Rings movies (minus the end of Return), the Clash of the Titans (original) and the first Narnia movie. However, for all the good these movies bring there are the others that destroy them: Deathstalker, Conan the Destroyer, Legend, Krull, The Barbarians, Highlander II, Clash of the Titans 2010 and dare I say the name… may the gods be merciful on me for invoking this name.....…..Red Sonja.

I now have another to add to the list of bad, Your Highness. I like cheesy fantasy and all that, but this movie was awful. I really like Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman. I also happily admit I like dick and fart jokes. That being said there must be a way to make fantasy funny with “toilet” humor. Sadly, Your Highness isn’t it. It was a fantasy setting and then they beat you about the head, neck and chest with f-bombs, cock jokes and such just because they could. Where other movies and t.v. shows use this humor correctly, Your Highness used it for the sake of using it. It was a weird attempt at merging D&D, South Park and slacker comedy. It fails at all of them.

Hell, it took me three tries to even finish it. I’m still not sure why I kept watching. I guess I was hoping that it would get funny. I had watched Pineapple Express a day earlier and l like a lot of that movie. I saw Your Highness on HBO and figured why not. It seemed similar. I like fantasy. I love Kenny Powers. Natalie Portman doesn't offend me in any way, shape or form.James Franco was great on Freaks and Geeks. Why not give this a go. I remember I passed this by when it was in the theaters. I should have passed over it again.

Yeah there is a plot about a wizard, two brothers, a quest and all that, but it really isn’t worth trying to remember. All I can really remember is a Minotaur hard-on, a pedophile Yoda-ish wizard, Natalie Portman’s butt, wait......there was a wizard, and Major Winters from Band of Brothers was there as well. That is all I came away with after watching this cinematic pile of cow flop.

There are many who probably liked this film. I am nowhere close to one of those people. It was complete drek and I’m pretty sure I’ve become not so smarter from seeing it. Look there is proof the film has soured my mind grapes.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Why did I wait this long?

With all but a few of the main story Skyrim quests left (and the Champions, Dark Brotherhood, Mage and Storm Cloaks done plus uncountable dragons slain) I decided to move from high fantasy to sci-fi.

I loved the first Mass Effect and held off playing the second. I have no idea why. I grabbed this saturday afternoon and really have only stopped playing for food, laundry, the Walking Dead and some sleep.