Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote the raven…."Meh!"

I took Manders to see the Raven this past weekend. I walked in with zero expectations and left with almost the same feeling.

Actually that isn’t completely true. This is the first of two films that sparks some minor intrigue, but not enough to get jazzed about. The Raven and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter both have absurd concepts. One has Edgar Allen Poe solving crimes like Law and Order S.P.U. (Special Poetry Unit) or C.S.I. Baltimore: 1849 and the other has Abe Lincoln fighting vampires. See absurd, but awesome ideas, how could I not have a tiny bit of interest in this?

Friday, April 27, 2012

11th Doctor actor a Time Lord?

So is Matt Smith really a Time Lord?
This is a picture of the beetles and that is their "road manager."
Looks like a certain Doctor now doesn't it?

A real photo and an uncanny resemblance from that angle.
Thank you internet!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An army list that goes VROOOOOM!!!!

The Space Marine codex is looking older and most Marine players have moved on to more red, grey or silver pastures; yet I think I have found some life still in it. This is the only “modern” codex to have bikes as an option for troops. Sure, the Ravenwing are the coolest bike army, but they are also the most expensive. I’ll take more stuff over cooler/ more expensive any day.
This leaves the White Scars as a template for a bike army list. I’ll go as many bikes as possible and see what 1500 points gets me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Necron wave 2 and who hasn't seen them yet?

Well outside of one character and two vehicles, the Necron line has or will soon have almost a complete set.

The Illuminor Szeras models looks great, but he sucks as a unit and is on a Terminator sized base from the look of it. I might find a conversion use for him...maybe?
Zahndrekh is in some Ole! type bullfighter pose. So no thanx, plus any Catacomb Barge lord will work for him. Why buy him?
Obyron might make for a great warscythe lord. He looks menacing enough.
Hey look Destroyer upgrade packs.....Meh!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Necron review, the little transport

When a Necron Overlord wants to go to battle in style he jumps in this sweet ride.

Catacomb Command Barges are Necron anti-gravitational skimmers used by Necron Overlords as personal transports. These are used to help these guys survey the battlefield. There are times when an Overlord in a command barge will personally influence a battle by flying by and attacking the enemy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Necron HQ review,Lords x2

Necron Overlords are the highest and most powerful of their race. They rule one if not many Tomb Worlds. They retained many if not all of their previous intellect, mannerisms and motivations through the biotransference process. At their command are uncountable legions of Necron Warriors, terrifying war machines, and a vast array of devastating weaponry.
The Overlord is the 1st of two blank slate codex HQ choices. They run with: WS 4, BS 4, strength and toughness 5, initiative 2, wounds and attacks of 3, leadership 10 and a 3+ save. They have the usual Necron silliness and the everliving rule. The come armed with a staff of light, which they can swap for a few choices:  hyprephase sword (free) gauntlet of fire (+5), voidblade (+10), or a warscythe (+10). They also have a few equipment options as well: phylactery (+15), mindshackle scarabs (+15), sempiternal weave (+15), tesseract labyrinth (+20), tachyon arrow (+30), resurrection orb (+30) and a phase shifter (+45). They may also spend +20 to upgrade themselves to a Phaeron. They may also buy a Catacomb Command Barge for +80 points as a transport. I’ll get to that thing another day. This guy will cost somewhere between 89 and 91 points base.
What all the upgrades and weapon swaps do!  If you really want to know, or have forgotten.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods

“When people stop being polite and start getting real……dead!” “ The Real World Cabin in the Woods”

That is sort of what I felt like when we decided to see Cabin in the Woods Sunday. The previews make it look like a reality show meets a science experiment and a teen sex romp within a horror movie. That is only a minor part of the film. There is actually something else going on and it makes it sooooo much better than what the previews show.

This is the most fun I have had at a movie in a few years. I think Doomsday was the last movie we saw that was just full super fun to watch. We laughed through Doomsday and we did the same with Cabin in the Woods. It is a fun film. The gore is descent, the humor is dark and the story is just enough over the top to make it fun.

Monday, April 16, 2012

One more year closer.......

Another year and another birthday day is complete. It was actually a descent time this year too. It isn’t that previous years have sucked, it is just I did a lot more over the weekend than expected.

Friday was out for Chinese food and catching up on DVR shows. Then it was off to work 3rd shift.
Saturday was home from 3rd’s and then opening birthday presents. Then it was a nap until 1:00, a shower, snack and off to game with the boys. A descent game it was; a few challenges, a very short character death, some loot, and a few character advancements. There was also a bucket of chicken, way too many jelly beans and ice cream in the most excellent form of a cake.

Sunday was a trip to the movies, Cabin in the Woods. A steak dinner followed. There was a shared moment with a fellow nerd that understood Mander’s Dr. Who shirt. He also thought the sonic screwdriver I always keep with me was most excellent. Good to see that we geeks are slowly becoming legion! Then it was off to get a frosty birthday cake batter flavored milk shake. A trip home and short wait for the new, and most excellent, Game of Thrones episode.

An eventful and rewarding weekend in my opinion. The only downside is that the new Chucks (which I got a pic of and they are covered in skulls) Manders bought me did not arrive in time. They are still in transit due to some internal S.N.A.F.U. Still they should be here this week so no big.

So, one more year closer to my mid-life crisis. Damn I’m getting old!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Prelude to another night of gaming.

Yeah the last game we played was totally this bad ass!
I approach another weekend of gaming and have yet to throw anything together. The party we have has basically ended their first semi-campaign. They are all sitting on or near 5th level. We are still a bit off with the new system, but it is easier and more familiar each time out, well for me it is.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last Necron heavy, Canoptek Spyders

We come to the last Necron heavy support unit the Canoptek Spyders.

What this model will probably look like...some day.

Canoptek Spyders are ancient robotic constructs utilized by the Necrons to watch over and maintain their tomb worlds. Unlike their Necron masters, Canoptek Spyders never slumber; rather they spend the years servicing the structures and machines of their tomb world. Though it is just an automated drone, a Canoptek Spyder can still be a formidable force in combat. They use their various sharp, pointy and burny repair implements to displace their foes. They are also armed with hives of scarabs that usually are used for maintenance, but they can be release just as easily to combat a foe.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It continues!

The greatest fictional band EVER, returns to the Adult Swim 4-29-12!
Thank the metal gods that Metalocalypse is finally back for a new season! I'll have something to finally watch on Adult Swim again.
Looks like I'll be breaking out the DVD seasons the next few weeks in preparation for the continuing Metalocalypse!

A great show and even better if you like all things metal!
Now they need to get on that next season of Venture Brothers! Then all will be right with the world again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Friday and another great film!

There are good movies and bad movies. Then there are the good-bad movies or some call them guilty pleasures or cult movies. Friday we sat down to eat pizza and watch a good-bad movie. Well instead of going to the well for a usual (Clash of Titans 1981, Flash Gordon, something Riddick/Vin Diesel related, Critters, Tremors, Evil Dead 2 etc.) we opted for the On Demand. I saw the Immortals was only like $4 and I remember it looking awful, but maybe it was the good kind of awful.

It was not!

This was some sort of 300 new Clash of the Titans mash-up and it was not a good one. The story is about Theseus, the guy who killed the minotaur in mythology, and some conflict with King Hyperion. It could also be billed as new Superman vs. Marv with some other stuft too!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

 Easter is here and done! After a late breakfast and eating of too many chocolate treats Manders and myself decorated eggs. While hers are more of the glitter variety, mine have a more 40K feel for some reason.

We have an egg dedicated to WAAAGH! Nazdr-EGG
There is something about spring, bunnies and eggs that reminds me of Slaanesh for some reason.
This egg cracked so it became an icon for  the blood god! The crack was due to all the angry pent up inside!
Finally we have an egg "For jellies chocolate and for Dorn!"

Now to slip into a post sugar coma until later today!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Have you seen this unit? 21.1

An extension of the previous post about the Weirdboyz.

There is one Orc psyker feared above all others, Old Zogwort. He is the most powerful of all Ork psykers! He has a back ground that reminds me of some folk legend like Paul Bunyan, John Henry or Pecos Bill.

Cue old timey folk music...............

He was born under a total eclipse in a nest of snakes and they didn't kill him. He fought them as a baby ork and killed them. From that point on no snake would dare bite him again.As he grew so did his orky psy powers. Eventually he was melting faces, firing green lightning everywhere and destroying whole regiments of Imperials. He then took to the stars seeking out and following WAAAGH! energy in its purest form, during ork invasions.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Have you seen this unit? part 21

The majority of the 40K universe has some sort of psychic talent, spell caster, or brain savant. This is true even for the “dumbest” of the races, the Orks. It seems that orks tend to generate a bit of psy energy. If a ton of orks get together, then there is a lot of this energy floating about. There are certain orks that can ground this energy and even channel it, they are the Weirdboyz.

Ork psykers seem like an oxymoron don’t they? The codex has them as an HQ choice and they are pretty cheap, but are they effective? Since nobody seems to really use them, I’m guessing no.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bought myself early birthday stuff

Sure my birthday is a about two weeks out, but I still bought myself stuff. I grabbed a Annihilation Barge off the interweb and a few new pairs of kicks.
I love me some Chuck Taylors and when I saw Mr. Freeze in Chucks form I had to grab them. Yeah I'm a Marvel guy, but Mr. Freeze has a spot in my list of villains. Guess it is the semi-cyborg cold ray shooting bit.

Also grabbed a pair of the Gorillaz limited ed. Chucks as well. Why? I liked the look and 19-2000 is a great song!

Now to probably start on a Annihilation Barge instead of tweaking warrior guns.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Forced myself through X-Men 1st Class

I am a ridiculous Marvel fanboy. I have and will probably always be one. The X-Men being my favorites in the Marvel universe.That said I passed on X-men First Class when it hit the theaters. Why? Well with the horrid X-men 3 and the equally vomit inducing Wolverine Origins, I became disenfranchised with my merry mutants movies (alliteration is awesome).

With a free Cinemax weekend I say that X-men First Class was on, well since it was essentially free I forced myself to watch it. Needless to say once it was over, I was mad at myself for watching it.

A quick disclaimer.....if you know nothing or very little of the X-men then you will and probably did like this film.

I figure I'll save the review since most people have seen this already. I'll just cover what I think the hits and misses of the film were, or the stuff I liked and nerd raged about.

The Good Stuff

The Xavier/ Eric Lehnserr dynamic was good. They played off each other very well.

If this was a stand alone about the characters of Professor X and Magneto it would have been a much better film.

It had a nice 60's look and did alright as a "period" piece.