Friday, May 27, 2016

D&D Saturday pre-game info.....

Hey guys!
Some info before the game Saturday night. A look as to what to expect and a bit of closure from events from the previous game……

Let it be known that a horrible infestation has taken root beneath our fair city!

A plague of hideous frogmen monstrosities has recently been quelled by a band of intrepid adventures.
Low how they did struggle to defeat the amphibian mutant menace, but through sheer will and determination the day was won!
No longer will these freakish abominations dwell beneath our feet. Now longer will their foul appetites be sated upon the fair citizens of this town.
Thy have been driven back to the fetid swamps where they truly belong!

Upheaval at the Alchemists Local Union 3!
It has been brought to the attention of the United Houses that a small contingent of alchemist members were hiring mercenaries for work outside of guild parameters.
The peace between Stonekeep and the band of Black Watch druids has been dissolved! Work is being made to resolve this issue and bring a much needed peace back between the town and the druids.
Citizens are warned to keep to the main highways and byways. They are to keep from travelling to the deep forests. This is for their ow safety until the situation can reach a peaceful settlement .

Until then the local Alliance of Wood and Stonecutter Alliance is hiring able bodied persons willing to protect their employees from potential threats both natural and unnatural.

Food, lodging, travel and daily wage provided.

A call to arms!

The time has come to rid our lands of the filth calling themselves The Battle Brothers.
This band of raiders and their leader who calls himself the “Battle Baron” have been a pox upon our lands for too long.
100 gold sovereigns will be given to any person who returns with proof of his demise.
200 gold sovereigns will be given to any person who brings him alive to face justice.
50 gold sovereigns will be given to any person who returns with proof of the demise of his two lieutenants, the twisted mage Kweleck and the dwarven fiend BorthonFirebeard.”
100 gold sovereigns will be given to any person who brings them in alive to face justice.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2nd ed. D&D map found!

While doing some early summer cleaning I found this. My old 2nd edition D&D realm map.
Yes it doesn't look stellar, but I was trying to make it look all fantasy old hand drawn map. 
I loved me some world building and of course it was much cooler in my head than on paper.

You can see a lot of names that are taken from other game worlds. Yup that is what I did. 
Kessel the mining town.
Nuln the town founded on guns and gears.
Mentat like the guys from Dune.
You know if I liked it I used it for my games.

The symbols and markers that tell where ork and skaven tribes were prevalent. 
Also castle symbols to delineate ancient ruins.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New additions to the home.

Keeping our fantasy and sci-fi theme alive and well both inside and outside of the home.

We just got three new additions to the backyard.

The first of three new gargoyle statues.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

4x new personal best!

Last night Rob Zombie rolled through the area again. This is the 4th time he has done so on my watch. 

Of course I went again and of course it was a damn good time!

The set list was full of the classics including two of my all time favorites: Living Dead Girl and More Human. he dropped a few songs from his new album. Sadly he did not play Teenage Rock God, which I was really hoping for as that son is damn fun. The stage show was typical with a ton of media going in the background.

He closed with Dragula as per norm and then the place emptied. However, he wasn't done. 

Second encore with Get High and Lords of Salem. Awesome!

As always I remain a big fan and will see Mr. Zombie when I can.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ian plays Malifaux and few more times

Well I have played through the Malifaux starter set three times now. What have I learned?

Image result for malifaux starter set

Well first my luck with cards is no better than rolling dice. It is awesome to roll moderate too bad with dice and not much better with drawing cards. Hmmmm….luck is rarely on my side when it comes to the randomness of dice and cards in games. At least I’m consistent.

Next I love the model activation system. The, You go/I go, system is damn descent. It makes it feel a lot more tactical and keeps you focused on the game. It also has a not chess, but kind of free form fantasy chess. 

The combat, so far, moves quickly.

I still love the concept for this world and game. It is like a tweaked and steampunk, fantasy, cowboy version of Mordheim. I loved that game world and the craziness that surrounded it! Malifaux is even crazier than that!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alright I really hope this is good!

I am now actually anticipating this game.
I really want it to be good.
I mean it looks pretty, but that doesn't mean it will be good.

Considering this is the last Space Hulk game I played.

Please be good.
Please oh please be good!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Captain America: Civil "OH MY GOD DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!" War review.

Well the second of the good guy vs. good guy comic book movies has been viewed by me and mine, Captain America: Civil War.


It is both a lot and a little. By the end I had had enough and still wanted more.

By now we all know a little and a lot about this film. The Avengers are torn apart due to the fallout from the films leading up to this one. See superheroes cause a lot of collateral damage. The world governments think they should be held accountable and controllable. The U.N. decides it will throw the Avengers under their umbrella to be able to deploy them (or not) when necessary. Well this goes over poorly as half the Avenger roster is ok with it and the other half is not.

Then throw in a volatile situation with Winter Soldier, bombing the U.N., earlier civilian casualties while dealing with Crossbones, personal conflicts, ending friendships and all some tugging at heartstrings. This of course all ends with side choosing, team splitting, recruitment and then a big showdown. However, there is more than just a big airport battle scene that has been thrown at us for months. There is a look at terrorism, hate fueled vengeance, issues of state control, military might/use, too many secrets and the various relationship issues that are always on these super teams. It all meshes together really well and never seems to bog down.

This shit is about to get real!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mom's Day

 From all the little chest bursters out there.
Happy Mother's Day.

(Now go call your mom at the bare minimum)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

D&D post game wrap

Last Saturday night’s D&D game went off pretty well. The group achieved the goals put forth before them. They survived, learned that certain druids are as thick as the trees they protect, made some coin,  and didn’t even make a new enemy….or did they?

Reginald the ½ orc barbarian with a wicked fashion sense, Ren the fleet footed monk and Morgan a magician of questionable transmutation skill; were hired out to make a quick run to retrieve some magical spring water held within a “magical” forest. They also went out hunting for a roving ogre who had been terrifying the countryside. They were also told of a job to help clear out the sewers, but they declined that. I don’t blame them. It would have been disgusting and didn’t pay as well as the other two jobs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekly schlock and further sequel

Phantasm IV: Oblivion

Well the title sounds ominous.

This installment start off where Phantasm III ended. Mike is on the run. Reggie is trapped by the Tall Man’s spheres. Jody, Mikes brother, is still a black sphere. All the other players from part II are gone.

Reggie is allowed to leave and avoids death by silver balls. He  heads out after Mike who is driving a hearse into the vast wasteland that is part of this world. HE is out to find more about the Tall Man and their creepy gold sphere in the head connection.

While on the road Reggie is attacked by a demon cop for some unknown reason. He also picks up a girl who needs roadside assistance. This of course leads to Reggie getting all smooth and quasi-pervy on the lady. He is denied sexy time and goes to sleep. This starts the first of a few too many dream sequences in the film. Reggie dreams of Mike and stuff. He awakes to the pretty lady next to him in bed with her chest undulating. This can mean one thing! Reggie is going to explore her boobs! As the shirt pops open we see that her chesticles have been replaced with the well-known Tall Man silver spheres! Reggie dispatches them and heads after Mike again.