Thursday, May 5, 2016

D&D post game wrap

Last Saturday night’s D&D game went off pretty well. The group achieved the goals put forth before them. They survived, learned that certain druids are as thick as the trees they protect, made some coin,  and didn’t even make a new enemy….or did they?

Reginald the ½ orc barbarian with a wicked fashion sense, Ren the fleet footed monk and Morgan a magician of questionable transmutation skill; were hired out to make a quick run to retrieve some magical spring water held within a “magical” forest. They also went out hunting for a roving ogre who had been terrifying the countryside. They were also told of a job to help clear out the sewers, but they declined that. I don’t blame them. It would have been disgusting and didn’t pay as well as the other two jobs.

What they found in the forest was a group of druids and enchanted shrubbery to try and thwart their mission. They did manage to survive, but it seems the forest has become a very unwelcome place for travelers. The druids had been trying to keep travelers out of their woods and the local “business” that was after the crystal clear healing waters was having none of it. Now both parties are somewhat perturbed and it might have ramifications in the future.

While hunting the troublesome ogre the party discovered that it was not one lone ogre. It was a pair of the beasts running rampant through the region. There was also a minor vanguard of goblinoids that were as much lackeys as they were guards for the big beasties. They did make quick work of them. The larger of the two went down after a surprise round by the party and then after a flurry of blows during the first round of combat.

Damn it always feels good to start a new game with a new world to shape!

Even better last Saturday was International Tabletop Gaming Day. Happy to say the tradition of celebrating this nerdy day is still alive in our household.

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