Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2nd ed. D&D map found!

While doing some early summer cleaning I found this. My old 2nd edition D&D realm map.
Yes it doesn't look stellar, but I was trying to make it look all fantasy old hand drawn map. 
I loved me some world building and of course it was much cooler in my head than on paper.

You can see a lot of names that are taken from other game worlds. Yup that is what I did. 
Kessel the mining town.
Nuln the town founded on guns and gears.
Mentat like the guys from Dune.
You know if I liked it I used it for my games.

The symbols and markers that tell where ork and skaven tribes were prevalent. 
Also castle symbols to delineate ancient ruins.

So many good and bad (depending how the game went) adventures on this map.

Where it all started! 
A besieged city that the party barley survived.
Then the Keep on the Borderlands, where there was much exploring and I attempted to run the same module, but had to tweak the hell out of it.

The port city of Luna. Where the guys made their new home. It lead to all manner of adventure!

Mentat where the off characters and a second group of players made their home.

Flatrock which was my take on Mordheim. Loved the world so I had to make it part of my world.

Burm and Holm and this whole area was to be a Ravenloft/undead creepy area. 
Never did much here at all.

The wastelands and the Great Desert. Another area that was a bit rough and tumble. Didn't get much into the desert, because those are hard to run.
Still the wastelands were home to some great secret mission based adventures.

What I really miss and look forward to doing again, world building!
 Maybe I need to start drawing myself a new map for the current games....


  1. This is awesome. I wish I still had copies of my old guys. We could bring this bad boy out of retirement.

  2. I'm looking at making a new map for our current games too.