Thursday, May 19, 2016

4x new personal best!

Last night Rob Zombie rolled through the area again. This is the 4th time he has done so on my watch. 

Of course I went again and of course it was a damn good time!

The set list was full of the classics including two of my all time favorites: Living Dead Girl and More Human. he dropped a few songs from his new album. Sadly he did not play Teenage Rock God, which I was really hoping for as that son is damn fun. The stage show was typical with a ton of media going in the background.

He closed with Dragula as per norm and then the place emptied. However, he wasn't done. 

Second encore with Get High and Lords of Salem. Awesome!

As always I remain a big fan and will see Mr. Zombie when I can.

Now Halestorm opened for him and was super skeptical. I have not heard anything from them and only knew that a lady was their lead. Now I envisioned Kitty or In This Moment  when I heard lady lead on metal band. I envisioned screamy locals and drek. 

I have to say they were not terrible. I am not a fan of Halestorm now, but I understand their appeal to people. Sadly, they are still not for me, but at least I have heard 40 minutes of their stuff now.

Mad props to Lzzy Hale (yeah real name for sure.....) to play their set in like 4" stiletto heals. That was pretty damn impressive!

Some shots from my mobile computer phone

He did the whole tour de crowd bit and was stupid close to us. My lady friend rushed him to get some personal contact and express her feelings of awesomeness upon him.

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