Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Hope everyone is doing whatever awesome thing they do at Easter be it religious services, family, friends, food or whatever.
I'll be shoving candies down my gullet and coloring some eggs while awaiting zombies and dragons on the television tonight.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

It is best candy ever season!

Halloween, Christmas and Easter are the big candy times of the year. Each has their own brand of sugary awesomeness, but one stands above the others. Easter! Easter has the best candies. Now Halloween is known for the quantites of candy, but they are mostly just smaller sized versions of regular candy. Christmas is mostly minty stuff and various cookies. Easter, is a bunch of awesome candies in various egg, rabbit and bird shapes. What candies makes Easter the ruler of delicious treats?

Cadbury Eggs

A hollow chocolate egg filled with a sugary fake yolk! Now these have changed a bit over the years, they used to be completely filled with a semi-solid sugar substance. Now they are only like 1/3 full and it is more fluid-like sugar goo that seems more egg yolk-ish. It doesn’t really matter that they have changed, as I still will enjoy at least two or three of these each Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chaos review..Elite #7

Sometimes a Chaos Marine just gets tired of being a regular Joe. He then decides it would be more fun to just have some warp entity live inside his head. He might also be forced to eat some demon spawn, so that it can live in his belly. He might even be talked into a twisted marriage of the flesh with some kind of warp being. There is a minor cooling off period and then these Marines become much more than they once were. They soon become an amalgam of demon and super soldier that likes to punch stuff. They lose their Marine status and are loped into a group called the Possessed.

The Possessed have the typical Marine statistics except for 2 base attacks strength 5 and leadership 9. They even have a ballistic skill, but once again, this is a unit that has no options for ranged attacks. Heaven forbid they make them BS 0 and shave some points off the cost/ model. They come equipped with a close combat weapon and power armor. This unit has the Demon, Fearless, Fleet and Vessels of Chaos rules. The unit champion has the exact same stats as the rest of the squad, which seems really stupid and pointless. Why are you paying extra for him as he brings nothing else to the gaming table? A standard squad is five guys for the largest number that cannot be written as the sum of four hexagonal numbers in points. They can add up to fifteen more at 26 points per possessed guy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

My March Madness

I'm not a huge college basketball fan, but I do love the early round of the NCAA tournament. I am still waiting for the year a #16 knocks off a #1. I will eventually happen, just hope I'm alive and lucid to see it. Seeing Florida Gulf Coast, a #15, get to the Sweet Sixteen is awesome! The amount of  #10-#12 that made it past the first round is also great. Plus there is all the complaining by people who build their brackets. I love the chaos of these games this year!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rynn's World finished

Setting the Wayback Machine for the late 1990's......

When I dove into the 40K universe I did it during the early days of 3rd edition. My first army was Space Marines as they look cool (even you Astartes haters know it is true), were easy to paint, easy to learn and the store carried a lot of them. My army was based around the Crimson Fists as they have a much cooler and darker blue than the Ultramarines. I chose to keep the main dark blue color scheme, but lost the red hands.


I'm at the local book depository and see they have a copy of Rynn's World, a 40K novel about the battle for the Crimson Fist's homeworld. I didn't think twice and grabbed this book. Now it is one of the early Battle Novels from Black Library, but I have never seen a copy and had forgotten it existed. After enjoying Helsreach, I had some expectations for Rynn’s World, not to lofty, but a bit more elevated than usual. I was not truly disappointed, but I was not swept away either. I guess it was a push.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chaos review...Elite #6

What happens when you wear Terminator armor, really really love your close combat weapons and live in the Eye of Terror too long? Well you become crazy and fuse with you weapons and armor. You become the newest member of the Chaos codex, the Mutilator or close combat version of an Obliterator. I refer to them as the 5th edition Chaos spawn.

The Mutilators are basically supped-up close combat Terminators. They have basic Marine stats, but come with 2 wounds, 2 attacks and leadership 9. They are armed with mutilator weapons and have fleashmetal armor (2+ save). They also have the Demon, Bulky (take 2 spots in a transport), Deep Strike and Slow and Purposeful rules. They start as a single model for a half century + five points and can add up to two more for the same cost each. Wow an entire squad of three guys! Look out world!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As the world enjoys thier new Pope, there has been much more important business going on in the world.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chaos review..Elirte #5

If you wear power armor and follow Slaanesh, then you are probably aspiring to be or are a Noise Marine. These crazies are all about the simpler pleasures: pain, excess, fast cars, fast women, music, explosions, colors, androgeney, noise, combat, tattoos, piercings and anything imagined by Clive Barker. They were originally the Emperor's Children legion and then happened upon the god/goddess Slaanesh. Their unique weapons, armor and body modifications place them apart from their fellow Chaos Marines (much like Khorne skulls, Nurgle flu and Thousand Son emptiness).

Noise Marines come with all the same statistics as the all the other Marines around except they have an Initiative of 5. The unit champion has the same 2 attacks and leadership 9 like every other Marine champ/sarge out there. The squad comes armed with a bolter, bolt pistol, and frag/krak grenades. The champion has a close combat weapon and bolt pistol. They all have the the Mark of Slaanesh and are fearless. They start in a unit of 5 for just five points under 100. They can also add up to fifteen more at the cost of 17 points per model.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm not sure I'll ever dive into the world of Warmachine, but I have some of their models. I am in sort of a hobby holding pattern and have decided to go through my back log of minis to see what gets painted and what goes to E-bay.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wasting time with movies and such

I have been watching a lot of movies on my downtime lately. I should be painting, gaming or possibly home improvements. Instead I have been vegging out and watching stuff I never thought to watch and most of it was recommended by acquaintances.


A bit of not so distant future that is a bit of Die Hard and Escape from New York. This was sold to me as a pretty good action movie. What I got was a bad mash-up of Die Hard and Escape from New York. Take one Guy Pearce (a man known simply as Snow) with an attitude, a space station prison, the visiting Presidents daughter, an inevitable riot, a deal to clear one Guy Pearce, some one-liners, gun play, punching and you can guess the rest. I didn’t hate the smarmy wise crackin’ Snow and his dialogue, it might was the only redeeming quality of the film. If you want to watch this movie, then stop yourself. Then grab Die Hard, Escape from New York, The Last Boy Scout or something along those lines. You’ll have a much better time.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chaos review...Elite #4

The Tzeencth following robots of the Chaos forces, or as everyone else knows them, the Thousand Sons are the next elite unit to talk about. These guys have been reduced to dust filled suits of bolter toting power armor, well except the super magic users in the army. I guess unless you wield phenomenal cosmic power then you are stuck as a pile of dust in a suit of armor in this Legion. Yeah there was this whole Arhiman thing he did that saved the Thousand Son legion by turning them to dust and all that. It was sad affair, but that is what you get when dealing with those fickle Chaos powers.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The First Heretic-a quick review

What happens when an Astartes Chapter fails in the eyes of the Emperor of Mankind? Well, this novel gives you the answers to that question.

After the Battle for Calth, I went back and read The First Heretic. It didn’t really hurt to read this out of order, but it would have given me a better insight to the characters in Battle o’ Calth as a few of the Word Bearers appear in both. Anyway…………………

Monday, March 4, 2013

What does the new Demon codex mean for me....

Well thanks to the dark alleys of the internet, I have seen the 40K Demons codex. I have a mono Khorne army and first off that will not be changing. Second this new codex means one thing for me...........

My base 1000 points