Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekly schlock and Meh!

“Here comes the fuzz.”
Lou Garou, (yeah the wolf jokes start early) is a cop in the small town of Woodhaven. A town that has cops but they don’t seem to do anything or really care. We see this a s Lou drives to work and we see: street beatings, spray paint vandals and a mugging all being done in in the open and in broad daylight. 
So….Woodhaven has some issues, and the cops don’t care? Well Lou doesn’t as he spends a majority of the film in the local pub, Jessica’s Bar.
I should mention officer Lou is a next level alcoholic. I’m not sure a normal human can consume that much booze over time (as we learn he has had a drinking problem for years) and still function. Seriously, his whole diet is alcohol. It is ridiculous!

Now there have been some animal slayings and the chief wants Lou to investigate. I mean with all the other crime going on why not investigate some heavy metal wanna-be Satan worshipping cat killers? Officer Lou goes to investigate after some prompting from his kooky buddy, and gun store owner, Willie Higgins. Now, they stumble upon a  creepy ceremony run by robed figures and Lou is knocked out  and awakens to find a pentagram carved into his chest. He doesn’t get concerned and goes about his daily business of being a drunk.
Leo Fafard places Lou Garou, a cop who becomes a werewolf in the howlingly awful Wolfcop.
The next full moon Lou of course turns and we get a wolfman/cop/alpha level drunk who is going to clean up the town! He now has to solve the mystery of who these robed figures are, what they are up to and some other bit about an unsolved shooting incident/murder. All the while being unphased about being a werewolf and an alcohol chundering machine.
(heavy sigh)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A show that actually surprised me!

Well I was exposed to a bit of television that I knew about and had taken precautions against.

Sadly due to a random few images on the t.v. caught my attention. Those images caused me to sit down and question the minion watching said show.

Suddenly I’m binge watching 10+ episodes to catch up and discover the answer to the image I saw.
What image? Well it was a scene with Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader. Wait? How?

What show? Star Wars: Rebels.

I had taken every chance to not pay attention to this series. I knew of the existence, but wanted no part of it. Well until now.

I had tried the Clone Wars and was told it was a good show. I tired and didn’t find it that amazing. The animation was descent. It was Star Wars, but it covered events I didn’t have much interest. This was mostly due to the whole Clone Wars and the associated prequels. I did try a few and just didn’t really care.

Now out comes Rebels and I figure the same will probably happen. I see the toys at X-mas and a few commercials. I even see blurbs about how it is a “good show” and “fans of the original series will enjoy it.” 
I still avoided it.

Then I see a random episode while passing through the living room. I inquire to the nearest little gribbly.

“Hey gribbly!”
“What is that you are watching? Wait! Is that Vader?”
“Yup that’s Dark Vader (bless her heart she calls him Dark Vader). He is after Chopper and the rebels.”
“What is a Chopper? Who are these rebels?” I ask as I sit down to watch.

Monday, April 27, 2015

1st annual Bourbon, Beer and Bacon!

How could I pass an event like this up? Bacon and beer are awesome! Bourbon isn't really my bag, I'm a rum guy. 
Me and the lady friend stopped by for a few hours for a few drinks.
There was no real bacon, and that was disappointment. There were a few places to nosh that had bacon wrapped item and they were tasty. Still more bacon would have been more better!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly schlock and awful movie time!

Housebound 2014

Alright time to try some horror from New Zealand. This is another film with a positive bit of buzz behind it. Maybe this will actually pay off unlike the last film with a lot of positive reviews.
Here is Housebound.
Meet Kylie a petty crook because she looks and acts like a meth/crack head. After a failed attempt at robbing a bank machine she is put under house arrest. Better than prison right? Well unless the house is comes with your annoying mom and ever silent step-father. Not only that but she has to deal with a social worker/therapist and has various dealings with the security guard that clamped on her home prisoner ankle bracelet. Still better than prison right? Well not if your home arrest involves a haunted house. Yup. The house is haunted and Kylie and Amos (the security guard and amateur ghost hunter) are on the case. This of course comes with the typical haunted house movie jump scares, noises and associated mystery into what/why the house is haunted. If that isn’t enough there is a creepy neighbor and a twist that turns this from a typical haunted house film into something entirely different.
This doesn’t sound half bad now does it? Like a big house arrest version of Scooby-Doo.
Well it was anything but that and the Scooby- Doo adventure would have been more satisfying.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Now? Thought this world was over?

I am a sucker for a good game trailer.
I also loved me some Warhammer Online.
However, isn't this world (and possibly game) over?
Why get this out now? Will it suck more than the computer skirmish battle games they have put out before?
Meh! At least it looks cool and the end is pretty sweet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

D&D 5th game again!

Holy crap I was finally free up to play some D&D this past weekend. Adult life is such crap at times! Especially when you want to throw dice with the guys.
They were starting a new group so I threw out a couple dudes that would be starting at 3rd level. Everyone got a single heirloom-like weapon/item/armor that would give a +1 combat bonus to hit and damage as well.
The first was an ½ elven ranger. A gold standard character for any fantasy game. I made him an archer because once again, gold standard! I used the quick build to get his gear and the majority of his skills. He would choose the hunting class and bow as his weapon focus. Then take colossal slayer and pick beasts as his ranger nemesis. A couple spells, hail o’ thorns, cure wounds and some entangling shot spell. His long bow would be the +1/+1 magical item. One character down.

Friday, April 17, 2015

It has been that many? Awesome!

Its over 200,000 motivational poster by Bluepinixy

I know it is not a big dealt to a lot of nerd bloggers out there, but I have had over 200,000 hits on my little corner of the interweb. I think that is insane! 

I never would have thought I would get that many people popping into look at my  pics and read my inane and insane ramblings.

Known or unknown thanks for dropping in to drink from my over flowing well of knowledge!
Now drink deep friends! Become enlightened!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekly schlock and awful!

The interwebs have given me another “horror” movie to view. There is a lot of positive buzz around the film…a film made in 2006, but not released until 2013. Wait! What?! This sounds sketchy already. Oh well here goes……
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.
Mandy Lane is a quiet yet fairly hot high school sophomore. It seems that she is permanently single and makes all other teenage boys want her. Now this is not by her doing. See, in the school she attends all the boys have more sex drive hormones than usual and are all just steps away from being serial date rapers. The majority of the boys want to get in Mandy’s pants and be the first to deflower her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best book ever? Yes!

For you Philistines- This is "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Alright I loved me some pro wrasslin’. I loved it as a kid and watched it long into college. Then one day I just stopped. A part of me died that day. It wasn’t that I lost interest, it was that I just didn’t have time for it anymore.
We all know professional wrestling is just a big soap opera. Sure it has medically enhanced  human meat machines doing their best to beat on each other without actually beating on each other. Then you have the names for the guys which are things of beauty or beyond ridiculous. The same goes for the storylines that are woven between wrestlers and their factions. Finally, there are the moves: power bombs, choke slam, pile-drivers, neck breakers, DDT, the double axe handle, leg drops, flying elbows, the suplex, figure four leg locks and the list goes on and on. Then you have the named signature moves that are variations of the classics: Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, Sharp Shooter, Sweet Chin Music, Shake-Rattle and Roll, Diamond Cutter, Razors Edge, Million Dollar Dream, the Perfect Plex, Camel Clutch, Pedigree, Tombstone and the list goes on and on and on. All this terrible. Yet was insanely and awesome at the same time!

How was this guy ever popular?
What is the point of this? Well I was given a gift. A novel, but not just any novel. A book that would take me back to the beginning and remind me of all the stuff I once loved. While at the same time painting a picture of personal tragedy at the cost of fame.
The Squared Circle: Life, Death and Professional Wrestling.

Best Book Ever!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Holy crap where did these guys come from?

The unknown....

Angry frog men! 
Now will they be usable by Circle and to what effect?
I eagerly anticipate their rules and possible use.

On the known front.....

Looks better than the artwork, but I'm still not excited about the unit.

What the hell are these guys? Besides needing to be green and have one with a white mohawk.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

APRIL 12th!

This is National Grilled Cheese Day!
Like I need a reason to eat melted cheese on crispy buttered bread.
New best day ever? Maybe?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Counts as?

From the guys/gals over at Raging Heroes comes this! Nepharya the necro-priestess. 
I remember seeing the concepts for her a while back and thought that would be a fun model to have. Now it looks like she is actually going to be put into production.

I might be grabbing her to use as a stand-in for Master Necrotech Morterbra. A bigger base would be needed, but the rest seems to fit well enough.

She could also be a swap for Exulon Thexus. Maybe? A bit more of a stretch there I know. There is a bit of Cephalyx look to her as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The big guy gets his name back?

Brontosaurus Is the Most Amazing Dinosaur Who Never Existed

"A team of palaeontologists is claiming to have “resurrected” Brontosaurus, the famous long-necked, pot-belled dinosaur. No, they haven’t conducted some mad DNA cloning experiment. They have built a big new family tree of long-necked dinosaurs and argue that Brontosaurus is distinctive enough to be classified separately from its closest relatives."

Read the rest of the article here!
Clicky above!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New and good looking 40K models!

While posting all my vacation pics last week I never took time to mention this. Something new!

After many many years of clamouring G.W. has finally brought out the Mechanicus. Sadly it is way too late for me. These would have been awesome years ago when I was all about the 40K game (when it was more fun to play and only less expensive to buy)

Monday, April 6, 2015

FURIOUS 7-so furious!

Alright I know this is a polarizing franchise. People (me and mine) either love it or hate the crap out of it.  If you hate it  then turn away there is nothing here for you.
Still here?
The movie opens with Jason Statham (or  Deckard  Shaw), the older brother of Owen Shaw, (the bad guy from Fast 6) looking over said brother in a hospital. Well, the remains of a hospital as he has destroyed the place and anyone guarding his brother. Then we get a return to the Race War scene for some nostalgia. This is followed by  Shaw having a meet and greet with  Agent Hobbs (The Rock) in an insane fist fight in an office building full of anything and everything made of glass.The Statham vs. Rock fight is completely bonkers! Alright Mr. Statham. Welcome to the franchise. This is the first of several insane fisticuffs in the movie. 


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Disney the final photos (sans me, my lady and kids)

Various wanted posters in the land of fantasy. 
The whole Tangled/Rapunzel area was actually really cool looking. You know for a girly princess movie.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015