Friday, April 3, 2015

Disney the final photos (sans me, my lady and kids)

Various wanted posters in the land of fantasy. 
The whole Tangled/Rapunzel area was actually really cool looking. You know for a girly princess movie.

 Epcot viking stuff.


Magic Kingdom has this park covering game that has you fighting the various movie villains in magical duels. 

While the kids were not half as excited as the adults for this travelling game. 
It was fun and sadly we didn't finish it in lieu of rides.

During the daily afternoon parade out comes a steampunk dragon. It is Maleficent and it is awesome!

The damn thing breathes fire as well. It was pretty bad ass!

Lego store displays are insane.
Could have spent a lot of money here on Star Wars stuff.

It's like the Rain Forest Cafe went prehistoric.

I have a tone more stuff, but it is all shots of the various parades, topiary gardens, the kids, various character photos, my lady friend and even me. I'll spare you all that.

If you have kids save and take them. If you are still, or have a tiny bit of kid left inside you then go. Disney is a blast! 

Just do a few things before or when you go. If you have kids wait until they are ambulatory. Strollers, especially the double side-by-side jobs are just insane. Wait until the magic ages of 7-11 to go. That way they can hit all the rides, can walk themselves and will actually have memories of going.

Foreigners who find American to be buorgeois pigs maybe all over the parks and acting like ass hats! 
Just hope during your trip that a lot of Brits are there. They were actually polite and not pushy and smelly. 

Know there will be lines and Fast Pass rides early and often.

Find the Sleepy Hollow small little quick snack eatery place. They have this ice cream/chocolate chip cookie that is fraking awesome! Treat yo self!

Dinner reservations at the real resturants, do it early. Make them first thing in the morning. Unless you want to eat at like 3 in the afternoon or after 9 at night.

These parks are open late. Use this to your advantage. Not only are the ride lines shorter, but it cools off, the park has a whole lot different look at night and most people are lined up waiting for the light parade and fireworks.

If you do Kali River, do it last! No matter what a child says or wants.Do it last! You get drenched and it will make the rest of the day a bit uncomfortable.

Try the Big Bamboo at the Yak and Yeti. Lots of rum, but tastes like a juice box. Stay away from the chicken tikka masala there though.

Go see the Fantasmic show. It is pretty sweet for a light and musical deal. I hate that crap and it was pretty damn awesome.

Finally take a day to just walk and look. There is so much to see that you miss when commuting between rides and attractions.

A great trip that I have made twice now and am being hounded for a third in 3-5 years.


  1. Hey man!
    Looks like fun.
    I haven't been myself since I was a pup.
    Fire breathing steampunk dragons are always win.

  2. I poo-poooed the hell out of the daily fantasy parade, until i saw the dragon rolling through. then i was all over that. fraking fantastic!