Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The big guy gets his name back?

Brontosaurus Is the Most Amazing Dinosaur Who Never Existed

"A team of palaeontologists is claiming to have “resurrected” Brontosaurus, the famous long-necked, pot-belled dinosaur. No, they haven’t conducted some mad DNA cloning experiment. They have built a big new family tree of long-necked dinosaurs and argue that Brontosaurus is distinctive enough to be classified separately from its closest relatives."

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Growing up I was  huge dinosaur fanatic, and I haven't really grown out of it today. There is just something amazing about giant reptiles that used to stomp around on this planet that is awesome!

There were the big three for me: Triceratops, T-rex and the Brontosaurus.  Then one day there was the phasing out of the Brontosaurus to Apatosaurus, since they are similar and Apatosaurus name came first. Boo I said! How dare they change it to a lame sounding name. Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard." How awesome is that?  Who cares if Apatosaurus was first and means "deceptive lizard." How deceptive is a 33-73 ton giant lizard? A stupid name for a giant beast indeed!

Anyway...there is a chance that the Sauropod family tree will have small split with Bronto and Apato being separate again.Now it is up to a secret council of science nerds who will decide if these two are different enough to separate or if the once cool thunder lizard will stay named after a terrible Saturday Night Live character from the 90's.

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