Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best book ever? Yes!

For you Philistines- This is "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Alright I loved me some pro wrasslin’. I loved it as a kid and watched it long into college. Then one day I just stopped. A part of me died that day. It wasn’t that I lost interest, it was that I just didn’t have time for it anymore.
We all know professional wrestling is just a big soap opera. Sure it has medically enhanced  human meat machines doing their best to beat on each other without actually beating on each other. Then you have the names for the guys which are things of beauty or beyond ridiculous. The same goes for the storylines that are woven between wrestlers and their factions. Finally, there are the moves: power bombs, choke slam, pile-drivers, neck breakers, DDT, the double axe handle, leg drops, flying elbows, the suplex, figure four leg locks and the list goes on and on. Then you have the named signature moves that are variations of the classics: Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, Sharp Shooter, Sweet Chin Music, Shake-Rattle and Roll, Diamond Cutter, Razors Edge, Million Dollar Dream, the Perfect Plex, Camel Clutch, Pedigree, Tombstone and the list goes on and on and on. All this terrible. Yet was insanely and awesome at the same time!

How was this guy ever popular?
What is the point of this? Well I was given a gift. A novel, but not just any novel. A book that would take me back to the beginning and remind me of all the stuff I once loved. While at the same time painting a picture of personal tragedy at the cost of fame.
The Squared Circle: Life, Death and Professional Wrestling.

Best Book Ever!

Holy crap is this an awesome book!
This book covers the origins of pro wrestling. The first heel and the first face. The stories that I thought  were urban legends (I owe a buddy an apology for never believing him about Bruiser Brody getting stabbed). The rivalry between factions (WWF and NWA/ WCW). The Monday night wrestling wars and how they began and ended. The shady practices of Vince McMahon. The beginning of and rise of WrestleMania.   A lot of dirty little secrets that I had no knowledge about. Most importantly though, it covers the rise of numerous stars and their rise and their horrible fall. At times it feels like the VH1 Behind the Music since a lot of the wrestlers covered have similar stories. Everything in this book is just amazing wrestling history. History about a sport that isn’t a sport, but pure testosterone quasi-fisticuff entertainment.
If you are or ever were a fan of professional wrestling you need to read this because; "What a rush!", “You Smell What the Rock is Cookin’!” , “Dig It!”, if you don’t you can “Suck It!”, you’re a real American, “What ya gonna do?”, you are afraid of being hit with a coconut or you just need to “Because Stone Cold Said So!”, "You pencil neck geek."


  1. When wrestling was no longer on TNT, and the WWE went and bought their own cable network, that was pretty much it for wrasslin' for me. The greed kinda killed it, with all the great matches becoming pay-for-view only an' whatnot.

    But I still remember jumping off couches like they had a top turnbuckle when I was a pup, cuz I saw the British Bulldogs do it.

    And Sable. Ermahgerd Sable...and Trish Stratus. And Lita.

  2. Don't forget Chyna! That giant man-ish Amazon!
    Yes Lita!

    1. Lol- I actually had a huge nerd argument with some fool who was sayin' Chyna should play Wonder Woman in the upcoming DC movies.
      I wasn't buying it.

  3. Wonder Woman? Chyna?
    Now? NO!
    Even back when. NO!
    That dude must have been like super high or pee-pee stupid