Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New and good looking 40K models!

While posting all my vacation pics last week I never took time to mention this. Something new!

After many many years of clamouring G.W. has finally brought out the Mechanicus. Sadly it is way too late for me. These would have been awesome years ago when I was all about the 40K game (when it was more fun to play and only less expensive to buy)

Seriously? Why did it take G.W. this long to put this army out? Gods they are dumb. I guess the Mechanicus weren't popular enough? They couldn't get the rules right. Wait they car not for rules.


Whatever it was they finally got their collective shit together and made those crazy auto mechanics into an actual army.
Sure these things are Forgeworld, but they look damn awesome!




I have no idea what any of this stuff does, but at least it looks really cool! Plus it isn't power armor of a different color or various space elves. Hooray for that!

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