Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A show that actually surprised me!

Well I was exposed to a bit of television that I knew about and had taken precautions against.

Sadly due to a random few images on the t.v. caught my attention. Those images caused me to sit down and question the minion watching said show.

Suddenly I’m binge watching 10+ episodes to catch up and discover the answer to the image I saw.
What image? Well it was a scene with Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader. Wait? How?

What show? Star Wars: Rebels.

I had taken every chance to not pay attention to this series. I knew of the existence, but wanted no part of it. Well until now.

I had tried the Clone Wars and was told it was a good show. I tired and didn’t find it that amazing. The animation was descent. It was Star Wars, but it covered events I didn’t have much interest. This was mostly due to the whole Clone Wars and the associated prequels. I did try a few and just didn’t really care.

Now out comes Rebels and I figure the same will probably happen. I see the toys at X-mas and a few commercials. I even see blurbs about how it is a “good show” and “fans of the original series will enjoy it.” 
I still avoided it.

Then I see a random episode while passing through the living room. I inquire to the nearest little gribbly.

“Hey gribbly!”
“What is that you are watching? Wait! Is that Vader?”
“Yup that’s Dark Vader (bless her heart she calls him Dark Vader). He is after Chopper and the rebels.”
“What is a Chopper? Who are these rebels?” I ask as I sit down to watch.

Ahhh! The good Stormtroopers again.
I soon punch up the show on demand and watch 10+ episodes. Holy crap they are actually not terrible for a kids animated Disney based Star Wars show.

The events take place 15 years after the Clone Wars stuff. You know the fun times before the events of Episode 5. It looks like it too. The ships and settings have an original trilogy look/feel that gives me the warm fuzzies. The story and action is kid and fanboy friendly. There are the saber duels we love, space combat, explosions, running gun battles and all that stuff. Sure the Storm Troopers have terrible aim, but so do the rebels. A lot like G.I. Joe where there are lasers everywhere, but people are missed and objects and vehicles take a beating. The music is even reminiscent of the original trilogy with a few twists to make it feel almost right. The events and cast make this show feel like a kid friendly version of Firefly set in the Star Wars universe. How can I not like t hat?

I am sadly hooked on this show now. I have punched through season one and await the start of season two.

Is it a kids show?         Yup.
Are there kid show annoyances?       Yes, a few.
Am I a kid then?         A big one, at times.
Do I wish this was around when I was a gribbly?          Hell yes!
Can I watch it with the next generation of Star Wars kids and not be annoyed?           Yup.
Do we all enjoy it?          Damn right!
Is it for every Star Wars fan?          Probably not, but they should give it a couple episodes to see.

I thank and curse you Star Wars: Rebels! Now bring on season 2!

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