Monday, April 27, 2015

1st annual Bourbon, Beer and Bacon!

How could I pass an event like this up? Bacon and beer are awesome! Bourbon isn't really my bag, I'm a rum guy. 
Me and the lady friend stopped by for a few hours for a few drinks.
There was no real bacon, and that was disappointment. There were a few places to nosh that had bacon wrapped item and they were tasty. Still more bacon would have been more better!

A sampling of the adult beverages we tried. This was the majority. There were a few more that missed the photo shoot and missed being tasted.
There was a buttload of whisky there too, and it might have been tasty, but not today!

Three rooseter makes it better right?
Nope. I am still not a fan of ale.

Grapefruit beer! I was refreshingly awful.
Well unless you are my lady friend. Then this was "good."

 Bacon vodka, season salt, bacon bits and bloody mary mix.
Not a vodka fan at all, but I like bacon.
Didn't like this combo though, but somebody else with me did.

Straight from the dragons teat!
I hate stout beer. The darker it is the more I dislike it.
I don't hate this. It gets a lot of the toenails as it gets warm though.
Chilled it wasn't awful.

This is juice from that fruit cocktail in grade school, but with booze.

Ever wonder what a hefeweizen and banana bread would taste like?
Well this answers that question!

Fantastic name! WARHAMMER! A drink for warriors!
Warriors who like horrible flavor!
The curse of the cool sounding beer continues.

Three Pepper
All the flavor of various chili peppers, but no heat at all. It was really wyrd, and actually good.
I'm thinking nachos or just a bad of Tostitos lime chips would be great with this!

Meh! IPA is not for me.

Nope. Not a fan. Started off good then had a drek after taste.
So close!

 Dark and heavy, not a fan

The Angry Orchard people had these three offerings.
I liked the bottle artwork of these three. 

Three various flavors of hard cider, that basically felt like I was drinking from a juice box.

Winner for best name and town I would never visit!

Didn't try this, but laughed every time I saw it.

There was some triple wheat, another ale-like beer, a blueberry beer (she likes fruity beer for some reason) and something else that was a forgettable; that didn't make the photo rounds. 
Overall there was a descent showing of booze. It was roughly 1/3 whiskey, 1/3 beer, 1/3 hard cider. We didn't try everything before calling it a night, mostly because I had to work the following morning. Like every beer type festival I go to I had many more dislikes than likes, but I tend to just try stuff and not read the little info or hear stories about it before hand. 

Hopefully this pops up again next year and more there is more bacon!

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