Thursday, April 2, 2015

More Disney- lots from Animal Kingdom

WELCOME TO JURASSIC PAR......Wait wrong theme park.
Dinosaur stuff at Animal Kingdom

Outside the Dinosaur movie ride, which is really pretty fun, there is a really cool forest area full of dinos.


A recycled material dino statue

 The Harambe safari are ride thingy.

Not so hungry lazy hippos

Nile crocs or future Bull Snappers

Naked mole rats, sadly the pic didn't turn out well. These creepy guys were all eating and being creepy looking.

Jeffery "the sleepy" tiger

Angry red eye birds are awesome!

outside of......


Yeti sighting inside there.

The Tree of Life in the center of the park. This is awesome with all the carvings of various animals.

The smoke coming out from within and around it just makes it all the cooler.

Animal Kingdom is a small park, but damn it is full fantastic flora, fauna and structures.

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