Friday, July 28, 2017

A look at a forgotten Minion model

As I sit cleaning flash off a model I stop to look and think about what I am about to start, a forgotten model.
A model that was passed upon during MKII.

A model that is still over looked in MKIII.
The Boneswarm.  A light warbeast that is a moving pile of bones. A great looking model for a gatorman bokur or a farrow bone grinding warlock.

Let us have a quick look at what a few of the stats of this pile of bones turned warbeast between editions.

MKII version and MKIII version both have……
Move 5”
DEF 13
ARM 15
One base P+S 12  attack
20  Health boxes

It even has the same Animus (Swarm), the same ability to boost strength ,ARM  or heal with corpse tokens.

Wait! They pulled TERROR off it , but morale doesn’t matter anymore (not that it ever did in MKII) so this moot.

This is the Boneswarm. It did not change at all between editions.
I guess it fell between the cracks of the supposed motto (paraphrased) of “making everything useful” that was touted prior to the release of MKIII.

This guy never saw (or currently sees) the field if you look at any competitive play that people discuss on the interweb.
It isn’t fast enough.
It doesn’t have a big damage output.
It has only one base attack.
It doesn’t have Primal, Lightning Strike, Spiny  Growth, Rage or some other wildly popular animus.
Other stuff is better for the same points.
It doesn’t “pop” in the eyes of gamers.

Privateer did nothing to this model to make it snazzy or fun for people to want to take in MKIII.

Privateer Press doesn’t seem to care about this model at all. That or they were completely content with how it was and that the all but like six gamers basically ignored it.

Does the Boneswarm need love?
Could the developers have made an attempt to make this guy appealing? Like a P+S 13 attack? Would that be too overpowering?
Give it the ability to not frenzy like a construct. I mean it is just an animated pile of bones. That could be appealing for FURY manipulation.
Let it burrow like a Helldiver?
Give it a ranged attack, even a puny POW 10?

Maybe they are planning to just shelve it since it is not popular?
I will still give the humble Boneswarm love even though it is still overlooked.
Hell, I am still planning on putting together a couple more of these guys.
I am not super worried about the competitive scene.
I like the creepy pile of attacking bones aesthetic with Midas.
I also think they play well in the late and solo hunting games.

Will the Boneswarm get the attention it needs? Probably not. Would it be cool if it did? Of course, but I do not expect it.

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