Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fishman with spear cannon? Yes please!

Bog Trog Trawler is all done.    

It is hard for me to not want a fish man with a spear cannon in my army.
Plus he is wearing a cloak of sown together skin and faces.
A double win right there!

Notice the gap between the head and the head tentacle running down his back?
Yeah that is what happens when your dry fit parts separately and then don't check again when you glue them together.
Kind of pissed about it, but am not going to try and pull it all apart to fix it either.

 Like his cloak of skin. I think I will hit the bloody bits again with some red gloss.
Should help the blood smears pop a bit more.

Well he is off to ambush some unwary warcaster/ warlock. 
Whether he is successful or not, he adds a bit of psychological warfare to my Circle forces.

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