Thursday, October 20, 2016

Canada Photo Dump#2 Fromme Mtn. and Kennedy Falls

Our second and first real hike for us flatlanders. We trekked up Fromme Mountain to see Kennedy Falls.

The view from the parking lot.

Up we go. The cloud cover was blocking the view of the various mountain tops nearby.

A lot of dead fall and these shallow rocky ravines.

The mist and steam coming off the dead trees/ ground was really cool.

Remains of a giant cedar tree. Almost looks like a dwarf face.


Ever sloping upwards.

This was the so called "Giant Cedar" that was 2/3 of the way to the falls.

This is me being a jackass in front of the "Giant Cedar."
Yeah a big tree we get it.

 By now I was beyond tired of these tree root covered trails. 
We affectionately refer to them as ankle biters.
Thank the gods for good hiking boots!

Kennedy Falls. The highest we were going to go this day.
Falls were up a bit more, but the rocks were way too wet and stupid slippery to try and get closer.

The first real fauna we saw. Slugs!

 So gross and so cool at the same time!

Fromme Mountain/Kennedy Falls
10.6 miles. 367 floors climbed. (thank you Becky's Fitbit)
This was hiking like we wanted and cannot get anywhere around home!

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