Wednesday, September 7, 2016

An Arcade in the strangest place

Just off the interstate on the way to really nowhere is a small town called McLean.
Here you will find the coolest place ever!

  Arcadia Games.

An actual arcade. You know those places where one payed money to play video games and interact with other humans.

The jukebox is full of 80's music. 
The air inside has that smell of electricity.
It just needs an Organ Julius down the street to finish the full effect.

It doesn't look like much, but it has it where it counts.

A wall of pinball games and the rest of the two rooms is packed full of arcade games.

Even better almost every game is just a quarter to play. 
What follows is a minor smattering of the available games to play.


Hated this game!

Hated this game too!

Was abysmal at both these fighting games.

Now if they had the Capcom Marvel Infinity fighting game I was better at that.
Wolverine and his "BERSERKER BARRAGE!"

Loved some Simpsons!
They need the Avengers, X-Men, or the Ninja Turtles 4-man fighting games!

I used to play a ton of this game along with House of the Dead!

 Oh the single machine that houses almost all of the early Capcom games.

Screw Ghost and Goblins! man I hate that game!
Love me some Black Tiger and Rastan

 Another lost favorite returned!
The T2 shoot'em up!

Two player only Gauntlet?

A smattering of the pinball games available!

Adams Family was pretty damn fun and not too cheatsy.

This pinball game sucks!

Now this was a great game. There is a castle that you have to hit to lower the drawbridge.
Then you lock the ball inside the castle and it explodes!
Well it falls apart and then resets, but it looks cool doing it.
Super fun!

Played both of the Star Wars games. 
I Lost count of the Death Star runs I made that day.

Original Tron!
I still suck at the light cycle stages!

My lady's one true passion. She loves some Galaga.
I do as well, but my skill has dwindled.
She can now beat me and I only broke 70,000 and change the game I played.
I am ashamed.

Then I found this!

I loved this game!
I never thought to play it again.
Hell people thought I was mad when I described it to them.
Little known, but well loved by me.

I could have played this future space tank battle game all day!

Well if you are ever driving through Illinois toward or away from the state capital, stop in McLean.
It is a nothing town from the look of it, but inside the center of town is a building full of awesome!

Arcadia Games!

Check it out and relive/ experience a time long lost, but nowhere near forgotten!

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