Thursday, September 8, 2016

NFL 2016!

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Well tonight the journey to the 2016 Superbowl begins.

It is also the last I can revel in the Broncos and their Superbowl 50 victory.

Tonight that might as well be ancient history. The new season of NFL football is here!

I begin another 16 weeks of an emotional rollercoaster while watching my team succeed and fail during games.

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It is sort of like this, but without the swears, hate, no girl, no Raffi and I'm basically Taco.

I am also part of a fantasy football team this year. Like seven guys at work have a just for shits and grins or bragging right league.

Why did I join one of these things? Simple.

The teams are all auto drafted. There is only one bench player to have to even think about. Your line-up is set with no thought at all.
This will require no thought and even less effort on my part. That is exactly how much I want to and can expect to do towards a fantasy football team/league.

Hell, I can’t even get upset at losing or enjoy winning since a computer randomly assigned guys to my team. An algorithm decided everything for me and it can enjoy the wins and lament the loses instead of me.

Welcome to the 2016 NFL season. Finally, my Sundays have meaning again!

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