Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another Blink 182 tour

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This makes four times I have gone to see Blink 182, three times in Noblesville, Indiana, this would be the first time my special lady friend. She is not a big fan of Blink, (I think it is the juvenile irreverence that bothers her) but knows enough of their songs to not look like a total noob.

Saturday night thy passed through with All American rejects and A Day to Remember. Neither of us really cared if we missed the opening acts. We did manage to get there to hear like two songs by the Rejects. She actually knew one of the two. We grabbed foods and booze and settled in for A Day to Remember.

We knew nothing of them and after seeing/hearing them we are just as confused. They were a punk/metal band? Kind of? Their music was either bouncy, thrashy , heavy or a mix of the three. Their lyrics weren’t stellar and a bit to screamy for me. Still their musical sound wasn’t terrible. It was quite a quandary.
We don’t know if they are good or bad. We will have to investigate this A Day to Remember band further.

Then Blink eventually took the stage and did what they always do. It was a very greatest hits feeling show. Actually the set was very similar to the last show I attended. This time they added at least five songs off of California, well seven songs if you count the two “joke songs” they have on the album. It was a good set list. I could have done without the song San Diego, since I’m just not a big fan of that song.  

Yup. This is how they open the show.
Giant on fire FUCK.

The biggest change was that Matt Skiba was now singing and playing instead of Tom DeLonge. Matt sounds wildly different than Tom, but it isn’t a bad sound.
Sure it was different on the old songs, but it wasn’t a bad different. Well hat and they totally bailed on the Neighborhood album. Their previous album was completely overlooked. I’m not sure why but I expected they would play Heart’s All Gone or Up All Night at least. Strange that they completely ignored the songs from that record.

Travis only had a pee-pee tiny drum solo this time. I was really hoping for a longer set from him, but that was no to be. A shame since his drum solos are phenomenal and a sight to be seen and heard.

There wasn’t a lot of shenanigans going on either. They showed up. Played. Mark talked a little and then they played some more. It moved along at a very good clip for a rock and roll show.

It was a good show like the last three I have seen. I would have loved to hear Dicknose, Josie, or Ghosts on the Dancefloor, but those are my personal preferences. It was a good damn concert and if I didn’t have impending time off approaching quickly, I would have taken another day and gone and seen them in St. Louis Sunday night as well.

My lady friend still isn’t a convert to the Blink 182, but I didn’t expect her to become one. I firmly believe she went with me for mostly placation reasons. She said it wasn’t a terrible show. I at least told her to watch and listen to Travis on drums. I think he is one of the great drummers in all of music and should at least be seen once. Maybe she will be by the time they come around again?


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