Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Adepticon 2019 floor models, display boards, army stuff and misc photos

 The following are a few pics of one display board for one of the 40K tournaments.
Who has the time and $$$$ to do this?

 The same goes for the scale megagarant. Why?

 A force like this is why my wife would probably plat Malifaux.

A force/gang/army/crew or whatever they are called based on a crazy cat lady?
I almost bought it just to paint it.

Eden models showing off their goods in the post apoc wastelands

Wow game developers are running out of ideas.
Now I can play resident Evil the board game!

Hellboy the co-op board game was fun to play and has great looking models.
However the $100 price tag and the fact we have like 50 board game already, and the fact we already have three similar co-op adventure games meant it was easy to pass on this game. 

 Two flavors of Hellboy

 Infinity adds new Tohaa.

 The new modles for this army look pretty sweet..... whatever this guy is

 Star Wars Legion game adds the Clone Wars this year

 Scarif themed board for Star Wars Legion. Pretty sweet!

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