Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Post game wrap 7-30-16

Our intrepid adventurers were rejoined by their wizard friend this past weekend. It seems he had wandered off on a vision quest, or more than likely had tied one on with some ladies. He was probably laid up in some seedy inn lying in a gossamer blanket of ecstasy for the past week.

Wherever he was, he found his way back to the party right in time to be thrust into another series of unfortunate events.

It seems Jeffery, the new-ish dragonborn rogue, had at slighted a local “businessman” by stealing his property some time ago. After a bit of investigation the wizard discovered that the stolen map and land deed were actually two parts of a dwarven map that must lead to some sort of long lost short bearded person treasure. Plans were made and the group decided to strike out in the morning for fortune and glory.

As the fellas struck to find a soft bed for the night, they were ambushed by nefarious cloaked brigands, because that is what those types are want to do. This of course led to a few small confrontations in the street, late at night, that saw our heroes triumphant. Well a bit bruised and battered, but victorious After a collection of enemy heads were taken and left as a warning outside the inn, the party turned in for the night, but at a crossroad. Do they go after the guy who sent hired goons to attack them, or head out for a chance to find some dwarf treasure?

Vengeance upon these goons and their boss was put to the side, as the party decided to go forth on a treasure hunt.

After a bit of travel they had reached the location spoken of and shown on their map, an old astronomy tower that was allegedly haunted.
Well after a quick look around it seemed that the “haunting” was actually just the sounds of the wind moving through all the remains of the broken telescope and associated crazy pipe works within the tower. Seems the locals were afraid of the wind and there was no ghostly presence here. However, people had gone missing from this area. 

Well it seems the tower wasn’t completely vacant as a pair of owlbears had taken up residence there. It seems that one of these beasties had a craving for wizard flesh as it mauled the party spell caster. Thankfully the rogue was able to stabilize the dying mage as the barbarian and monk made quick work of the bird/bear creatures.

A bit of investigation and exploring later the group discovered that this tower was built with and damn near upon the ruins of an old dwarven tunnel. A tunnel that lead to the lost underground rail system that several dwarven clans were currently searching for. Of course they descended within to see what this was all about, plus there might be loot.

What they found was lot of dwarves that had dies hundreds of years prior while trying to seal the tunnels. They also discovered that these dwarves had quite the defensive system with stone barricades that housed ballista defending the facility and tunnel. Besides the horrible locker room like smell it seemed the place was empty. Well until the mage decided to cast a light spell on the ballista bolt the barbarian was going to shoot just for fun.

As the projectile flew down the corridor it illuminated the party of troglodytes that were sneaking up on the party. Another battle ensued and the party dispatched the stinky beasts and continued on their way. Well until they reached the vast tunnel and were set upon by another batch of trogs and these were wily enough to turn the ballista against the party.

A bolt struck the monk who deftly tried to catch the missile weapon. Well he did catch it with his chest, but was able to deflect most of the damage with his wacky monk skills. Sadly the mage was not as lucky as a ballista bolt drove through him and into the rogue behind him. The mage lay dying and the thief was hurt and trying to save the mage once again from entering the afterlife. Another rousing battle and the trogs were once again dispatched.

The party locked themselves into a small room that was once served as a barracks and tended to their wounds. Plans were made to return to town and reveal this location to the dwarven explorers. Well that was until they decided to canvas the place before leaving and discovered the troglodyte brood mother. This giant fat flabby lizard lady was peeved at the deaths of her progeny. She set upon the party wielding a large mithril maul that she must have looted from the long dead dwarves.

Her battle cry summoned another party of her trog progeny to deal with along with her. A few rounds and she had barley sustained any real damage. That was soon to change as the sheer weight and power of attacks from the monk and barbarian eventually bring the giant monster to her knees. After that it was a simple bit of cleanup with the remaining troglodytes.

Loot was collected. Money was made and found. The dwarves were shown the location of their lost tunnels. Plus the party only asked for the ruined astronomy tower to be repaired for their use as a reward.

Now they group is looking to get some payback on those cloaked goons, their boss and plans to decorate (their soon to rebuilt) tower lair.

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