Thursday, August 25, 2016

Post 13.1 miles and a game store

Alright. School is back in session and afternoons in our house are chaotic with  all  the drop-offs and pick-ups from various afterschool activities.

A quick recap of our trip to Michigan.


Saturday we chilled out in Cadillac, Michigan. Sunday we hiked a ½ marathon. It was a race to everybody else.

We had great weather we felt great. The trail was fun and optically pleasing. We finished way under the time we thought we would finish. I actually passed ten people by just walking at a descent clip. Hell, I even placed in the to four in my age group with our time. Never thought that would happen.


My trusty hiking hat and the giant ass medal everyone gets for running/walking these things.
I guess big medals are a running/walking a long distance reward type thing?

Plus, there is a nice little after race party. When you finish they have a ton of food, drink and even beer. It is a nice gesture and after 3 hours of hiking one tends create an appetite.

It was a damn fine experience.


Saturday had us on a one day layover in the town of Cadillac.

A descent looking town that had a one of two operating comic book stores and one of two operating game stores.

This little place was called Wargames North, of course we checked it out when we were in bustling downtown Cadillac.



Well first impression was bleak. It was after 12 and they supposedly open every Saturday at noon. I shrugged and wrote the place off then and there. I guess it is a personal beef with me, but if you are a business that can’t open on time then why should I bother. I’m not talking like a few minutes, it was half past twelve and they were still closed.

We decided to hit some lunch and go about our day.

Around one thirty we were returning to our car and noticed that this game store was now open. Well better late than never I guess. I decided to give these guys a second chance. Mostly because when am I ever going to be in this town again?

Alright then, Wargames North.

First and most importantly, it didn’t smell.

There was a substantial amount of box clutter. Plus there was a lot of terrain lying about or put away half-assed on a shelf. It gave the store a real disorganized and junky look when you walk  through the door.

The girl behind the counter welcomed us to the store and then promptly left us alone. I was fine with that and actually liked that she left me alone. Personally I hate shop keeps bugging me while I peruse the store. I get why they want to be friendly/pushy, but that bugs me. I am one of those leave me alone and I’ll ask if I need help types. Her simple acknowledgement was more than plenty for us.

There were some guys playing Magic, like at every game store. Meh!

They had a small sample of 40K and Age o’ Sigmar models that they are required by G.W. to try and sell. There was a smattering of Flames o’ War stuff. There was no Privateer Press stuff. They had a shelf of used RPG manuals for sale. Nothing I needed, but a good option to have. There was a ton of unsold D&D 4th edition books. The typical selection of Pathfinder books. They had few shelves of various new and used board games. The rear of the store had a few 6’ tables.

There was the atypical dry erase calendar with dates for RPG’s and the gold standard Magic game nights listed for the month.

I bet it is probably a great store with great people and great owners, just like every other small town game store out there. Overall, it was almost exactly what I expected from a small town game store. Not overly impressive. They might be keeping the lights on through the addiction of people to the Magic card game.


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