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D&D post game 8-27 part #2

Now that the party had reaped their bloody revenge, they thought it prudent to find another avenue for adventure.

Now that the dwarves were excavating and exploring their subterranean transit system there is plenty of work for a group of adventuring types. There was work for mining crew bodyguards, but that didn’t sound super exciting. However, the idea of exploring the long lost underground ruins sounded much more interesting.

They group chatted with the archeology and explorers guild and decided to work for them. They were assigned a scribe to travel with them to chronicle and collect any locations and antiquities they found. A skinny bookworm of a human named Lucas Fudderth, Novice Scribe 2nd Class. They were set to go and just needed a quick nights rest.

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That is when they noticed a small flying creature following them and muttering to itself. This creature made two appearances before it’s owner/creator made an appearance of his own. The party had a meet and greet with an intense looking elven mage named Ramalad. This raven haired wizard was looking to hire the party to help him obtain entrance to the sealed wizard tower of one  (long dead) Heinrich “The Mad Enchanter.”

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It seems his tower has been sealed for years and without the proper incantations and/or associated items, there is no way to enter the tower. However, Ramalad had discovered a way to circumvent the wards. He just needed an item long lost until recently, a six foot tall standing mirror. He just needs the party to retrieve it for him. Why?

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Well it was being held by a force of ogres led by Mogg an ogre known as the  (self-proclaimed) Carrion Lord, in the giant necropolis known as the Deadlands. The party had many questions and concerns. I mean they were going to have to journey into an area known as the Deadlands that is essentially a giant creepy cemetery. Why the need to recover this mirror? Why Ramalad wanted into the tower? What kind of ogre force would they be facing? Why was this all going on? What way was up? Where are my pants?

Ramalad put their minds at ease with a bit of exposition, fact he could port them to the Deadlands, give them a location of the ogre forces, a safe return, a promise to only take one item from the tower of Heinrich and three steel bars that he turned to gold and gave to the party as payment.

Well after a bit more posturing and vocal concerns, the group agreed. They had to deal with their attached scribe, Lucas Fudderth. Ramalad quickly took care of that issue. He cast a simple charm spell on Lucas and kept him from worrying about anything at all.

Ramalad led the party to the Stonekeep cemetery and to a set of statues. This would be his portal to and from the Deadlands. The party was whisked away to a giant graveyard. There they left their mage proprietor to fend for himself and recover. It seems Ramalad has some health issues.

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As the group moved quickly through the graves and mausoleums they avoided what enemies they could, but they were eventually set upon by an ogre tracker and his pack of trained wargs. Then they ran afoul of a pack of zombies and ghouls (graveyard duh). Then they stumbled upon a trio of ogres arguing about something. The party didn’t get close enough to listen and thought throwing their final dwarven bomb at them was a better option.

Eventually, they found the large mausoleum that Mogg and the mirror were supposedly housed. The party split up to discover if this was the case. The barbarian found a sleeping ogre and with a battle cry of  “WAKE UP FATTY!” clubbed him upside the head thus starting a small brawl. The thief managed to sneak around the building and find an ogre on patrol. The mage and bard cautiously approached the side of the mausoleum. The monk ran right for the building side door.

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What happens next is a bit of a mess and I'll type it as such.

The thief climbs the building to try another Assassins Creed dive attack, and promptly fails. The monk opens the back door to meet the club of an ogre. The barbarian and now awake and stumbly ogre start a brawl that lasts for a few rounds. The mage decides to help the bumbling thief. The bard opens the door to the mausoleum to meet two approaching ogres and the large leader Mogg. The thief escapes to the roof with minor injuries and tries his attack again. He actually hit, barley, and does a bit of damage. The mage chimes in with a few blasts of fire. The monk makes pretty short work of the ogre in his face. The bard steps out as the barbarian flies into a battle rage to face victory or death! The bard started playing music or giving a rousing speech to inspire the barbarian to fight better. The mage dropped grease all over the ogre outside to assist the thief who was facing down a wounded and slippery monster. The monk assaulted Mogg. The thief decided to slide between the ogre’s legs using the grease on the ground, to get a pair of attacks at the creatures’ under carriage. The mage threw some continuous damage spell on Mogg. The barbarian, with some bard assistance dispatched the two ogre guards. The constant spell damage, monk and barbarian eventually took down Mogg.

The mirror was found, along with a bunch of grave robbed jewelry and gems, and brought to Ramalad. They all returned home to tend to their wounds and decide what to do next.

Do they continue with this mage and his quest to get into a protected wizard tower? Do they head into the underground to fulfill their mission for the Archeology and Explorer Guild?

Guess we’ll find out in another few weeks.

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