Friday, August 5, 2016

Gen Con week #3 What to play?

Stuff I’m really hoping to try.

There are a few board games that have popped up on my radar that I would love to demo. Hopefully they are available. Hopefully.

From Mantic games comes a Walking Dead game with solid root tot the comic.
Have zombies and thier games jumped the proverbial shark?
Has to be better than the show. Right?

Slasher movie meets board game?
This is completely in our wheelhouse.

More of a curiosity to see how this plays. 
Can always just run the PS4 game instead.

Looks like Rebel Assault for the Aline and Predator universe.
Finally a good AVP conflict?

Love the miniatures. Hopefully there is a demo. 

RPG style game based in the Conan novel universe. 
Co-op, tactical, Conan. Yes!

Zombiecide type game, but with fantasy instead? 
Sounds interesting.

It;s Pandemic, but with Cthulhu!

Here is hoping for the ability to play some of these before buying them.

Actually by now we are at the convention for our second day.
I'll have pics and stories to tell you all next week.

Gen Con 2016!

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