Friday, August 26, 2016

D&D pre-game 8-27-16

Never has there been such a boom of business in the town of Stonekeep. A large contingent of dwarves has set up a small way station outside of the city.
It seems to function as a base camp, resupply station, aid station, staging area and a field hospital. All manner of goods and sundries are being purchased.
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The long lost dwarven tunnel system, beneath the Midland Realms, has been found and there was much celebration by the dwarves from Ferrous Spur. Sadly, the celebration did not last long. Less than a week after the discovery, the area surrounding and beneath Ferrous Spur was besieged by forces of goblins, orcs, bugbears and the treacherous dark dwarves. It seems these forces want to capture these tunnels to further their own fiendish plans.
This has left the contingent near Stonekeep in a bit of a lurch. There is need for labor to clean and clear the tunnels. There is need for added protection for the workers underground. After a few hundred years many creatures have taken up residence in the tunnels and various chambers, and it seems they do not want to be disturbed, moved or are just excited about a new food source in their area.
There is also a need for anyone willing to explore the various chambers, off shoot tunnels and rooms that are being found running alongside the railway. A branch of the dwarven archeology school and the Stonekeep Explorers League are running various excursions into these areas. They too are in need of volunteers to help in the mapping of these areas as well as added protection as this is just as dangerous as  the cleaning  of the tunnels.

Meanwhile at the end of a small dock…….
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He looked out over the lake at a small boat. He could still see the forms of all four passengers. They had made it halfway across the lake and much closer to their destination than the previous groups. He began to pace from one side of the dock to the other.
It was nearing dawn. The first rays of the sun were starting to be seen behind the distant mountains. Almost dawn. They had to make it before first light. They would see them at first light. They were told that. He had told them that specifically.
The boat moved farther away.
It was going to work.
A loud and distant splash was heard from the eastern shore. He looked and saw nothing, but he knew. He knew what was next.
He watched as the tiny boat began to rock. The shapes within began to frantically move about. He knew what was happening. He just couldn’t see the details. Details he had seen several times before.
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“It should have worked.” He whispered to himself as he turned and walked from the dock. All the while the distant figures now just tiny shadows struggled for their lives.
Distant screams could be heard echoing across the lake as he walked off the dock and toward a quartet of horses. The charm had worked longer than before, but creating it had taxed him more than ever. He didn’t think he could make another, stronger one without doing grievous physical harm to himself.  He knew there must be away to get across that lake. He just needed to find a way.
He winced in pain as he mounted his horse. The wounds were open again. He could feel them bleeding beneath his tunic. He hated this feeling, but he knew it would be over soon.
“It should have worked.” He whispered and shook his head as he rode up the trail.
The distant screams were gone. The lake was calm once again. The little boat and its occupants were gone and the silence had returned to the area.

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