Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gen Con 2016 some stuff to see

Legendary card game based on Big trouble in Little China was a thing this year.
I loathe card games, but I loe me some Big Trouble.
This might not be the real Pork Chop Express, but it was still damn awesome!

Privateer Press-bunch of pretty stuff

 The Con exclusive Skarre and finally the Inflictor/Seether new kit.

New Black 13th- meh

Like the long rifle gun mage guy.
Some rando high and uppity elf caster person solo.

Wraith Witch Agathea looks better in person

Circle Druid reindeer cavalry

Then there is the Privateer painting competition stuff.

I think this bust won something like first or something?

 Best Kharchev ever!

No fan of the Skorne army, but really like this color scheme.

Pig Thunder machine!

The usual fancy game tables that I dream of

This table was awesome and I really wish I was loaded enough to justify the purchase.

Didn't remember to try this game.
Love the title enough that I wanted to try it.

Some new mech game Heavy Hitters or some such.

A look at the robutts that I guess the game uses?

A steady stream of players where trying this game the two days we were there.

This years cool looking Bushido model.
Whomever does their painting they do good work.

Some new fantasy tabletop wargame from Fantasy Flight.
Looks to use a similar movement mechanic like their X-Wing game

Some fun looking undead guys in this game.

Especially these two!

Good demo table set-up as well.

Ride the wurm!

Pathfinder gremlin chachkies

The minis for the Conan board game.
Passed on the demo as it looks like a lot of other tile adventure game we play.
Plus I would always just want to play Conan and not the other characters. 

Some stone/frost giant guy. No idea what he was pimping

Giant Teddy at the Malifaux booth

Wyrd miniatures that looked crazy and some were actually painted this year.

Three headed pig?
Yes please!

Love this thing but have no use for him.

Counts as Wold Guardian?

Counts as Tzeentch demon?
Yes, if I still played 40K


Who is the most adorable Jack Burton and Lo Pan ever?
They are!

Gelatinous blob characters are totes adorbs.

A very noticeable booth display and artwork.
Like a lot of what this guy made. 
However, everything that was super cool looking was also super $$$$.

Yes this was but a smattering of what was out there to see on the con floor.

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