Friday, August 12, 2016

Gen Con 2016 final thoughts....

Hannah in her full Harley Quinn outfit.
Even had Harley Quinn Chucks!
I have taught her well!

Well Gen Con 2016 is over and I have once again shared what I did with anyone willing to look.

My final rando thoughts on the weekend………..

As we left Indiana last Sunday I realized that I completely forgot to check out the painting competition. That is the first time in the dozen plus years I have gone that I didn’t look at all the stuff people painted. My second Gen Con regret this year!

I heard they were expanding the convention floor and if they did then it worked. That or attendance was down from the last couple of years. It just didn’t seem as cramped on Saturday as years prior. Actually for us, Friday felt more crammed than Saturday. That never happens.

Once again Wizards o’ the Coast ditches the show. It is still so wrong to not have a big D&D presence on the convention floor. Looks like they only care about the West Coast now. Guess we boring fly-over states aren’t worth the hassle. Just frustrating.

Wyrd/ Malifaux, you still need to paint more models when showing them! I said it last year and am still saying it.

Games Workshop was another no presence. Sure there was Forge World stuff there, but whatever. They make some pretty stuff for their not Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy game. Show that shit off and demo it! Then again what do I know about anything?

Hell, I missed checking out the big game floor too. There is always good looking models and terrain there for tournament play.

For those of you outside the know…Gigi’s Cupcakes are the bomb!

The Pokemon GO people were not as annoying as I thought they would be.

Wished Privateer Press would have had a copy of Widows Wood to demo.

The Last Friday sounded like a cool game, but we couldn’t get over the crappy look of the game. The same for King of Tokyo. Good idea, but not so much in the look department.  

The “old school” video game arcade that was touted was sort of lame. Sure they had Road Blasters and that game was my jam! Well it is when the gas pedal works. The copy they had there the pedal worked sporadically and made it impossible to play. The arcade is a great idea. They just need more games.

I should have bought Myth. We are going to buy Cthulhu Pandemic. Flying Frog is doing great work on their Brimstone game.

Gen Con needs to get setup with Guidebook application people. That would make getting around a ton easier.

I did enjoy playing more games this year and wouldn’t have minded an extra half-day for pics and exploring. 

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