Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gen Con 2016 stuff we played

I can say I played a lot more stuff this year than in previous years. That made for less time exploring and taking pics of people, minis and places.
That was sort of a downer. Still spending more time running game demos was a good time too.

Pandemic Cthulhu version

This was a game I was really interested in going into the convention. We got to play a full game and not just a few rounds. That was awesome!
The game itself. Well it plays like Pandemic, but for me it was a ton more fun. Instead of stopping epidemics and outbreaks worldwide, you are trying to stop cultists from helping the elder gods from breaking thru into our world. It is set in the Lovecraftian world and that is also a big draw since those are some great stories.

We got a game with a nice couple who have played it before and they were able to walk us thru a bit more than the guy running the demo. We ending up closing two of the four portals, but still summoned Cthulhu and lost the game.

Difficult and an uphill battle type game, but really fast and fun. They were completely sold out by Friday afternoon. We’ll be buying this as  soon as it hits the interweb. Personally, the best and most fun game I played all weekend!

Poop the card game

Well I’m still a child I guess because I couldn’t stop laughing at this game. It is called Poop and is a different take on the Uno game. Your cards are all numbered and have a picture of poop on them. There is a toilet card that has a number on it. That number is the number of associated poop cards that can go in without clogging said toilet. Your goal is to flush/ discard all your poop cards before your opponents and try not to clog the toilet in the process. There are cards that force other players to hold their nose, make flush noises, grunt or make a straining face while playing. If they have these cards plaid on them and fail to do said action, then they gain more poop cards.

Yes this game is wildly juvenile. Yes this game will turn off a lot of people. At the same time is simple, fast and pretty fun. They were also sold out of this game or I would have bought it to play with the kids.

Brimstone expansion Trederra

We got a run thru the Terredan Expansion for Brimstone. This is set in an alien world version of WWI trench warfare. Why? Well this game has all these open portals to crazy alien worlds, lost cities, deadly swamps and what have you. See, an alien world with WWI trench warfare is completely fine to have cowboys (and associated tropes) exploring.

This was a quick little game. It was game play mechanics, which we could skip over, two rooms, one fight and any resolution. Becky played the prospector with his pick and canteen full of booze and I played the official cowboy with pistol and lasso. Well we explored. We became irradiated. We walked through a room full of land mines. We faced more radiation. We were attacked by radiation monsters with radiation abilities fueled by radiation. Yeah it was a stupid amount of that going on there. We got completely annihilated by the mutants we fought. However, this game did drive her to purchase the old prospector for our game.

Crazy expansion. Had a lot of cool trench tiles that were also reverse mine tiles. Very difficult enemies. Very difficult world mechanics. We passed for now. We want to try and keep it less technological and this expansion adds too many high tech gizmos. Weird wild West is still what we prefer to play when it comes to Brimstone.

Happy Pigs by Iello

Sure this was already bought, but this is where the decision was made to buy.
A quick game based on making the most monies. You buy and raise these squad adorable pigs. Then you sell them or breed them. I just chose to keep them. Look at all those little square piglets. How cute!

Yeah I get the how and why, but not sure on the why and how. Growing up around pig farms as a kid, farm games do nothing for me. Same for business/money games. Eh. Boring.

At least it is fast and the kids can easily play this with anyone interested, or forced.

Welcome to the Dungeon by Iello

Another game by these guys. This time it is a card game where each card drawn adds another monster to the dungeon. Everyone piles these monster cards atop one another until you are out of cards or two people pass. That means the next person in line has to transverse dungeon, or giant pile of monster cards.

There is a generic hero of the fantasy type with gear that can help them fight through the deck of card dungeon. If they survive the onslaught pile of monster cards, then that player wins the round. Reshuffle and go again. Very fast game play. Very portable. Card artwork is cartoony and fun. Stupid easy to learn this game. We didn’t bite on it, but I can see why one might. 

The Others   Cool Mini or Not was running this.

First I love the game world all post Rapture and the 7 Sins have manifested as goony monsters. I love the look of the miniatures! A tile building game board which we are prone to enjoy. Cool 7 Sins based enemies and boss monsters. Cool party of heroes, including a werewolf who can tank and uses a sword. Fantastic artwork. A lot of Zombiecide feeling mechanics, which is what it is.

Then I played the game.

Holy crap snacks was it just pants on head stupid difficult. Now granted when we sat down to play the guy running it said he  would kill us all in like one or two turns. A collective “Ok?” went up from our group. He then proceeded to tell us how bad and fast he was going to kill us.


I’m already about to leave as his “fun” snark was getting annoying. I know he was being fun and sarcastic, but it came of kind of douchy and annoying. His method of selling this game to a dude wanting to try/buy it didn’t work. I almost walked away after his description of how he was going to ruin everything we tried before we started.

We start the game and he wipes us in after a turn and one character’s second activation. Granted he warned us of this so it wasn’t really surprising, but it sort of was wildly surprising.

This was absolutely the most impossible game ever played. I have no idea who enjoyed playing a game this difficult. Was it just the demo where the odds are colossally stacked against the party? Was it get as many people into/thru the game as possible by killing them as quick as possible? I like a challenge, but this was just a pants down spanking from the first movement we did. What is the draw on playing a game this difficult? We don’t know?


Another giant box of miniatures with tiles to build the game/world. This feels familiar...... but with fantasy tropes. This is a co-op tactical adventure game set in some wacky fantasy world.

We sat in for a quick demo. I played the aggro tank, Becky was the archer and then there was a thief and wizard. We had nobody to play the healer, so dude running it did. Basic gameplay is people vs. monsters. Game is built to play single or scenario. Game board is made with various tiles. Monsters activate via rules on their cards so you don’t need a true game master/DM. Can be fast encounter type or long scenario type game. Characters can advance in gear, levels etc. Models have a wyrd anime look and feel. Some of the cards have great references to other fantasy games, movie, novels etc. A few expansions exist already.

We both really enjoyed this game. It was quick, easy, played like other games we enjoyed and had a fun look and feel to it. I passed on it due to the fact we already have a lot of games to play already. We also have a tile building, monster fighting, miniature, adventure game to play already and a second one would be too much. It was also discounted for $90 to $55 dollars. A great deal for the starter game and I balked on it. Really should have bought it. This game  is my one big Gen Con regret this year.

Best card for the archer to play!

I have never really demo-ed more than one or two games during Gen Con and this year we ran through seven. I was impressed.

Yes, it did cut into my exploring and photo taking, but it was cool to try so much stuff this year.

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