Monday, August 8, 2016

Gen Con Treasures 2016

Well after a few days we return home tired and loaded with treasures.

Gen Con 2016 is history. Here is how we will remember it.

Happy Pigs, from Iello Games

This is the first of two game choices from Ben. It is a money making game based on buying, growing and selling adorable square pigs.

I’m not a business game guy, but I’ll play to satisfy the need for 3+ players. Plus it is really fast and will be over quickly.

Alchemist, from some never heard from company.

Another choice of Ben and also Becky. The description given to me was it was Mastermind-ish , with a sort of mystery puzzle solving  and a sort of Clue like system as well. All this based around alchemical research with an on-line application. I was super skeptical after hearing all of that nonsense. After a game of it I was more than skeptical. I pretty much hate this game. It is a puzzle solver and I hate those more than money games. As a first time player there are too many moving pieces and it really slowed the game and made the other two players frustrated when I asked too many questions. This is not a type of game I enjoy playing to start and even less after actually playing it.

Will I play this again? By the gods I hope I don’t have too. If I do I’ll phone it in and just make it easier for everyone else to win.

Another Pop Vinyl Alien? Why? Well so that my Predator has a tougher fight that is why.

Privateer Press got a bit of my money as well. I grabbed a couple boxes of Carrion Thralls. This gives me either, two ten strong zombie robot crow units to run or three units of six. Seriously they are zombie robot crows. How can I not use something this cool and stupid at the same time?


The I also nabbed a Aiakos warcaster. Not sure I needed the special box, gold card and pin, but that is what he came with.

I dropped a few dollars on some rando snake, lizard and fat little demon figures to use as monsters for D&D

Frontier Ron Swanson, Matthew McConaughey and a crew of allies.

Finally, the big winner for Gen Con was the people at Flying Frog. They had Shadows of Brimstone pre-releases here and we jumped all over them. I grabbed new monsters and allies/meat shields and few packs of upgrade cards. Becky grabbed the Frontier Town game expansion and two new characters: the old prospecter and the frontier doctor. Still big big fans of this game and the stuff we are adding looks to make the game more fun.

New monsters.
How can I pass on Flesh Stalker and his Flesh Construct minions?
Plus the not Big Daddy but Big Daddy Harvesters are awesome!

Money well spent? I think so, as long as I don’t have to try real hard when playing that Alchemist game. Esssh.

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