Tuesday, August 30, 2016

D&D post game 8-27 part #1

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This past weekend our intrepid party of adventurers gained another follower, an elven bard (played by my son). He was welcomed to the party with open arms and quickly realized he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

After a bit of conversation about what to get invested in, I interjected a reminder about a certain shady underworld drug lord kingpin-ish guy and the oath they swore to get him. Well that made their next choice a simple one, they were off to get some payback on the guy who sent a bunch of goons after them the game prior. I’m sure they would have remembered him eventually, but a little nudge in the right direction didn’t hurt.

A bit later the group was outside the location of a known drug warehouse and known location of the seedy underworld boss Mr. Dykstra. A plan was hatched to start the building on fire to lure out their target. While the mage and bard were doing that, the thief, barbarian and monk went in search of a rear or secret exit. Then everything went a bit akimbo.

The fighters were ambushed. Then couldn’t find a door of any kind so….. the barbarian decided to make one with his maul. The bard and mage were ambushed, which led to burning hands version of a “hot foot.” The bard was then set upon, but with some illusionary trickery, kept the two goons attacking him at bay.

The mage finally stopped running away to inform the fighters that they were being attacked, however, they were already going into the building thru their newly created door. The monk did run back for support and to cover the front door in case there was an escape attempt that way.

Once inside it only became crazier. This warehouse was basically a giant obsucra/opium den full of people all hopped-up on the stuff. They began to flip out as a giant hammer wielding ½ orc busted thru the wall followed by a dragon man. Dykstra ordered his body guard Brutus (a giant slab of ½ not quite ½ orc and not quite ½ ogre) to tend to the interlopers. His personal mage/alchemist also sprang into action unleashing a few magic missiles at the party. The dwarf doorman was at the door unlocking the various bolts to try and escape.

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About this time the mage had magically opened the door and the monk surprised the dwarf by kicking his head damn near off his shoulders. A battle of titans was occurring on the stairs between the barbarian and the not orc/ogre. The bard and thief were trying to scale the wall to get to Dykstra and avoid the battle on the staircase. The enemy mage was lining himself up for a sweet lightning bolt. Dykstra was unleashing a hypnotic suggestion that he had programmed into his drug addled customers. They were turning into a mindless horde of quasi-zombies ordered to attack the party. Then the party mage entered the building doorway and read from a scroll.

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The air was suddenly sucked from the room and replaced with a giant fiery flash and ensuing explosion. A fireball had been cast at the enemy wizard and the throng of quasi-drug zombies. This changed the scope the battle quickly. The barbarian caved in the chest of his opponent with a devastating critical hit. The bard finally climbed up the wall and found a fleeing Dykstra. Q bit of quick thinking and the bard cast a spell to put the escaping boss into a deep slumber.

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I didn't get to kill him in Witcher III, so I let the party decide his fate this game.
The building was on fire. The bad guy was caught, questioned and dispatched. The junkies were all fleeing the scene with tales of two giants battling and fire breathing dragon men running amuck. The group made off with some loot and had stated their need for revenge.

They might have also had a minor/major alignment shift as well, but I didn’t care. The whole encounter was a mess of awesome and hilarious!

Now the game could officially start!

To be continued…….

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