Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gen Con week #2 Stuff!

Stuff I’m looking to buy….

Well Privateer is releasing their new warcasters or should I say newly promoted from minor to legit warcasters. So I’m hoping to grab the new Aiakos.
He looks pretty beefy and still keeps a bit of his Predator look about him.

After him….well if they have a box of the new undead robot crows I will probably get a box of them. They look too silly for me not to use. Seriously! Undead cyborg crows! Yeah I’m all over that.

Besides those I’m not looking to grab anymore Warmachine/Hordes stuff. Well unless there is some crazy stupiod sale like last year and I get bonjacks, banes and bone grinders for 1/3rd the price.

I’m always looking for fun terrain, that isn’t stupid expensive. Possibly find some more tile map stuff for D&D. The Pathfinder people and some third party made some good stuff before that I have to game with. Hopefully I can find some more. I should look into those guys  that sell bins full of Pathfinder minis to grab some additional gribblies for gaming. Then there is always that one model I want to buy and paint for fun. I have been dodging those for a couple years, but there is always one of those out there.

I’m super interested in what Flying Frog will be bringing as well. We are big fans of Last night on Earth and Shadows of Brimstone. I imagine I’ll nab some a pack of the new loot cards to mix up our treasure hunting. Hopefully, they will have the monster packs from last year. I’m still kicking myself a bit for not grabbing the box of guys that look like Big Daddies from Bioshock. Super fun (and at times super challenging) game that we don’t play nearly enough.

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