Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gen Con Week #1 Prep

 Well we are prepping and looking forward to this coming Friday and Saturday in Indianapolis for another Gen Con.

I am quickly finishing up Hannah’s pop gun for her Harley Quinn, Batman animated version not the Hot Topic Suicide Squad version, costume. It is my first attempt at modification + minor fabrication.

Cap gun
PVC pipe bits and cap
Eye hooks
Sheet styrene
Charm bracelet bit
Flat black spray paint

I took a cap gun and cut off the barrel and cylinder. Remove the firing bits to keep the hammer from knocking the barrel loose. A bit of cutting and sanding to smooth out where the PVC pipe stuff will go. Then sanded off all the lettering, seams and whatnot from the PVC pipe bits. Stick the PVC together to from a cylinder and barrel for the gun. Add some Gorilla Super Glue. That stuff is pretty damn awesome for super glue! Sit the PVC barrel on the remaining gun bit. Gun that down and hold it for a few minutes. Cut a couple of slivers of styrene to fill the gaps where the PVC doesn’t exactly mesh with the gun bits. Remove the handle so the gun can be hit with spray paint. Wait……

Attach eye hooks to the cork and handle. Add the little charm that ties into her costume. A bit of glue for the cork to hold in place. All done.

Is it good? Well by Cosplay standards? It won’t win awards, but it works.

By Hannah’s standards? It is awesome. That is all that matters to me.

Now I have to sit down and peruse all the stuff that has popped up that I may want to investigate further.

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