Friday, July 29, 2016

Saturday pre-game story

A small panel slid open on the door. A pair of dark beady eyes stared out into the city street.

Passwurd?” the eyes asked.

“Nimble foot.” The cloaked figure in the street replied.

The panel slid shut and the door slowly opened. The figure on the street was instantly hit with an overpowering aroma of cinnamon, acrid smoke and the stench of unwashed bodies. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and covered his nose and mouth as he entered the building.

“Boss is upstairs. Look’n to see you.” said the eyes behind the door. They belonged to a grimy dwarf standing on a small box.

The cloaked figure he was talking to nodded and made his way through the room. A room that was home to numerous couches, soft lounge chairs and the occasional pile of huge floor pillows and elaborate rugs.

He shook his head as he looked upon the patrons lying about on the various soft bits of furniture. He was always disgusted by them. These people that came to forget their lives and chase drug fueled dreams. They lay in a stupor and squalor while riding a smoke filled wave of euphoria.

“Lousy Obsucra addicts.” he mumbled under his breath as he navigated through the room and headed to the upstairs office.

The office was populated by two men. One a large elaborately clothed human and the other an even larger man who might be equal parts human and ogre from his look and size.

They both looked up as the cloaked figure approached.

“Thomas! My good man! Your being here must mean there is news. Is it good news Thomas? You know how I love the good news. Please Thomas lose the hood. Covering your appearance here is meaningless. These fools would never remember what you looked like even if they saw you. Now please the news.”

The cloaked man threw back his hood, but kept the handkerchief near his face. He loathed being called Thomas.

“Boss, the dragonborn that has been eluding you has been seen in town! He was stupid enough to return. He has been seen near the Red Pony and travels with two others who have been gaining favor with the city. They slew the Battle Baron and have been helping the witch hunters.” Replied Thomas.

Pah! A couple of do-gooders. Nothing more. We can easily handle them. Now, Thomas go! Follow them. I’ll send men to help in the retrieval of my belongings. Bring my items back dear Thomas. Bring them soon! It is time we turned a profit on that location.”

“Uh boss what about the guys we sent to scout that area a few weeks ago. They never came back.”

“Thomas you simple fool. Without the map they simply have gotten lost, wandered off or they are on their way back with information for us. Have faith my dear Thomas. Now get my men and get my map!”

Thomas nodded and raised his hood once again worked his way through the room. As he approached the door the dwarf stopped him and pointed up toward the office.

“Fail to bring me my goods this time Tomasilassa and you pointy ears will adorn a necklace for Brutus!” the richly dressed human called from the upstairs balcony.

Thomas nodded and quickly shoved past the dwarf to get out into the city streets.

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