Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Post game- Suffer not the witch to live....

....or capture her for more money!

Well our duo became a trio last Saturday night. Ren the monk and Reginald the barbarian were accompanied by Jeffery the dragonborn thief.

They were “recruited” by a group of witch hunters  to aid in the location and capture of a coven of hideous dark power worshipping, black art practicing witches. By recruited I mean paid to help since the hiring faction was already busy with a witch issue of their own.

This lead them to a previously visited location and a revelation about said location. It seems the inn they previously thought ransacked by some goony monster was actually set upon by this coven of hag-ish ladies. See they have been travelling the countryside causing havoc, draining the life-force from the natural world to fuel their powers and abilities.

Now knowing what to look for they followed a trail to a small farm. The farmers and family had been zombified and the witch responsible was still there practicing some sort of augury with the use of the livestock’s innards. Ewwww.

After a minor tussle the group dispatched the recently dead and destroyed their first witch.

They continued on to discover a small  hillside cave that was home to three more of the foul ladies. Once inside they fell under a strange enchantment that masked the true shape and form of the cavern and the ladies within it. Jeffery was enticed by the smell of sweets, safety and the love of a strangely dragonborn looking grandmother. Ren saw a grand and elaborate castle with all manner of pomp and circumstance within it. There was even a female member of some royal family awaiting him to reward his actions. Reginald’s barbarian sense was tingling and he wasn’t fooled.

After several minutes of trying to persuade Ren, who wasn’t believing a thing being said, Reginald decided to take action. Thankfully by then the witches’ trap had been sprung! The three ladies had ambushed them and battle was slowly joined. Jeffery had to escape his bonds. Ren had to shake the cobwebs out of his head and Reginald got to killin’ stuff.

The three ladies were made to be a DPS caster, a party buffer, and a physical empowered tank. It was sound on paper, however the DPS caster went down very quickly. The tank did a decent job until there were three bodies attacking her. The party buffing witch ended up fleeing after her sisters went down to try and heal/empower herself. She was caught and dispatched before her plan could succeed.


The trio had stopped this coven from ruining anymore of the lands nearby and quelling a growing threat to the realm. They returned to the witch hunters with several pieces of creepy items and various cursed looking trinkets for them to study and dispose of. I mean these guys would never use evil items to fight evil now would they? What could go wrong there? Plus the guys made some coin in the process.

Probably the best part of my evening was Ren trying to subdue the first witch and not kill her, only to roll a critical and using KI points for an additional attack and basically pop her head like a ripe casaba melon.

Then there was Reginald rolling lights out several times over the adventure. I lost track but I remember three criticals but there could have been five. Those really put the hurt on the evil ladies throughout the adventure.

Day saved. Money made. Now onto the next adventure!

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