Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MKIII Cryx changes for me.

Well I dove through the new Cryx cards and compared them to what models I use and have in some sort of completion.

Many models gained…..

Strength of Death- a rule on many models that defines the use of soul tokens to boost attacks/damage. This just clearly defines what they already could do with soul tokens.

Iron Lich Asphyxious-  -1 SPD. Hellfire spell now negates Tough ability. Teleport spell distance reduced to 6” from 8”. New spell Spectral Leech removed D3 focus/fury from an enemy model.  Basically he stayed the same. The loss of 2” on teleport  sucks. The new leech spell can be useful for denying those camped focus for damage reduction on opposing casters or damage transfers to warlocks. Still looks to be my go to warcaster.

My wish list- Don’t change his feat.

Witch Coven of Garlghast- +1 ARM. Perfect Conjunction ability now allows for a single witch to have auto boosted spell attacks and spell damage. Gone is the -1 cost to spells. Well the rest of them and the Eyegore stay basically the same. A shame as these ladies could have used a minor tune-up to make them more appealing. The fact Shadow Bind is shakable makes it virtually useless for the stuff you want to use it against.

My wish list- New feat. +1 DEF.

Aiakos- -1 CMD range. Other than that there was nothing added or subtracted from him. I like him as a 4 focus uber-solo and he is still that.

My wish list- Nothing. I neither wanted nor expected anything.

Slayer-  Gained Hard Head ability to add extra damage to head-butt attacks. Umm…nothing else new here. Very cheap for a heavy, but it isn’t truly a “heavy” warjack now is it. Dirt cheap but will still crumble from other factions heavy robots and beasts. Still the robot that made my decision to use this faction and being cheap means we should all run many of them now. Obviously that was the whole point of lowering their cost.

My wish list- A few extra damage boxes would be stellar.

Deathripper- -1 MAT, -1 DEF, -1 Power of the main weapon. Well this kind of sucks. I guess having an arc node to cast spells trough means you are easier to hit and weaker on the attack. The subtractions feel like a punishment for over use of these guys.

My wish list- Nothing. Hoping for no negative changes.

Helldiver- -1 RAT (Why? They have no gun. Just stupid.)and +1 DEF. The Burrow ability has been changed to not allow for a move and attack the turn they pop-up from underground. It also allows for a 3” move in the Maintenance Phase, an extra bit of distance to deploy if burrowed too. They gained Dig-In as well, but who cares? Not me. Also gained Drag Below. That way when it kills a dude it can make a full move and then auto borrow. Fun!

The loss of the unbury , move and attack makes these guys pretty worthless. Now they pop-up (hopefully) next to their target to hit them. That or pop-up and move so they can stand there waiting.

Sure with premeasuring they can still pop and hit, but they can also be easily outmaneuvered with a known 3” move in the next maintenance phase. You can see them coming more easily and can keep more than 3.5” away from their potential threat range.

I had no idea that the simple one attack Helldiver was so broken to need a big change to its’ Unbury attack rules.

Another horrible change, which feels like a punishment, and will probably signal the death of this model for the time being.

My wish list- Nothing keep this little guy  the same!

Defiler- -1 MAT, -1 DEF, -2 Power of the spray weapon. Well gee this sucks too! Much like the Deathripper, but worse in the offense department. Sure there is a place for POW 10 spray attacks somewhere right? Look out low DEF and low ARM models! Wherever you are, because that is all the Defiler will be able to reliably hit/hurt without help. The subtractions feel like a punishment once again. -2 Power! Unforgivable!

My wish list- Nothing. Hoping for no negative changes.

Cankerworm- Umm… the same as before. The full advance that was given for bonding with the Iron Lich, is now a 5” move instead. The Adapt/Salvage ability got better too. Add in the Armor Piercing is any base size and the look of more warjacks everywhere (as of right now) this little snake robot is a ton more awesome than before!

My wish list- +1 Power on the bite, but will never happen with armor piercing rule.

Skarlock Thrall- -1 CMD range.  Gained the offensive spell Dark Fire (or Cryx magic missile). Can no longer cast/ recycle upkeeps. Basically the same, but the loss of upkeep cycling might be a pain. This guy is now more offensive minded than before. Will they be auto include for armies still? For me that is a yes.

My wish list- Keep him the same!

Bile Thralls- -1 CMD range. Big change to the Purge rule, their bread and butter ability. Purge went from a 12” front arc attack to an auto hit 8” spray attack. It was a bit too awesome previous. At least it is still POW 12 and auto hits. It just will hit a lot less stuff. Terrain will also block the purge attack.
Plus the continuous corrosion ability was pulled from the purge as well. Might make these guys less active in the future? Might make them less of a target too as 8” spray is not as scary as 12” full front arc.

My wish list- +1 RAT

Bloat Thralls- -3 CMD range. The area effect of their gun went from 5” to 4”. The damage did gain continuous corrosion. Their Death Blast ability went from awesome to pretty crappy. Instead of a POW 14  blast when they die, it now just causes continuous corrosion. BOO! What a kick to the nuts there. I guess if you can get them into a swarm of closely knit single wound models then their death burst will be awesome! Seriously, who will let that happen?
Crummy change to the Death Blast and the reduction from 5” to 4” area effect on their gun.

My wish list- Leave them alone.

Mechanithralls- -1 DEF and – weapon power. Well these guys got a bit easier to kill and lose some offensive output. No big loss for me as I only have one unit as an annoyance screen. They died pretty easily before and will still do that now.

My wish list- Keep them cheap

Brute Thrall- +1 DEF and…. Nothing else different. A bit harder to hit, but not really. Still as descent unit attachment and still has a descent combo strike for a cyborg zombie.

My wish list- Just don’t make them weaker in the power/ weapon department.

Necrotech- Loses the Scrap Thrall that used to come with them. Can still repair. Can collect scrap tokens when a robot is destroyed in their area. These can be used to make D3 Scrap Thralls or repair an addition +2 when fixing robots.

My wish list- Don’t make them worse than they already are.

Scrap Thrall- Ummm…the same as previous. They blow-up if you hit them. They blow-up if they hit you. Cheap on all fronts.

My wish list- Don’t de-power the explosion damage.

Bane Thrall- or Bane Warrior now-  -1 CMD range. They lose stealth and gain ghostly. Well the loss of stealth is a real nut punch. Sure ghostly can help if the table is terrain heavy. They still have weapon master so in combat they are still no slouch.  I can see why so many people are crying the death of the Bane um.. Bane Warrior. Stealth was awesome on these guys!

My wish list- Don’t mess with them.

Machine Wraith- +3 Strength and -3 CMD range. Dark Domination- the ability to hijack functional warjacks, is simplified and no longer a wall of text. Well they still are a zombie machine ghost and can still possess an enemy robot. The downside is after they do that they will be destroyed. The bump in strength is crazy!
I guess they can work as a flanking free-strike irritation too.

My wish list- Tighten up the robot possession rules or anything to make them a better choice.

Pistol Wraith- -2 CMD range. Well that is it. These guys are the same too. Nothing stellar and still poo-pooed because of the change to their ghost pistols special ability. Still  an descent solo/ unit attachment hunter.

My wish list- Change their magic gun special ability to something better or +1 weapon power. Yes I know this will never happen, but it was a wish list.

War Witch- +1 MAT and -1 DEF. -4 CMD range. Well they can hit better and be hit a bit easier. A wash in that department. They can still spray poison, influence models and toss a free focus to a nearby warjack. These ladies are still a good solo to use. Who doesn’t like a free focus, or a POW    spray? They keep their parry ability too, so they can still dance about the battlefield. Well until someone shoots them or punches their lights out.

My wish list-  +1 weapon power. Remove Shadow Bind for something else.

Iron Lich Overseer- -1 weapon power. They gain all the fun abilities like every warjack marshal now. Plus they get a fun Drive ability. It causes an ARM de-buff to anything in the melee range of a warjack they control. They otherwise stay the same. I’m cool with the changes made to jack marshals. Just wish this model wasn’t such a pain to put together. I would use more of them if not for that.

My wish list- Anything to make them a better Warjack Marshal. Two extra attacks for the other two arms they have.

Cephalyx Mindslaver- -1 SPD and -2 CMD range. Gain 1” melee range. Lose Anatomical Precision ability. Gain stealth for some reason. Lose Sacrificial Pawn ability.  Well what did this guy gain. Well nothing really. He is part of the unit so at least they can shield him for a bit right?

My wish list- An extra attack or +1 weapon damage.

Drudges- -1 weapon power. They then stay the same. Well that sucks to pull their single attack damage down. This and the changes to the Mindslaver really do nothing to make me want to use the one unit of them I have. Well at least they look creep and that is still counts for something.

My wish list- An extra attack since they have dual punchy fists. +1 ARM would be fun!

Not a lot of really positive changes were made to the units I use. If anything I think my Cryx stuff got a good kick to the nuts. Looks like every faction has had CMD range deductions. I guess they want units to keep a bit closer together? Not sure why this change occurred, but I noticed it with the Circle Orboros stuff too.

Bonejacks or the light warjacks went from being arc nodes with some combat potential to basically just arc nodes. I’m not sure I will field more than one or two of  them now. Thanks for making them easier to hit and weaker in combat. I guess they were tired of everyone using them?

They made the heavy warjacks cheaper and/or a bit better (depending on what/ who you read). Add in the negatives to the light warjacks and they are pushing for a shift away from a small army of light robots and a more mixed or purely heavy warjack force now? Was that the plan for this army now?

Previous Helldiver tactics seem to have ruined that model, for the time being.

The Slayer is cheaper and that makes it better? No it makes it spam-able and that is good and bad.

The understand why the Purge from Bile Thralls was changed it was stupid good for too long.

I can see the over use of Bane Thralls and their stealth to deliver them was too much last edition.

I am not sure why the Bloat Thrall took a hit with damage output. It wasn’t like people were abusing them throughout the gaming world. Hell I never heard anyone mention them until Mobius showed up at the end of last edition.

The Witch Coven needed a bit of a boost and just didn’t get it. I was really hoping for something stellar or at least fun for them. A real big disappointment there, but I’ll soldier on with them anyway.

I just know that the stuff I liked using didn’t get any huge positive changes and seem to have been slapped with downgrade changes. It really looks like the gold standard Cryx stuff got the proverbial downgrades. Guess everyone should have seen that coming. I mean if everyone is using the same units all the time, then they are going to get some treatment for the not better. That or they bring the unpopular models up to par with the popular models so everyone has more choices. From the out crying of people this is not what happened. I’ll still dig through the units to see if anything screams AWESOME! that did not before.

I still have the models and will use them. I still like the look and playstyle of the Cryx faction. I am just a disappointed with some of the changes made to the stuff I use.

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